Potomac Ministry Network
Dear Pastor/Ministry Leader,
We have arranged with National Church Group Insurance, to be our property and casualty insurance agency representative with Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company. National Church Group has been our insurance agency for more than three decades, and they are extremely knowledgeable in church risk management issues.
When our churches practice good risk management, they provide a safer place for their members to worship, resulting in fewer losses. When that happens, Brotherhood Mutual gives Potomac Ministry Network a Safe Ministry Reward dividend to be used for our ministry outreaches.
More than 60% of our District churches are now insured with National Church Group, and that number is growing. Their agents are very knowledgeable in church risk management and are spiritually invested in church ministries. All of them personally serve in churches and ministries, so they have a good understanding of ministry activities and the potential risks involved.
Here are some of the benefits offered to your church and ministry if you insure with National Church Group:
  • Property and Liability, Mission Travel, Vehicle and Workers' Compensation Insurance Programs at extremely competitive prices
  • Risk Management for churches and ministries including child protection plans, cyber security and security team training
  • Webinars dealing with church administration, safe ministry and other relevant material for churches and ministries...all free
If you want more information about National Church Group, you can find it on the company's website, www.NCGinsurance.com . If you would like to receive a free no-obligation quote, you can call them at 800-456-6624 x 407, or go to https://ncginsurance.com/potomac-ministry-network/.
For more information about Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company, please go to www.brotherhoodmutual.com .
Frank Potter

Franklin H. Potter