Dear Lyons Township High School Parents/Guardians,

We are excited to announce that Chromebooks will be distributed to every student as LT rolls out its 1:1 Computing Program beginning in the fall of 2021. Considerable time, effort, research and coordination has been underway for several school years, and the timing is right for bringing a 1:1 program to LT. Technology consultants have helped facilitate major technology infrastructure improvements and remote pandemic learning has proven that instruction with the aid of a computer is effective and relevant to students. As a result, the launch of a 1:1 program for all students was announced in December, and additional details of the program were discussed in March. Click 1:1 Computing Program for details.

Chromebooks have been ordered and will be distributed along with book pickup in the fall.

New Technology Fee
As students complete Online Registration this spring, a new $150 Technology Fee will be included that will pay to offset costs for purchasing laptops and a portion of reoccurring technology infrastructure improvements, plus provide extra stock for loaner/repair/replacement, and other costs associated with equipping each student with a laptop (protective sleeve, security features, charging cord, peripherals, etc.).
After reviewing registration/technology fees of several dozen schools, on average, high schools charge $175 per student for use of a laptop and the associated insurance and fees. For those schools that do not charge a separate technology fee, their overall registration is $300 or more, while LT’s is only $25.

Two Common Questions…
Several families have asked if laptops are required. Yes. The Technology Fee, which includes the use of a laptop, will be required during Online Registration each year.

Families have also asked if they can use their laptop from home. No. Students cannot use their own personal devices. Our Chromebook management system allows the district to quickly and efficiently make changes to software and device settings ensuring all students have access to required instructional resources including specialize assessment programs that are only available on the Chromebook platform.

Benefits of a 1:1 program
The 1:1 program will realize several benefits:
·       Allow students to drive their own learning
·       Engage students in the learning process
·       Encourage and support collaboration
·       Require critical thinking
·       Foster student creativity
·       Create global connections

The Technology Fee will be a part of the Online Pay process in early June. Additional details of the 1:1 program including distribution, training, summer use, repairs, and more can be found at 1 to 1 Chromebook FAQ.