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March 28, 2021
In This Week's Update
  • This Sunday's Sermon Info and Song List
  • New Youth Sunday School Class Starts this Sunday
  • Good Friday Plans
  • Resurrection Sunday is Coming
  • Women's Prayer Events 
  • Available Bible Studies/Fellowship Opportunities
This Sunday's Sermon and Song List
This week we are wrapping-up our series in First Peter with chapter 5. The letter is consummated with a robust call to humility. Elders are called to a humility that gladly embraces their calling and responsibility. The church is called to a humility that embraces their elders. And every Christian is called to a humility that endures suffering while trusting in the dominion of Christ over all things. As a bonus we also get to consider some lessons from the final greetings in vv. 12-14. 
Here are the songs we'll be singing together along with a link to a playlist so you can prepare yourself to sing out this Sunday:
  • Everlasting God
  • The Same Love
  • Because He Lives (Amen)
  • The Wonder of Your Cross
We created a playlist on Youtube in case you want to start listening today. You can find that by clicking HERE.
Resurrection Sunday is Almost Here!
Here's a look at the title of that morning's message to help get you intentionally thinking about the resurrection in advance:
Probably the most famous passage on the Resurrection is 1 Corinthians 15. Consider returning to that passage several times in the coming days to intentionally ponder the truth, hope and power of the resurrection. 
End Times Round Up
If you're interested in any of the lessons from our recent End Times Basics Class you can find those notes HERE. If you have an appetite for something more specific I've found the following Round-Table Discussion helpful on the subject of the Millennial Reign of Christ. The video linked below is a discussion between several pastors, all with different (but credible) End-Times views. It's a little long but if you're interested it's very thought-provoking. You can WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.  
Good Friday Plans: Singing at Meridian Bridge
Friday, April 2nd @ 6:00PM
This year for Good Friday we want to think "outside the walls" and gather at the Meridian Bridge for a short but sweet time of singing. Think of it like Christmas Caroling but with Good Friday songs instead! We want to enjoy publicly being the church, enjoy praising Jesus publicly and ask the Lord to use that time to help us be a witness to our community. The songs will be simple and singable and we'll have a 10-minute (or so) devotion. Pray for good weather (at the time of writing the forecast says 70 and sunny that day). Pray also for lots of people to come. Most of all pray for our public witness to generate some conversations with people about the gospel. 

*If weather becomes prohibitive we will simply relocate to the church building.
Women's Prayer Meetings
Prayer, prayer and more prayer. All women are encouraged to participate in our prayer time Thursday. April 1, at 2:00 PM and/or Thursday, April 15, at 7:00 PM. We will meet in the Women's Ministry area and will dedicate our time to prayer for individuals, our church, our city and area, our state, and our nation. We plan to meet for prayer every first Thursday at 2:00 PM and third Thursdays at 7:00 PM throughout 2021. Please join us!
It's our custom to take a break from the Wednesday night routine the week before Resurrection Sunday. Here are some ideas for how to spend the break:
  • Have some neighbors or another family from church over for a meal and fellowship
  • Read through a short book of the Bible together as a household and talk about it together (short engaging books like Jonah and Ruth are good examples - the first half of Daniel also makes for a good way to do "story-time" as a family). 
  • Find a way for your family to bless another family you know - make them a meal, or volunteer to help them in some way
  • Use it as an opportunity to get into a routine of doing devotions as a family. If you don't know where to start, take advantage of the resources available on Right Now Media. Pick something the whole house could be interested in and then pray and talk about it together after you watch. If you're not sure how to access Right Now Media, contact the church office. 
Sunday School Class List
  • Ages 4-Grade 3 "Answers In Genesis" taught by Brenda Vermeier and Mary Neal
  • Grades 4-6 "Answers In Genesis" taught by Julie Steffen and Roxie Pier
  • Revival grades 7-12, taught by Pastor Brandon in the attic
  • Adults - "Getting to the Heart of Parenting" in the fellowship area and a new class "NO TURNING BACK - The Message of Hebrews" in the worship center
NO TURNING BACK - The Message of Hebrews
This Sunday we continue our Sunday school class through the book of Hebrews. No Turning Back is the message of this timeless letter. Hebrews is a letter for the soul that is powerfully tempted to run from Christ and trust in what's familiar. Hebrews gives us a picture of Christ as the better and more lasting shelter from every fear and trouble. Join us in the worship center at 9:00 AM for this new journey through Hebrews. 
7th-12th Grade Sunday School Class Starts March 28th, 9:00AM

Pastor Brandon and his family will begin worshipping with us on Sunday March 28th! Brandon will also begin leading a Sunday School class for 7th-12th grade on this date. Over the course of April, Brandon will be gradually transitioning from his role at Grace Baptist and Equip to Discovery. He will be full time at Discovery very early in May. 

Here are some ways to be praying for Brandon and his family:
  • Housing that works for their family 
  • Someone to be called to take Brandon's place at Grace and with Equip
  • A sweet season where all our hearts can be knit together in brotherly love
Here are all the study/fellowship opportunities currently available through our church:
  • Monday Morning Men's Group (6:45 AM at Fryn' Pan)
  • Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study in Hosea at 6:30PM at Discovery Church. Childcare available.
  • Men's Thursday Noon Bible Study (In-person at Discovery Church - bring a lunch if you like).
  • Women's Thursday morning at 9:00 AM will meet this week and will continue studying Session 5 in "Everyday Theology". Child care available for Thursday mornings. The women's Tuesday night will continue at 5:30 PM using "Everyday Theology by Mary Wiley. Questions? Contact the church office at (605) 689-2211.
Elder Meeting Minutes
To read the minutes from our most recent elder meeting, please click HERE.
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