Parish Notices for March 26, 2020
Dear Epiphany Community
I’m finding comfort these days in the words of others who are able to give language to the strangeness and uncertainty of these days in light of the faith that sustains us. 

Nadia Bolz-Weber is a Lutheran pastor and author and in one of her posts this week, she said, “Nothing’s changed. But everything is different.” She invited us to reflect on what hasn’t changed for us: the love we have for one another, our dependence on each other, the beauty of the sunrise, our human needs for food, shelter, and belonging. The other thing that has not changed is God’s love for us. 
It feels like everything is different in our church community, and yet nothing has changed. We still care about each other and for each other, we are still finding creative ways to be the church, we are still gathering for worship on Sunday, just in ways that are different than how we are used to worshipping.
We are praying Morning Prayer as our worship on Sunday mornings while we are worshipping apart from each other.

I know that many of you miss the Eucharist as much as I do and under normal circumstances when the church can gather together in person for worship, it is the principal Sunday service. But an important part of communion is community. That sacrament is meant to be celebrated, in our tradition, as part of the worship of the gathered community, and not by the priest consecrating the Eucharist alone.  Since the community cannot gather right now, perhaps this time will help us develop a new appreciation for that sacrament when we can gather again, and will deepen our longing for the God that we encounter in that sacrament.

During these weeks of worshipping together online, we are reminded that while the form of our worship is different, the substance of our worship and the object of our worship is not. The gift in this time is that many are being reintroduced to the beauty of Morning Prayer.  I have found it deeply meaningful to begin my days by praying Morning Prayer with all of you and I’m always grateful to see your faces and hear your voices  on Zoom. Prayer can help us stay grounded in these days of anxiety and uncertainty. 
The Rev. James Farwell, Ph.D., professor of Theology and Liturgy at Virginia Theological Seminary, offered this blessing for those of us who long to gather at the Table of Christ.  “May we gather again around the Holy Table very soon. In the meantime, look for the Tables around you and among you. God is still at the Table that is spread among us in our hearts, in our prayers, in our service. Welcome to the Feast that does not end, the love of God from which and from whom we are never separated, even without the Sacrament.”

Grace and peace,
The Rev. Amy Dills-Moore
Priest in Charge
Church Building to remain closed
Bishop Wright has notified the clergy that given the rapidly increasing amount of cases of Covid-19 in the state of Georgia, it’s clear we should continue to worship and meet online for some time, which will mean through April. Look for more information soon on how to participate in Holy Week and Easter online.
News from our Bishop
Here's a link to Connecting - the online news source of the Diocese of Atlanta. This link takes you directly to the most recent postings from our bishop. It includes prayers, inspirational readings, and a link to their digital library. You can subscribe to Connecting directly by clicking here.
Contacting the Staff
While the office is closed, we are working from home and checking our email and voicemail messages regularly. If you have a pastoral emergency, please call 404.373.8338 and press extension 14 for Amy and leave a message. She receives a notice at home and will call you back.
Join us for Morning Prayer via Zoom
We are using Zoom for online worship. You don't have to sign up for Zoom to participate. Just click the Zoom login link in this email or on our homepage to join the service.
FOR WEEKDAYS: Login at 8:45 a.m. for a virtual coffee hour before we begin Morning Prayer at 9 a.m. You are welcome to stay for a twenty-minute of silence for centering prayer of meditation following the service.

ON SUNDAYS: Log in around 9:50 a.m. to get oriented and we will begin Morning Prayer at 10 a.m.

Click here to see INSTRUCTIONS for using Zoom. Tips for using the service have been added.
Click here for the DIRECT LINK to the Morning Prayer via Zoom login.
Click here for pdf of Daily Morning Prayer to follow along if you are on your phone.
Sermons online
Sermons from Sunday are uploaded each week to . We upload them each week by noon on Sundays.
Stations of the Cross
We will be posting a link soon for the Stations of the Cross. Once it is up, you will be able to click the link and virtually walk through each of the Stations in the nave of Epiphany while listening to the prayers offered by some of your fellow parishioners. We will also post the booklets online so you can download those and follow along as you pray the stations at home. It is another way to feel connected to each other while praying together while we are apart. 
The Season of Lent at Epiphany
Ten days remain for Lent. Have you been participating with this year's program? You still can. Just visit the Living Compass website , where you can:

  • Enroll for free to receive each day’s reading via a daily email
  • Join their private Facebook discussion group moderated by The Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner & The Rev. Jan Kwiatkowski

  • Download the Lent devotional as a FREE PDF
  • Purchase the Lent devotional as an e-book from Amazon for $0.99.
Prayers for Healthcare Workers
If you are a healthcare professional or public health professional, we are grateful for the work you do and want to offer our prayers on behalf of all those who work to keep us safe and well. We will only add you to that list at your request, so please email the church office and let us know you would like to be added.
Virtual Coffee Hour
Everyone is invited to log in a little early at 8:45 a.m. for Weekday Morning Prayer to enjoy your coffee (or tea) together and chat before beginning the morning service.
Morning Meditation
For those who would like to do Centering Prayer or meditation together, Amy is offering 20 minutes of shared silence after Morning Prayer on Zoom each weekday morning. Those who just want to do Morning Prayer can continue to do that and disconnect when that is over. Those who want to stay on for the shared silence can just stay connected. 
Youth Night via Zoom - 3/29
Youth are invited to gather via Zoom for youth night on Sunday. Middle school will gather from 5-6 p.m. and High School from 6-7 p.m. We will use the same link as for Morning Prayer.
Easter Memorials and Dedications
Easter Flowers & Music Dedications regardless of whether we all gather in the Nave together, are being accepted now. Monies help support the Flower Guild and the Music Department. If you would like to make a donation in memory or honor of a loved one, please email your intention to the church and pay online or mail a check to the church. Dedications will be printed in the newsletter. Deadline is Wednesday April 1.
Flex & Stretch Update (Chair Yoga!)
Ellen Mintzmyer has taken the Chair Yoga program she offers as a part of the Flex & Stretch class she teaches at church online with Zoom. She's offering it Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 a.m. On Fridays at 11 a.m. the basic Silversneakers class will be offered. If you would like to participate, Email Ellen for the login instructions
Still Passing the Plate
While we are not able to worship in the same space at this time, please remember that Epiphany is a living church, and still needs your financial support. Our expenses are ongoing. Salaries, mortgage payments, utilities, Diocesan Pledge, and a myriad of financial obligations must all be paid.

Pledge payments can be made on-line or can be mailed to the church. (Yes, by mail. We are still stopping by to check mail and write checks). Non-pledging members can likewise continue to support Epiphany on-line or by mail. Click here for instructions for the different ways to give.
From Church Publishing
Church Publishing is making available, free of charge, these digital publications: The Book of Common Prayer in both English and Spanish as well as Living Lent , meditations on the hymns of the season, by Barbara Cawthorne Crafton.
Also, they are offering free shipping on all book orders over $35 until April 15, 2020. Please use code FREESHIP at , or call 800.242.1918 to place an order.
Harvey Fund Grant Application
The Catherine D. Harvey Legacy Fund grant application cycle for the Winter/Spring term is now open. If a member of the parish is aware of an organization that might qualify, please share the application.

Click here for the guidelines and application. Applications must be received by April 1, 2020. Questions? Email the Harvey Fund Advisory Board .
United Thank Offering
The United Thank Offering contributions support Episcopal missions and ministries. Make checks out to The Episcopal Church Women, noting UTO in the memo and mail them to the church (address is below). Ingathering will be April 19.
O God, in our global distress we pray earnestly to you.
God our Sanctuary,
gather us when separated into your presence.
God our Physician,
heal those who have contracted the virus.
God our Comforter,
embrace all who mourn the dead.
God our Homeland,
mother all who are quarantined.
God our Friend,
accompany all who are alone or afraid.
God our Guardian,
protect physicians and nurses.
God our Hope,
assist researchers searching for a vaccine.
God our Mighty Fortress,
preserve our societies from devastation.
God our Governor,
guide the leaders of nations toward wise policies.
God of Everlasting Arms,
in you we live and move and have our being.
God our Creator,
make once again a world of sabbath rest.
God our Savior,
redeem the suffering world by your cross.
God our Light,
shine your radiant peace into our darkness.

O God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
bless and preserve us. Amen.
Prayer by Gail Ramshaw