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Church Schedule Update
September 5, 2021
In This Week's Update
  • New Class: What Does the Bible Say About Suffering and Evil?
  • Fall Kick-Off for Wednesday Nights at Riverside Park, September 8th!
  • How Does The Lord's Supper Prepare Us For Heaven?
  • Available Bible Studies/Fellowship Opportunities
This Sunday's Sermon and Song List
This week we wrap up 2 Peter! We'll look at 3:11-18 and consider how we are called to live in light of Christ's return. The best way to guard ourselves from deception is to diligently seek growth in the knowledge and grace of Jesus. But what does that mean? What does it look like? Read through 2 Peter again, beginning to end, this weekend and then join us for worship as we accept the Lord's word to us and worship together.

To get yourself ready to sing on Sunday you can start listening to the songs we'll be singing together:
  • Only King Forever
  • Who You Say I Am
  • The Stand
  • Christ the Lord is Risen Today (He Is Not Dead)
We created a playlist on Youtube in case you want to start listening today. You can find that by clicking HERE.
New Adult Sunday School Class:
What Does the Bible Say About__________________?
We will be spending a few weeks of our Sunday School time covering topics under the theme: What Does the Bible Say About ___________? This will give us a chance to cover some topics that might feel especially relevant in our day and consider how God's timeless truths speak to them. As Ecclesiastes says, "There is nothing new under the sun" (1:9). So we expect the Bible to be able to speak to every issue we're facing in our time with authority and truthfulness.

Class This Week: What Does the Bible Say About Why God Allows Suffering and Evil?  
Women's Prayer Meetings
Prayer, prayer and more prayer. All women are encouraged to participate in our prayer time Thursday, September 16th, at 7:00 PM. We will meet in the Women's Ministry area and will dedicate our time to prayer for individuals, our church, our city and area, our state, and our nation. We plan to meet for prayer every first Thursday at 2:00 PM and third Thursdays at 7:00 PM throughout 2021. Please join us!
Do you have a passion for reaching out and serving Downtown in the name of Jesus? Gathering Grounds is a great tool to that end. 

If you are interested in serving or you've served in the past contact the office or the pastors to sign up for a shift. 
Wednesday, September 8th, 5:45PM
Come help us kick-off the Fall season of ministry with a pizza party and fellowship time at Riverside Park. Pastor Brandon will lead us in a devotion, we'll sing together and then have an informal time of fellowship and activities. Feel free to bring your favorite lawn games, frisbees or sports ball to throw around as we enjoy the Fall weather and fellowship. 
Sunday School Class List
  • Elementary & Junior Sunday School Class (4 years to 6th grade students)- "Answers in Genesis" in classrooms downstairs
  • Revival grades 7-12, taught by Pastor Brandon in the attic
  • Adults - "What Does the Bible Say About ___________?" in the Gathering Grounds/Fellowship Hall
How Does The Lord's Supper Prepare Us For Heaven?
As we prepare ourselves to celebrate the Lord's Supper in festive fashion on September 12th, it will be helpful for us all to think about how the Lord's Supper prepares us for Christ's return. 
Consider this quote from church historian, Justo Gonzalez, "The reason for gathering on the first day of the week was that this was the day of the resurrection of the Lord. Therefore, the main purpose of this service of worship was not to call the faithful to repentance, or to make them aware of the magnitude of their sins, but rather to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the promises of which that resurrection was the seal. For this reason, Acts describes those gatherings as happy occasions: they 'ate their food with glad and generous hearts, praising God and having the goodwill of all the people' (Acts 2:46-47). Those early communion services did not focus their attention on the events of Good Friday, but rather on those of Easter. A new reality had dawned, and Christans gathered to celebrate that dawning and to become participants in it."

While there's always a place for solemn reflection in taking the Lord's Supper, there's also a place for celebration and anticipation of new creation! As you prepare yourself for that celebration, consider also this article on how the Lord's Supper prepares us for heaven. Click HERE to read it.
Church Pot-Luck, Communion, Congregational Testimony Time
September 12th following the Worship Service
In the early church it was their habit to worship together, then fellowship over a meal together and then, at some point during that meal, partake of the Lord's Supper together. As we kick off the fall season of ministry we would like to imitate the early church in this way. This also gives us an opportunity for a "family meeting time". There will be a time to share praises, say some prayers, reflect on our church covenant and hear about some church-life updates. If Discovery is your church home, please join us! If you're able please just bring a main dish and a salad or dessert to share.
Here are all the study/fellowship opportunities currently available through our church:
  • Monday Morning Men's Group (6:45 AM at Fryn' Pan)
  • Men's Thursday Noon Bible Study (In-person at Discovery Church - bring a lunch if you like).
  • Women's Thursday morning study, will not meet this week. The study will resume September 23rd.
  • Women's Tuesday night study will resume September 7th from 5:30-7:00 PM. They will continue in session 5 of "Everyday Theology". If you are in need of a book please contact the office.
FREE Books — A table is set up by the coat rack with free books. If you see anything that interests you, please feel free to take them. There is no need to return them.
Elder Meeting Minutes
To read the minutes from our most recent elder meeting, please click HERE.
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