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September Newsletter

Pastor Todd Milner


60th Anniversary  
Sunday, Sept 9
at 10:30am
(no Saturday service)

POTLUCK TO FOLLOW in the Family Life Center.

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Saturday 5pm
"Come as you are!"

 9AM - Traditional

Faith Trek for the Kids at 10:30am every Sunday!
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As we are in the dog days of Summer, and headed to the beautiful season of Autumn, I have been thinking about Jesus' words in 6 th chapter of John.   In worship during the month of August, we have been hearing all about the bread of life. Jesus says to us: "I am the bread of life. Whoever eats of this bread will live forever." This promise of Jesus is concise and wonderful!
But the disciples had trouble figuring out what Jesus was talking about. The Last Supper had not yet occurred. Jesus had not yet gone to the Cross. The disciples were so confused that some started to go their own way. But good old Peter, for all his fickleness, said this: "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life."
As we have learned, eternal life is not just later, but NOW. When we gather around the holy table at worship, Jesus changes us to live abundantly NOW, not just for eternity later. We are thankful that God has given us the words of eternal life, here and now.
But since we are given the gift of free will by God, we cheapen God's grace when we choose to go our own way, rather than God's way. When we get caught up in the trappings of this life, rather than follow Jesus by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we tend to cheapen the gift of eternal life given to us, here and now.
With Jesus as our bread of life, here and now, may we always follow Jesus, not the ways of this world. We pray this in the Lord's Prayer: "Thy will be done," not our will be done. May the gift of Holy Communion strengthen us to do God's will, not our will. May others see the love of Christ, through us, as we actively and joyfully serve him, here and now.
Together with you in Christ,
Pastor Todd +
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