November 22, 2020

Sunday Worship
November 22, 2020
The Last Sunday after Pentecost

Scripture Readings for this Sunday:

Service of Holy Eucharist
with Music,
in the Sanctuary
8:00 am

Please make a reservation as we are allowed a limited number due to social distancing.

Email the church office at: 

Please wear a mask.
Service of Morning Prayer
with Music, on Zoom
9:30 am

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Healing of body, mind and spirit
Susan strength and courage during cancer treatment; John; Ola; Michael; Terri (multiple myeloma); Stevan (Tinnitus); Scott (dementia); Elaine, Sue Ellen, Peter, Xavier, Web & Kelly (cancer); Nancy (radiation treatment); Doug (stroke); Matt’s dad (polio) and Matt's mom (strength); Bill, in hospital (infected shoulder); those infected by the virus; healing for our world.
Aloha Friends,

As I finish up my three year contract, I’ll be leaving Kaua`i in a few days. This past week I’ve been reflecting on my relationship with this island, so I thought I’d share a few of my memories with you in this week’s chat. 

My first trip to Kaua`i was nearly 55 years ago. My parents were golfers and loved the island so it became a fairly regular summer holiday. We usually stayed in the Poipu area. My best memories of those summers include:
*The Torch-lighting Ceremony at the Coco Palms narrated by the haunting voice of Grace Guslander.
*Larry Rivera’s show at the Coco Palms with his kids. I still love his song Waialeale. 
*Picnics up at Koke`e.
*While they played golf, my parents dropped my brother and I off at Wailua beach (it was a nice beach back then) with money for lunch at the Seashell. One summer on the beach I read The Second Sex and was really inspired. When I went back to high school that fall I gathered my peers for a debate on women’s liberation. It bombed. Apple Valley High was a long way from hearing that message.  
My not-so-great memories of those summers were:
*The worst sunburn I’ve every had. I was a red lobster. I’m sure it’s the reason I have to go to the dermatologist twice a year!
*Getting wiped out trying to body surf at Brennecke Beach. I’m lucky I’m alive. That was the end of that. 
*A deep sea fishing trip. I was sick the whole day. Never again. 

My husband Jim and I spent many summers on Kaua`i, annually after Luke was born.  By that time Princeville was built up and we stayed in Palikekua. I have lots of great memories of those summers.
*Driving to Kilauea in the morning for warm brioche at Jacque’s Bakery. 
*Coco-Palms, Torch-lighting ceremony, Larry Rivera...ditto.
*Helicopter tours. We had one tour (pre-Luke) in which we were dropped off in some remote place with lunch and wine. Very romantic.  On another trip we happened to get a day in which there was a little clearing on Waialeale. All I remember about that is that it looked like my plants when they are overwatered. There is such thing as too much water. 
*One summer we took the Underground Guide to Kaua`i (First edition) and tried to explore as many beaches as we could.
*Duane’s Ono Burger! I ate meat back then. Best hamburger ever. 
*Sipping fruity cocktails at sunset with an old guy at Pali ke kua helping us see the green flash when the sun first hits the ocean. 
I have no challenging memories of those times. For our family Kaua`i was a special respite from life and the glitter of Las Vegas.  
Since I was blessed in 2017 to be given a three year contract I’ve learned that being a tourist and being a resident of a place are very different.  I’ve also learned that pastoring a small church is a lot of work. I had fantasies when I came here that I would have lots of time to write and explore. That really didn’t happen but I still have great memories.   
*Our sanctuary is very special. I will always remember the times I sat quietly with our God and the inspiration I was given. For me it is one of the most peaceful places I’ve ever been. 
*Walking our burial grounds and meditating on our labyrinth. It sounds weird, but I am now in love with graveyards!
*Morning drives to work and the cloud formations reminding me of the majesty of our God.
*Learning Tai Chi with Skip Rush and Soul Collage with Maggie Lea.
*The Hindu monastery.
*Studying the scripture every week in our study groups. I love the conversation and the freedom to share in a safe space.  
*Duane’s Ono Burger! Even though I don’t eat meat anymore, they made a Boca Burger. Since it was on cooked on the same grill, it was just as good. And their onion rings were the best.  So sad they are closed. 
*Zoom, zoom, zoom. Who knew the blessing it would bring?
The not-so-great memories of my three year residence on the island are really more odd than bad. Some are even funny.
*The storm that dumped record rainfall within a 24 hour period. I’ll never forget the lightning and thunder that entire Saturday night. Somehow the Spirit got me to church Sunday morning and a few of us celebrated the Eucharist. 
*Trying to find a place to live when I got here and six months later when the condo owner decided to sell. High anxiety. I’m so glad the church is committed to building the vicarage!
*Thrift shop drama - donation dumpers regardless of the multitude of signs telling folks to donate during shop hours; followed by the local thieves coming in at night, ripping bags apart and helping themselves. What a mess that was. Now we take everything inside. Problem solved!
*Prostitution and drugs in the bell tower. Yep, I’m telling the truth. Now we lock it up. I did not like having to be the drug police and telling adults they couldn’t sit around and smoke dope. 

I hope I will be able to return to Kaua`i in the next couple of years. Maybe I can apply to be a Clergy-in-Resident. I do know for sure that there will be a day I will be back at Christ Memorial permanently as I have told my family that I want Jim’s and my ashes to be placed in our Columbarium. 

Thank you for letting me share my memories with you. For me there is no place on earth like Kaua`i. I am very grateful for how it has influenced my life. I am grateful for these past three years and for the spirit-friends in this church. I pray that our paths will cross again.

Please, please, I invite your thoughts. 


Gae +
I don't know if this is in answer to Gae's chat this week, but I am aware of how much our world has been changed by the virus spreading throughout the world and especially the mainland, or what the true locals call America. There is a separation felt here, with the other side of that coin being interconnection.

I have an elderly client age 86 who just had to call the paramedics to have her 97 year old husband taken to Wilcox, most likely to meet strangers there where he will have to die with them instead of with the love of his life for over 50 years. They insisted she not go along with him for her own safety from the virus I am sure. I will take a fresh cooked stew to her later this afternoon.

So there again is separation and interconnection. Both are the realities of our new way of life, but I know without Jesus the Christ I would be lost traveling these two different roads. He found me on my private road back on May 19, 1973 and Gae has helped deepen my relationship with Him these last 3 years in ways I will be forever grateful. New Clergy will come and continue our journey together and privately, again the interconnected and separate learning and worship we will all engage in at different levels of understanding and even belief. I am looking forward to exploring these new vistas of the inner and outer worlds we live in and pray the virus will be brought under control via an effective vaccine in 2021. The spirit and science working together to heal our bodies and our world.

Aloha nui loa, Maggie Lea

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Sunday, November 15, 2020
Last Sunday our Bishop joined us to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation. Branch Lotspeich,
Matt Miller, Bill Schilling confirmed their commitment to following the path of Jesus. Rebecca Hullum and
Melody MacKenzie Lotspeich reaffirmed their commitment. Our confirmands along with Mary Jo Kamano and Pastor Gae have been studying the Scripture and the Church Catechism for several months.  

Strengthen, O Lord, your servants with your Holy Spirit; empower them for you service; and sustain them all the days of their life. AMEN
Advent Begins in One Week!
Start thinking about your intention for this Advent. How do you need the Christ to be born in your life this year? Over the next two weeks, we’ll be making suggestions for new ways to create a spiritual Advent and Christmas. Stay tuned!

Sunday, November 29
The Very Reverend Zachary Fleetwood comes to Christ Memorial on November 29, the First Sunday of Advent and the beginning of a new church year. He will reside with us throughout the Advent and Christmas seasons. Fr. Zachary’s education includes a Master of Arts from University of Virginia; Master of Divinity at Virginia Theological Seminary; and Advanced Studies at the University of Edinburgh. He has served as Rector of St. Columba by the Castle Church in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Rector and Dean Emeritus at the American Cathedral in Paris along with many rector and interim placements throughout Virginia. 

Worship services continue to be at 8:00 AM (Holy Eucharist - in person) and 9:30 AM (HST) on ZOOM. If you plan to attend the 8:00 service, please make your reservation as soon as possible.  

For the new church year Christ Memorial has developed and launched an innovative new program for the Episcopal Church. By invitation, active or retired clergy will be coming to our island for a period of 6-13 weeks to write, study and explore in exchange for leading worship and providing a teaching in an area of spiritual growth, theology, prayer, scripture study, social justice or church history. We hope we will be able to share our experience with other Episcopal churches.  
Greeters Needed at Thrift Store
Do you consider yourself a warm and welcoming individual? Do you have 4 free hours to serve your community and church?

We encourage you to reach out, and commit to volunteering at Shared Blessings Thrift Store. The store is in serious need of greeters, who can spread aloha while encouraging people not to spread COVID.
Duties include: greeting, reminding people to wear masks, offering sanitizer.

Please email the church office if you are interested.
CONNECT - A Note to Our Zoom Family
One big blessing for our church that has come out of the struggle with the COVID-19 virus is the connection we have made via Zoom. Many folks who are either seasonal residents, timeshare residents, or even tourists consider us their church community. They can now be a more active part of our church. We have a Sunday worship service, two Bible studies, an Adult Confirmation class and Centering Prayer, made possible through Zoom. Who knew? This has been a learning experience for us. The good news is that even after the virus crisis is over, we will continue many of these offerings on Zoom.

Here are some things everyone can do to help us all have the best experience possible:

  1. Please try to connect at least 10 minutes before the service or the meeting to make sure everything is working correctly.  
  2. If possible, keep your video on so it feels more like being together in church.  
  3. Have your audio always on mute unless advised by the facilitator.
  4. Be present. Try not to multi-task. Having your water or coffee nearby is fine but since your video is on, probably best not to be moving around.
  5. Try your best not to leave early. If your computer drops you out, come back on but make sure your video is on and your audio is muted.  
Our Thrift Shop is Open!
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 2:00 - 5:00 pm
Wednesday 9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Saturday 9:30 am - 3:00 pm

For a safe shopping experience, we can only allow 8 shoppers in the store at any time. All must wear masks and use hand sanitizer.

Online Study
Canceled this week, will resume the week of November 30
Monday 10:00 am-11:15 am:
Spiritual Lessons from the Book of Genesis

Wednesday 2:00 – 3:15 HST
Letters of Paul 

If you wish to join us, let us know know and we will send you the link and the questions we will discuss. 
Online Centering Prayer & Scripture Reflection
Canceled this week, will resume the week of November 30
Tuesdays, 9:00 - 9:45 am (HST)
Join Zoom Meeting

Centering Prayer is every Tuesday morning on Zoom, 9:00 - 9:45 am. We begin with a Scripture reading for the day followed by 12 minutes of meditation. Then a reflection is read and anyone who would like to share an insight is invited to do so. We finish with prayer time for those in need of healing.
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Meets in the Parish Hall:
Monday 6:15 - 7:15 pm & 7:30 - 8:30 pm
Tuesday 10:00-11:00 am & 7:30 - 8:30 pm
Wednesday 7:30 - 8:30 pm

Go to www.kauaiaa.org for more info.
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