Chronicle of Higher Education Features IEBC - New Contracts Forge Connections in 2017 -  Webinar Brings IEBC Smart Pathways Workshop to You

Chronicle of Higher Education Features IEBC on Data Use       

The Chronicle of Higher Education,
the acknowledged "number one" source of news and information for college and university faculty members and administrators, recently featured a thoughtful essay by IEBC President/CEO Brad Phillips and IEBC Vice President Jordan Horowitz discussing the applications of big data to higher education, titled "Big Data Alone Won't Help Students."
Surprising? Not at all. While we believe wholeheartedly in the application of data at IEBC, it still requires the human component to make sense of, and use, the data to support student success and address our most significant challenges.
We invite your comments and feedback.
New Contracts Forge Connections in 2017   

Our focus at IEBC is improving student success. We support this work by helping our clients collaborate across segments and use data to support academic success for all students. New contracts with educators throughout the U.S. give us the opportunity to provide and help interpret and use data to help educators achieve their goals. Among the highlights:  
Hawaii: IEBC expands our work with the Hawaii DXP to develop Cross-Sector Fact Tables to improve the functionality of the Hawaii SLDS (State Longitudinal Data System), increasing its ability to respond to identified reporting needs. IEBC will also provide data use workshops to Hawaii K-12 and Charter school system.

San Bernardino County (CA) Office of Education:
IEBC will provide data
su pport expertise to augment a U.S. Department of Education grant through ConnectEd to enrich K-12 education.
Cuyamaca College, San Diego County, HSI STEM Grant: A five-year Hispanic Serving Institutions STEM Grant awarded to Cuyamaca College to increase the number of science, technology, engineering and math graduates who transfer to the California State University and University of California systems includes IEBC providing project evaluation and consultation services.
University of Nevada Las Vegas: IEBC and our partner, ETS, will provide a two-day workshop on Cultural Competence in Student Learning Outcomes and Assessments.
Alamo Colleges, Texas: IEBC will be working with General Education Faculty, introducing the stages of Curriculum to Career Choices (CtCC) with SmartPathways.
Webinar Brings IEBC SmartPathways Workshop To You

Working to support Guided Pathways work around the country, IEBC presented a "Curriculum to Careers (CtCC) with SmartPathways" webinar for community colleges. We were pleased by the enthusiatic reception to our tightly focused presentation, which identified how to connect and actually align classroom learning experiences with employers' expectations in the workplace.

With a majority of business leaders, corporate recruiters and nearly two-thirds of higher education influentials identifying job preparedness by college graduates as "a real problem" in a 2014 Bently University survey, it is vital to address this concern now. IEBC CtCC Smart Pathways does just that and faculty feedback about engaging in the process has been extremely positive.

As one faculty member said, "I now know how what I do connects to what students will face in the work environment."

You can view this recent one-hour Curriculum to Careers webinar on our website.

If it whets your appetite for the "real thing," contact IEBC to schedule a live, interactive keynote presentation customized for your organization.

In Their Own Words

IEBC values the feedback we receive from our workshop participants and we use it to make improvements in our programs. Following is a sample of our most recent comments from a high school/community college collaborative focused on improving alignment of exit skills in high school with entrance expectations in college.

  • From a Community College English Faculty Member: This process has been beneficial for me to understand the challenges/limitations high school teachers face. By knowing these challenges I can be a more compassionate colleague and can face situations with a solution rather than a complaint.
  • Consensus from the high school and college faculty: The ability to collaborate with others has been helpful to our teaching practice. It has given us ideas to incorporate into our classes, formed positive relationships, and helped us to work together to gather resources and strategies to enhance our practice.
  • From a High School Math teacher: Students will benefit from the knowledge, strategies, and resources I have gained because I will employ them in my classroom.
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IEBC Workshops Can Help You Improve Student Success

 One of the most valuable ways IEBC can help education stakeholders use data and information to make informed decisions, improve your practices and ultimately increase student success is through our customized workshops and coaching.

We know every institution's challenges are unique to them, whether internal or external. Every IEBC workshop and coaching approach is also unique to each organization. We work with you to determine the perfect fit for your needs.

See Student Success and Data Use for workshop examples demonstrating how we have helped other institutions like yours. Visit the Workshops and Webinars section on our new website for more information and resources on workshops, webinars and coaching.

We enjoy creating something innovative and inspiring to energize and enlighten you and your team. Moving into the summer and early fall, now is the ideal time to get in touch with us and take advance of open time on your professional development calendar to ensure IEBC has a place on your schedule, whether it's in the summer or fall.

The IEBC Fall Calendar is filling up fast for convocation keynotes, workshops, and semester work. Please contact us soon to include us in your plans.  
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