Pastor's Lenten Message

Just a reminder that Daylight Savings Time will begin at 2:00am Sunday morning so please set your clocks ahead 1 hour before going to sleep on Saturday night!


Our church chose to try an in-house pictorial directory this year in order to avoid the extra expense of a pictorial directory company that tries to sell us pictures in the process. Susan Sanders and Melissa Trimble have worked very hard to bring it to you and have used extra time to try and catch any mistakes. We just have to admit, though, that those mistakes will exist. We still wish to receive updates/corrections and will update the file so that, hopefully, as we proceed to next year and beyond, the directory becomes better and better. If you see something, please drop Melissa a line at the office and she will get it fixed. The paper copies are in the Narthex and we also have a .pdf version available which you should have received via e-mail this week. If you need that resent to you electronically, just drop Melissa a line at the office -

Thank you so much to Susan Sanders for playing paparazzi by snapping pictures of everyone and reviewing content and format. Thank you to Melissa for getting the document ready for print and putting up with our questions and whims! If you do not see your picture, please send us one and we will be sure it gets into the next printing.

Faith Presbyterian Church Directory - 2017

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