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July 2 - 6, 2019

Sedona Chrysalis Transformation 
A Monsoon Nectar Bath Culture Retreat

with Marna Woo
​and Guests!
Although there is so much more than can possibly be experienced in 4 days, allow me to share with you the best of Sedona during this new moon yoga retreat!

As we all feel the big changes taking place right now, you might be wondering what’s next in your life, perhaps questioning what’s driving your passion and your day to day joy.

In the collective conscience, we are being called to step up and upgrade, so to speak, into the person we know we are capable of being with an awareness of moving beyond what no longer serves in order to thrive. The new moon beckons us to make these assessments through intention setting and following our passion.

This retreat is about supporting this shift with Bath Culture , nurturing touch, light, and sound, yin yoga, movement and dance experienced as the healing modalities they are. I firmly believe the better you feel the more expansive you become. As you make way for something new, revive and rejuvenate your spirit under the auspicious July new moon, and bask in the energy of manifesting the next version of your SELF! Now is the time to take the plunge, it will feel so good!
New Moon Ceremony
Healing Body Treatments
Shamanic Land Journey

Sedona Chrysalis Transformation 

People come from all over the world to tap into the healing energy of Sedona, Arizona. They come to take it higher, to better themselves on some level and that individual betterment creates a community of mindfulness. Not only one of the most beautiful places in the world, Sedona is rich in geological intensity that has the potential to magnify our innate power of intuition, psychic capabilities, and cosmic connection — meaning consciousness.

Chrysalis Transformation is perfect for those individuals looking for transformation on all levels. If your world is a reflection of yourself, "like attracts like" so it makes sense to cultivate your best image inside and out. Transform into your higher SELF and bolster your esteem, confidence, and clarity towards the goals you want to manifest and the life you want to lead.
The 3 pillars of transformation:
  • Mind: self-care affects the way you feel and look.
  • Body: healing touch, light, sound, movement and dance.
  • Spirit: intention setting, Shamanic teachings and ceremonies, yoga, and meditation.

Bath Culture pertains to self-care rituals for the mind, body, and spirit, and yes there is usually hot water as in a bath, shower, or pool!

Historically and culturally, these rituals represent renewal and rebirth, a cleansing both physically and mentally. Rejuvenation to the core of one's being.

After bathing one must moisturize, so applying botanicals and essential oils to the body fuels my mantra Get In Touch With Your Skin! The skin is the largest organ of our body and our immune system, so taking care of it makes sense. 

Seventy percent of the lymphatic system is just beneath the surface of the skin.

Dynamic, easy stretching stimulates lymphatic flow just beneath the surface of the skin, the Lymphatic system being the garbage disposal system of the body scavenging free radicals. A healthy cell is a hydrated cell and stagnation is dehydrating.

All of this comes together, I believe, by feeling better through the tried and true benefits of a green lifestyle, bathing, body treatments, and connecting with people and nature. While yoga supports balance and freedom in our mental, physical, and spiritual being, inspirational outings in nature with Shamanic teachings remind us of the richness of our being and the oneness that we all are.

Join me in Sedona to give your life new meaning through pure connection with mother earth and father sky, supported by a community of like-mindedness that perpetuates this LOVE! The spiritual side of Sedona beckons us to experience our lives through a cosmic perspective. You are invited, so please come!

We will be staying at The Light House which provides luxurious accommodations appointed with Balinese style furnishings plus a salt water pool and hot tub. Hiking distance to Oak Creek , our sanctuary is private and serene, yet only a short drive into town. July has longer days for play and the perfect day and night time temps for swimming, star gazing, and summer fun.

New Moon begins at 12:16 pm on July 2nd

$2,295.00  Retreat is four nights and includes: 

Not included: Airfare to Phoenix or Flagstaff. Shuttle to Sedona from Phoenix about $100 roundtrip. 3 meals at Sedona’s best restaurants. Budget $15-$30 per plate. Incidentals and alcohol not included.

Contact:   *  520-366-1641  *

June 1, 2019 is our cut off date, please register before then!

Reserve your space with a friend and receive a 5 % discount. Inquire about an optional 5th night with a visit to John Barnes 's Therapy On The Rocks for a 1 hour Myofacial Release Treatment and continue to relax in our beautiful sanctuary. Expect 8-10 other yogis coming together to bask in the warmth of the Southwest summer! Longer, warmer days allows for more play and swimming! Our sanctuary is beautifully appointed with Balinese furniture and has a salt water pool and hot tub. Come to unwind and reset during the energy of the July new moon. Space is limited to just us! 

Bring journal, pencils for drawing/sketching/writing. Camera/Phone for photo ops. Prepare to harness the creative energy of the new moon, yin energy , as we will be in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Get ready to see the most lush desert in the world, the Sonoran Desert. It's been a wet spring:) Be ready for artistic inspiration!


  • All activities are optional during Chrysalis Transformation Retreat. Refresh your outlook physically, mentally, and spiritually as you let go of what no longer serves to embrace what’s new. Time to rejuvenate!

  • Experience organic Monsoon Nectar Chakra Aroma Skin Care on your body and as aromatherapy in yoga practice. Take home your own Chakra Aroma Set.

  • Reconnect with the rhythm of nature through Monsoon Nectar Bath Culture, a lifestyle that nurtures and supports the soul with yoga, healing body treatments, art, and inspirational outings into nature herself. Learn about the benefits of seasonal eating (and sleeping), organic essential oils, aromatherapy, botanicals, and yoga for vibrant health and well-being.  

  • New moon energy supports intention setting and manifesting goals.

Get In Touch With Your Skin!

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