“Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”
 –Matthew 11:28
Dear Beloved in Christ,
We are now halfway through 2020! This seems to be the longest year, because for us collectively, and worldwide, it’s a difficult year. For some of us it may be the most difficult year we’ve ever experienced. A global pandemic; loss of in-person worship and gathering; racial tensions as our Black siblings rightfully cry out,
“Black Lives Matter;” record unemployment; intense division amongst the people and sometimes within our own families.
Is there anything else? You could say, “yes,” because in addition to collective woes, each of us face our own personal challenges as well.
Some of these issues were here before 2020, but everything together seems to make for a heavy load. Are you tired? I confess that some days I wake up tired…or I feel like taking a nap…or I don’t really feel like doing much of anything.
But then other days are different. We go out for a walk and revel in the beauty that surrounds us. A trip to the beach gifts us with a pod of dolphins splashing in the surf. Inspections of our vegetable garden bring daily surprises, along with some very fresh and tasty produce. Watching our dogs play in the backyard is always an enjoyable activity. The socially distanced and masked encounters with friends and family bring smiles, even if we cannot see them. And, gathering with you all through Zoom is a highlight because we truly are gathered, just in a different way.
Life is not all difficult. But sometimes we need reminders of this and so I am thankful to be part of a faith tradition and faith community that is built upon the wonderful gift of God’s grace. It is through this grace that we can respond to the invitation from Jesus to go to him and receive rest. This rest, in addition to revitalizing our bodies, gives us needed salve for our souls. As I think about this rest I can feel the calmness and the love of God. These feelings then lead to a smile, to joy.
Yes, the first half of 2020 has been difficult. But in all of this we have that promised presence of our God who loves us, who is with us, and who even carries our burdens if we trust enough to hand them over.
As we start the second half of the year, let’s remember that we are all in this together and that God is indeed with us. And may that remembering help lead us to go about the work of letting others know that Jesus provides rest and a respite from the carrying of great burdens. As we know that Jesus works with and through us that burden carrying is sometimes accomplished through our helping one another. Let’s see how, together, we can help those in our part of the world find rest.

Peace in Christ to you all,
Pastor Nancy

Worship News
Last month we said we hoped to have in-person worship starting July 5 th . Unfortunately, since then the spread of Covid-19 has worsened in Ventura County. Because of this, it is not yet safe to gather in groups. We hope and pray that with better social distancing and increased use of masks when in public, the number of cases will begin to diminish. Meanwhile we will continue to worship via Zoom.
As we are working on preparations for the return to in-person worship, we are still looking for volunteers. If you would like to help work out the logistics and evaluate what equipment and other resources we need to have a combination of in-person and Zoom worship please contact Pastor Nancy.

Preschool News
Our Redeemer Preschool re-opened its doors to our families on June 8th for our summer school program. We are extremely happy to welcome back the children and their families. The children missed their school, teachers, and friends and are all happy to be back! As we continue to move forward as a school planning for our new 2020-2021 school year, we are closely working with Community Care Licensing and Ventura County Public Health, in association with the CDC to exercise necessary precautions to keep our children and staff safe.

We one again thank our staff, congregation, and the school board for all of their support for the re-opening of Our Redeemer Preschool & Kindergarten

T hank you ,

Kerry Roman

Our Redeemer Preschool
Online Book Study

Help with worship... Our worship is online for now, but you can still help. Please contact Pastor Nancy if you would like to read or help in any other way.

  • Like to sew? Our Love Ladies are not able to meet right now but some are working in their homes to continue making quilts for Lutheran World Relief twice a month. Some are also making masks. Let's continue to support them and to pray for their efforts

We are open for enrollment! Visit our website lcoor.org to download our registration packet. For More info call us at 805-983-0619.

Stretch & Prayer
Gentle Stretches, Mobility and Prayer

We haven't been able to meet in the church and the Zoom classes didn't work well either. So, Pastor Nancy has recorded a class and posted it to YouTube. You can find it at Stretch and Prayer She is hoping to post additional videos
Church Council
The July council meeting will be held on

Monday, 13th 2020 at 7:00pm

via Zoom
Happy Birthday
Do you want to be on our Birthday List? Contact Michael at the church office:
(805) 983-0612