Christos Mission 7D Crystal Lightbody Activations and 7D Violet Ray Crown Chakra Rectification

Our DNA IS the Code - We are
Divine Natural Angels!
Precious Avatars of Living Light,

Last month’s Crystal Grid and Crystal Body Ascension Event is undeniably the most powerful of the three stages we went through clearing our 4D Astral Heart and ascending our wounded heart consciousness into the Oneness with our Higher Higher Heart – the Aquamarine-Turquoise Blue Heart.

Awakening our Angelic Human Genome opened the gates wide open for our inner masculine to step into the limelight and FINALLY receive the loving support, patience and guidance he needs in order to heal his wounds. This IS the timeline the masculine heals and merges with his Divine Feminine equating to the full embodiment of our Inner Masculine and Feminine Christ which naturally births the Holy Trinity within. This is also known as the Tri-Veca Code of Manifestation.

The masculine awakening within us and rising is due to the Inner Christ awakening from within and burning through the illusions we accepted was the truth. This is an inside job and a massive project. As a result, our body is ready to undergo higher vibrational initiations into the higher densities and drop these illusions. The shifts that happen due to the higher quotients of light entering our personal energy field can feel very painful. It was largely for this reason that I announced last month that I would not present this as a 3-day back-to-back event again. Clearly, my Team had their own plan and every attempt I made to divide the transmissions and spread it across the month of July was blocked from every angle. So here I am announcing we will be conducting the transmissions after all over the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and when Mercury stations retrograde period! J It’s because we conduct these events during powerful astrological alignments that the shifts we experience are so intense, but when shifted, the healing is permanent and irreversible and naturally heals our bloodline past, present and future.

My Team has explained to me that the TRUE BLUE BLOODS of the CHRISTOS are resurrecting AND remembering what their Divine Mission is and who they are due to the Inner Christos awakening authentically. This BLUE BLOOD is the ROYAL BLOODLINE OF CHRISTOS MERGED WITH SOPHIA. EMMANUEL MERGED WITH YANA. YESHUA AND MARY MAGDALENE. THESE ARE ALL THE CHRISTOS IN MASCULINE AND FEMININE. The BLUE RAY of HOLY AND DIVINE MOTHER, her BLUE BLOOD (Ray) runs through our Lightbody. I have been advised that the 7D Lightbody of Mother Earth and all receptive humans can now get underway at an entirely new level.

Our planetary and personal Divine Christos Mission is fully underway and the RETURN, EMERGENCE AND EMBODIMENT of Christ is the highlight of this event. This Krystal Template of this ascension event is anchoring into our BLUEprint (hologram) over the 3 days of the Full Moon total Lunar Eclipse – 26th, 27th and 28th of July 2018.

This is a powerful astrological ascension event and is preparing our carbon-based body for the final stages of transforming and completely and irreversibly embodying it’s Silicate Matrix. Mother Earth is experiencing this with us too.

This ascension event includes us being re-aligned with the BLUEprint of the Krystal Keys of the 7 Higher Heavens and securing our organic Higher Heart-Based communication systems in the Morphogenetic Chakras and Field of our personal body and the Planetary Logos (Brain). This is enabling us to now secure our new connection to the New Earth Elemental Command hosted by the Aurora Body and who are helping us build and embody our new elemental body and simultaneously align with the New Elementals for the New Earth re-encrypting our human body and healing and upgrading the Earth, Fire, Air and Water levels in our DNA.

Many people are struggling with the accelerated transmutation of density happening in our physical body. Thus, this healing and upgrades are being done so as to support our physical bodies in dealing with the accelerated transmutation of density, negativity, personal, ancestral and planetary karma.

During this event we will also undergo the collapsing of the Solar Cross in the Heart Centre of the 4D Astral Body, thus the Astral Heart, and 8D Body, which is the portal of the Orion Gateway and clearing all implant residue from our being pertaining to this.

The Solar Cross is a fusion of four major astrological influences and related stellar energies pouring into our entire solar system, on to our planet and throughout humanity. It is the Fixed Cross whose four energies blend with and transmit the energies of the solar rays throughout the solar system itself. In this last evolution cycle, the Seven Solar Rays were holding the instruction set of the Solar Cross upon the earth body, therefore all human bodies. To be released from this fixed cross one had to spiritually develop themselves, in other words, ascend their consciousness.

This blueprint also allowed the Solar Cross to be used by the unscrupulous Annunaki to manifest upon the earth the DNA mutation for the 7D crucifixion implants in the human body. However, as the new violet flame is reconstituted through the emanation of the plasma from the Cosmic Spiritual Sun, this is being re-encrypted with new Aurora elementals. When we devote ourselves to our spiritual development, this mutation will now self-correct through one’s ascending consciousness.

The access to the Cosmic Spiritual Sun holds its secret through the release of the internal “ring pass not,” the inner Solar Cross which is located at base four (4D) and eight (8D) levels. Which when cleared leads into achieving imprinted perfection in the aura at the base twelve levels. Base Twelve is the definition of the reassembled twelve strand DNA diamond body of the Christos principle, a silicate matrix template. When the carbon elemental body is merged with its Spiritual Sun, the body elemental transforms from the 666 carbon-based atomic form to add 8 more electrons, 8 more protons and 8 more neutrons to build the silicate-based form. This is why in certain Gnostic texts the Christos was considered the highest in the hierarchy of the Ogdoad or represented through the number eight (888). This is the gematria value to build the silicate form as well as represent the infinity symbol of the eternal life current of Christos. Silicon crystallizes in a diamond cubic crystal structure and has an atomic number of fourteen (14).

The Solar implant in the planetary field called the “Solar Cross” has been removed, however, we must clear the residual trauma from our Lightbody. This implant is a controller code that placed a criss-cross holographic architecture in our planetary field in the 4D and 8D Stargate System and therefore in humans too. It impacts the trajectory movement between the earth body and the sun body and controls who gets into this (closed) planetary system through the 8th Portal/Galactic Core. As we are a part of the Earth body, it, therefore, impacts our human light bodies. This implant impaled us from right shoulder to left hip and left shoulder to right hip crisscrossing exactly in the still point (high sternum) area. (This implant would not be generally felt until your Lightbody is activated and/or responding at the 8D frequency level.)

During the 3-days of activation, we will:-

  • Be addressing and receiving our New Earth Elemental Body Codes and Template
  • Unifying our Chakra Column via the Krystal Keys of the Seven Higher Heavens
  • Collapsing the Solar Cross Implants in our body and rectifying the damage done to our Masculine and Feminine Self.
  • Connecting into the Cosmic Spiritual Sun and the Galactic Sun.
  • Morphogenetic Field and Morphogenetic Chakra Upgrades.
  • Addressing the 4 element levels in our DNA adding to the deper and expANDED FURTHER ACTIVATION OF OUR Angelic Human Genome. I believe our DNA stands for Divine Natural Angel! The code is our DNA.
  • 6D and 7D Feminine-Masculine rectification and reclaiming our Angelic Human Wings of Living Light.
  • Violet Ray rectification of the Crown Chakra and unifying our chakra column.
  • Addressing the planet Uranus as the major planetary body which transmits the 7D Violet ray to Earth. A cosmic triad of energy has formed with our Sun, Pleiades and the planet Uranus to ignite the new unity consciousness blueprint for the Planetary Logos (Brain).

These activations and healings result in a deeper and more empowered connection to the Solar System Initiations currently underway and prepare our bodies to handle the massive influx of upgraded attributes entering due to the Planetary Upgrades happening in our Solar System. This is ensuring that our Soul Matrix is fully anchored into the NEW ELEMENTAL (CRYSTAL) EARTH BODY we are a part of. Much more always comes through over the 3-day event and promises to be mind and heart-shifting.
This is event is not a live attendance event. The transmissions are conducted by me on each day and e-mailed to you as soon as we are done so that you can listen to it at your leisure. The full event transcript will be provided with additional support information once the event is complete. This can take up to 6 weeks to be completed and delivered to your inbox.

Event Date: 26th, 27th and 28th July 2018.
Although this is not a live event, you do however need to register for the event to get everything delivered to your inbox.

Hold onto your bootstraps! It promises to be quite a ride! These Ascesnion events are so AMAZING and I believe so much in what I'm presenting that I am willing to offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you gained no personal, mental, emotional or spritual value from this experience. I look immensely forward to delivering the transmissions and celebrate every soul who chooses to walk this jouney with me!

In deep love and appreciation,
Michelle Manders xxx