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“Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart to revere your name.” -Psalm 86:11
Dear Friends in Christ:
On Ash Wednesday I spent the day doing what has become a usual practice – offering ashes to the community. In three different time periods I was out in front of our church for a total of seven hours and was visited by at least 648 people. I say “at least” because sometimes it was so busy that I lost count of how many people received ashes.
At other times I was able to sit and read or pray or watch the cars and people go by. I was even able to notice the bees buzzing beside me. As I played with my camera to take a close-up photo, I prayed my thanks for these little insects that are so vital to our life together. It’s an amazing example of God’s mystery in creation that we must depend on bees for our survival. It’s a wonderful reminder that all of God’s creation is part of an intricate whole.
For Lent, I have decided to follow the lead of the psalmist in praying for God to continually teach me. As with the bees, the ability to learn God’s ways can come to us through nature. I am grateful for this as I am also thankful that we have so many ways to learn about God’s ways: scripture; friends, family, and neighbors; literature; paintings; music; and more.
As you journey this Lent, what are you contemplating?
Last month I mentioned that my 10-year anniversary of both my ordination (February 2010) and my time at Our Redeemer (March 1, 2010) were upon us. For the past few weeks I have reflected more on my time as a pastor. Overall, I am incredibly grateful for this Call and for the opportunity to be here. I am thankful for those who have touched me and for those whose lives I have been able to impact.
As I look back, I recognize that our congregation has struggled mightily and yet in the midst of that struggle we have grown in many ways. I am forever thankful to be part of a worshiping community that decided to open a new chapter in its life by choosing to be explicit in our welcome and affirmation of all people, especially our siblings in the LGBTQ communities.
I am also thankful for the efforts that we have made to better relate to our neighbors. This area has been a hard-growing edge for us, and many would be tempted to give up on the effort. But you chose to try again and again and again. That is wonderful and I am thankful that we have included TEEM Candidate Jade Ortiz as our Assistant Pastor to lead us more intently in this effort.
I am also thankful to all of the families who trusted me to assist them as they walked through the valley of grief in the loss of their loved ones. We did not have any funerals my first year here. Since then, I have presided over 32 funerals. I’ve written the names of everyone in my service book and every time I look at it, I am struck by that great cloud of witnesses that has gone before us.
Most importantly, as I ponder this milestone anniversary, I am thankful for all of you. You are a true blessing to me and to one another.
Yours in Christ,
Pastor Nancy
Teem Pastor News
Happy Lent - Feliz tiempo de Cuaresma, 

Lent is a very special time for me personally. Throughout the years I have used Lent and my Lenten promise as a way to devote myself to prayer and self reflection. Over the years significant decisions and spiritual guidance have been thought out through my Lenten promise. I am grateful that a year ago during Lent I prayed everyday for guidance and discernment over my role in ministry. It is with a grateful heart that I am able to write about the wonderful experiences I am having in my new role as TEEM Pastor and starting our Spanish ministry at Our Redeemer. 
On Ash Wednesday I was overcome with humility and felt blessed to share God’s grace in every moment of the day. As individuals came up to the church and closed their eyes in meditation to the words, “Dust you are and to dust you shall return- Amen,” I was reminded that God’s grace is and should continue to be present in everything we do. At noontime I was blessed to have the opportunity to give Ashes to farm workers as they were released from work. Eyes gazed up to the heavens with their palms up to the words, “Eres polvo y a polvo volverás.” Farm workers repeatedly thanked me for coming to them, but I thanked them for allowing me the opportunity to be there with them. 
I feel continuously blessed in every step of this growing ministry. Below please find more opportunities and events we have planned during our lenten season. Please also follow us on Instagram @NuestroRedentor. 

Pastora Jade Ortiz, TEEM.
Preschool News
From the Preschool Director

Here comes March!...

February was quite a busy but fun month! We celebrated Valentine’s Day by sharing cards and preparing a tropical fruit salad to enjoy together. Now, we especially can’t wait to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday with some green eggs and ham, pancakes, popcorn, pajamas and a lot of good reading!
We can see how much the kids have changed since the beginning of the school year. They are learning and growing so much! 

We wish you all a happy and healthy spring.
Mrs. Roman

We are open for enrollment! Visit our website to download our registration packet. To schedule a tour call us 7:30am-4pm at 805-983-0619.

Programs We Offer:

Toddler Club (18-30 months, potty training assistance available);

Preschool; Pre-K & T-K Combo Class;

Dual Immersion Pre-K & T-K Combo Class;

Kindergarten & T-K Combo Class (includes field trips & some Spanish instruction!)
March Worship Schedule
Opportunities to Volunteer

  • Help with worship... if you want to assist the pastor or read or serve communion please call Robin Tribbitt, 805-654-8252

  • Like to sew? Our Love Ladies make quilts for Lutheran World Relief twice a month. Join them in the coffee shop on the first Thursday and third Tuesday of the month at 9:00am.

  • To volunteer to bring refreshments on the Sunday of your choice, please sign your name on the snack calendar that is posted on the narthex bulletin board or call the church office at 805-983-0612.
See's Candies Fundraiser
See's Candies Fundraiser
March 2-20, 2020
We are offering See’s Candy products along with the convenience of having the candy delivered here to school. No waiting in line for your Easter candy!
All orders and money need to be returned to school or church by March 20th. Your candy will be ready for pick-up the week of March 30th. Checks should be made out to Our Redeemer Preschool.
The funds are to be used for classroom supplies and curriculum. Thank you in advance for your participation in this fundraiser to benefit the
students of Our Redeemer!

Operation LOVE
Quilting and Fellowship
March 5,12 & 17 2020

The quilting group "Operation LOVE" at Our Redeemer has been creating quilts for the Lutheran World Relief quilt ministry for many years. About 60 quilts are sent annually to Lutheran World Relief for distribution to those in need around the world.

Operation LOVE meets every 1st Thursday and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 9:00am in the coffee room. Anyone interested in participating in this ongoing project is encouraged to join the group at any time. 

Sewing/quilting experience is not essential since there are many different ways to give assistance as needed.
Monthly Breakfast Update
We are trying something new! We will now be combing our breakfasts, open to everyone!
Church Council
The March council meeting will be held on
Monday, March 10, 2020 at 7pm
 @ Our Redeemer
Women's Book Club
Women's Book Club
Every Fourth Tuesday at 7pm

March 25, 2020

The Women's Book Club meets every fourth Tuesday, 7pm at Barnes and Noble (4820 Telephone Road in Ventura)

Church Calendar
Altar Guild
March Altar Guild:
Helen Jackson, Gail Tenbus

Team Members:
Julie Jensen
Sami Gutierrez
Gail Tenbus
Carol Peterson
Linda Lefler
Helen Jackson
A flower calendar is available in the narthex bulletin board. You may sign up for the Sunday of your choice.
There is an information sheet available with flower suggestions and ordering information as well.
If you have been thinking about signing up to provide a floral arrangement for the altar, but need some direction, here are some guidelines:
First, choose an available week on the Flower Chart located in the narthex and sign your name and phone number.
Then, you have two options:

*You can do the foot-work yourself by contracting your favorite florist, or you can bring a potted plant or a flower arrangement from your own garden, or...
*You can have Bernardo's Flowers deliver an arrangement to the church for that Sunday. Simply call the church office at 983-0612 and let the Secretary know if you would like the office make the arrangements. Make the check out to "LCOOR" and put it in an envelope marked "FLOWERS." Bernardo's Flowers will deliver the arrangement to the church office on Friday.

For questions, call Michael at 805-983-0612 or ask any Altar Guild team member.
Happy BIrthday!
Looking Ahead to April