Church Alley Graveyard - Landmark
Long rumored to be a spot of supernatural activity, the historic Church Alley Graveyard was one of Titan City’s first.
Church Alley Graveyard in Downtown’s Armistice Street neighborhood has been here almost longer than the city and holds the remains of nearly every well-known figure from before about 1860. Today it serves as a good spot to bone up on some early Titan City history by following a guided tour or by wandering around yourself and reading the historical plaques about its famous tenants. 
Although now surrounded by the glass towers of business, one can easily feel a powerful sense of history (and a touch of magic) looking out over the uneven rows of weathered tombstones beneath the large old trees. Despite the obvious historical value and interest, this place needs more attention, to keep it from crumbling away; keeping out those who don't respect the landmark's history (drinking teens, amateur satanists, sleeping homeless, and real supernatural villains) would be a good start. It would probably keep the ghosts happy, at any rate.
History of the Church Alley Graveyard

Once on the edge of a small village, this small (and usually quiet) eighteenth century cemetery waits out eternity enclosed in the steel and glass canyons of postmodern buildings. The Church Alley graveyard has stood silent vigil in Titan City’s Armistice Street neighborhood of the Downtown District for over three hundred years, serving as the final resting place for many legendary Titan City figures from before 1800. It was established in 1667 and saw its last burial around 1795. It was originally called the North Burying Ground because of its location, then the Middle Burying Ground before getting its current name in 1741 when it sat behind a church which itself is now only partially standing. As time has gone on and the area around it built up, the people of Titan City have always worked to be sure it wasn’t moved. Time has taken its usual toll on the graveyard, and it could use some sprucing up, but it’s still visited by history-tourists even today.
A small sidewalk encircles it, allowing tourists to walk the perimeter that supports a twelve-foot tall rusted, heavy, black iron fence. During the day, a tour guide in period costume stands in front of them answering questions and occasionally leading a tour group along the winding narrow paths beneath the large, old trees which shade most of the grounds.
The grass is kept short, but the ground itself is a little uneven in places. An occasional patch of bare earth shows where tourists have wandered from the paths to visit the graves of well known persons.
Despite the cemetery’s historical import, the city doesn’t maintain the grounds as carefully as one might expect, some litter has collected here and there and homeless have been known to sleep in here at night.
Aside from daily tours, and teenagers hopping the gates to explore the tombs at night, there also seem to be many activities that aren't noted in most city tourism guides. The Regency and The Barons have been seen here doing... something. People are convinced there are ghosts here to be sure as well. Any magical faction among Titan City super powered folk have probably found a reason to be here at one time or another.
Church Alley Graveyard is a place many locals reflect on why Titan City is special. History is a living breathing thing that you can reach out and touch here, or at the least visit where it's buried...