Church Bells are Ringing in Havana!


For decades IFCO/Pastors for Peace has been working for an alternative people-to-people foreign policy. 

Today, we join the Cuban people in celebrating a successful step toward new diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba!! 


We are grateful for your partnership in our work since 1992 to normalize relations between the US and Cuba.  Our collective efforts are paying off.


We applaud President Obama for acting on the desire of the vast majority of people in the US - and Cuba - who want normal relations between our two countries. 


This is a Moment for Great Celebration! 


We know the spirit of our founder, Rev. Lucius Walker, Jr.  is 'smiling down on us' at this moment.


While this is a step toward what we've been working for, there's still much to be worked out and analyzed. We know that the right-wing won't go down without a fight. 


Our Work Continues!

We need you to call President Obama and your members of Congress.  

Although we commend President Obama's action in releasing the remaining members of the Cuban Five and taking steps to normalize relations with Cuba, we know that there will be 'blowback' from the right-wing who need Cuba as an enemy.

Prior to this event, we have been told that our elected officials received "50-50" comments, half wanting to ease relations, half wanting the blockade to remain in place.  We know that reflects action by a small but vocal minority of "hard-liners", who make noise out of proportion to their actual numbers -- since most people, including the majority of Cuban-Americans, want normal relations between US and Cuba.

Call the White House at (202) 456-1111 or email 

President Obama and Say Thank You   

Let them know you support normalization of relations and a repeal of the 

Helms-Burton and Torricelli legislation against Cuba.


They need to know where the people of the US stand-- tell them!