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15 December 2020
To keep you informed on actions and activities of your UUSP Board,
we'll feature highlights from the most recent Board meeting, Board member profiles, financial information, details on specific initiatives, and more.

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Highlights from the December meeting

The board discussed UUA's proposed 8th Principle Project presented by Rev. Monica Dobbins of the Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City; click here to watch her 15-minute sermon which starts at 22 minutes in. 

Board president Michael Killoren is closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation in Pinellas County.  UUA guidelines continue to recommend May as the time to consider re- opening the church. 

The Board moved to accept the revised budget and schedule for the kitchen renovation project.  The project can now formally begin with an expected completion date of May 31, 2021. 

The financial health of the church is strong with thanks to the congregation for honoring pledges. We are managing expenses in line with income for the year. (See below for more details.)

-- Karen White

For the latest draft meeting minutes, click the button below for a pdf download.
Financial Update
The year 2020 has been a challenging one for all of us. Our church finances are no exception. Last April, as we were learning about the COVID-19 pandemic, we prepared and approved an austerity budget reflecting our estimate of the impact of the pandemic. Excluding the benefit of our Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP) loan, our income this year is expected to be $35,213 less than last year and the pledge share of our budget has increased from 73% of the budget to 83%. As we manage through the pandemic, we continue to avoid nonessential expenditures while spending what is needed to maintain our caring community.

·       Our budgeted income is on target in all categories—thank you for paying your pledges, we depend on these more than ever this year.
·       We expect our PPP Loan (part of the Cares COVID relief act) of $25,544 to be fully forgiven, although we do not know when.
·       Our expenses, the hardest thing to predict in these uncertain times, are under budget by $15,323.
·       Our success controlling expenses has provided funding for some needed repairs at the church and helped us replace one of the television monitors stolen last year.    

Kitchen Renovation Project
A major success for this year is the fundraising for the Kitchen Renovation project. At this time of financial strain for many of us, our generous congregation has thus far pledged over $85,000 toward the project. Together with money committed from the Parking Lot Fund, your donations will help complete this important project.

We are currently collecting on these pledges. If you would like to fulfill your pledge or contribute to the Kitchen Renovation, click HERE or mail a check to the church office. Next month we'll provide an update on financial status and construction schedule for the project.
-- Paul Craig, Treasurer
Board Member Highlights
Michael Killoren
Meet Michael Killoren

Michael Killoren’s professional career centered in the Local Arts Agency (LAA) movement, at the city, county, and national level. Highlights include serving as Director of Seattle’s Office of Arts & Culture, working within the city-wide Race & Social Justice Initiative to transform the agency and its role in City government and community, by bringing diversity, equity and inclusion to the forefront of work with artists and nonprofits, boards, Seattle Public Schools, economic development and more.
Meet Cynthia Patterson
Vice President

Dr. Cynthia Patterson is an Associate Professor at the University of South Florida. This is her second term on the UUSP Board of Trustees. Cynthia also served previously as a member and President of the Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lakeland. Previously she served UUSP on the Program, Membership, and Worship Committees, and as a member of the Bell Choir. She has been a member of UUSP since 2012, and has led the Sunday morning Women’s Discussion Group since 2017. Cynthia is married to the Rev. Gabriel Oberholzer; she has two daughters from a previous marriage. Gabe has two daughters and a son, and Gabe’s children have blessed them with five grandchildren – four boys and a girl.
Cynthia Patterson
Vice President
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