Church Council met on November 3, 2019. To help keep you in the loop, here is a summary of what was discussed during the meeting:
On behalf of Nominations , Rev. Josh Kilbourne updated Church Council on the slate of nominations for our administrative committees to be approved at the upcoming Charge Conference on November 17.  Nominations has worked hard to fill all required committee positions and is close to having all positions filled.  The complete slate of committee members will be shared with the church once approved by the Charge Conference on November 17.

On behalf of  Trustees, Mike Garvich  requested that Church Council vote for the approval of disbursing funds from the Building Fund to: (a) purchase a new fire protection system for the sanctuary and Children's Area; and (b) purchase a new sound board for the Crest Center, with the Crest Center’s former sound board being moved to the Sanctuary.  Finance verified that sufficient funds were available in the Building Fund, and Church Council approved the request.

On behalf of the Stewardship Committee , Anne Pitts reported that the 2020 campaign kicked off on Sunday, November 3 with a focus on a life of generosity.  The congregation should now have already received one letter, and an additional stewardship packet will be mailed on November 14.  As part of the campaign, a series of videos have been sent via email and shown in our church services.  To view the three videos already shared, click here for Video 1 , Video 2 , and Video 3 .  Church Council urges everyone to participate in Consecration Sunday on November 24 and submit a 2020 giving plan.  

On behalf of  Staff Parish Relations (SPR) Committee , Lynn Lancaster updated Church Council on two initiatives:

1.        As a reminder, Signal Crest has posted an opening for a part time accountant position. Staff Parish urges the congregation to share this with anyone that may be interested. For more information on this position and to see how to apply, visit here .

2.        A policy for tuition reimbursement for full time employees was presented for Church Council to review.  The policy will be voted on at the next Church Council meeting on November 17, following Charge Conference.

On behalf of the Finance Committee, Tina Close presented the 2020 Operating Budget for approval.  The 2020 budget represents an increase of $46,098 in proposed expenditures compared to 2019.  This increase is due to increased facility expenses, including Signal Mountain Police Department security detail, raises for employees, increased health insurance costs, and the addition of a part-time accountant position. Church Council approved the budget and added that the budget will be reviewed in late spring of 2020 to determine if additional adjustments need to be made.   

In Partnership,
Mark A. Smith
Chair, Church Council
P.S.   Charge Conference will be November 17 at 6:30 pm in the Interpreter's Room with Church Council immediately following.  All are welcome to attend both meetings.
The approved minutes from the September 22 meeting may be found by clicking  here .

Church Council is the governing board for Signal Crest business and is made up of representatives from all ministry areas of the church, lay leaders, committee chairs, and at-large members. Your 2019 Church Council representatives can be found by  clicking here .

To better understand the governance of both the United Methodist Church and Signal Crest UMC, please  click here  to download an overview provided by our own Trusted Leadership team.