Church of the Mountains
United Methodist Church

Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
Church of the Mountains, UMC Vision Statement:

"A Community of Faith Celebrating the Unconditional Love of God and Practicing Unconditional Love Toward Neighbor"
Dear Church of the Mountains Family,

We have a team that is working with the Bishop and all the churches in our Caifornia-Nevada Conference to re-open church buildings safely. One of John Wesleys main teaching is to Do No Harm.

We are in the early stage of preparing a written safety plan and need input from all of you as we prepare and decide what is safe and right for our congregation.

In addition to opening the building we want to hear from you about the ways we can keep connected and supporting each other in these changing and often difficult times.

Please take 4 minutes to answer this 9 question survey If you have any challenges, please respond to this email and I'll be glad to help!

Much Thanks!

Cathie Foley
Church Administrator