Discovery Church Update
Church Schedule Update
May 15, 2020

Brothers and Sisters of Discovery Church,

You are in our prayers and thoughts constantly! Check out this update for some encouragement from God's Word as well as a few things to be aware of for this coming week.

Let me fill you in up-front as to what's in this update. After some Scripture there are updates on:
  • In-person worship gatherings at Discovery 
  • Available online content
  • In-person Bible studies
  • Plans for Video Testimonies
  • Camp update
  • Things to pray about
" Blessed are your eyes, for they see, and your ears, for they hear. For truly, I say to you, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it" (Matthew 13:16-17)

I was particularly struck by this verse today as I was preparing Sunday's sermon. I'm reminded of the many Old Testament brothers and sisters who longed to see the fullness of salvation come through God's Messiah. What a gift we have to look back on the finished work of Christ on our behalf and know that our salvation cannot be undone. What a blessing to be a church together - blood-bought citizens of the kingdom, members of God's family in Christ. 

Make a plan today to give a word of encouragement to another brother or sister of Discovery Church. 

In-person Worship Gatherings at Discovery
We will gather in person for worship at Discovery church this Sunday at 10:30AM. We will continue to exercise precautions in light of current concerns regarding coronavirus. We've taped off every other row to create distance. We've added rows in Gathering Grounds facing the TV in case anyone wants to watch the service with others from there. Cleanliness and hygiene standards remain strict and we'll continue simplifying the service to minimize other risks as well. 
As elders we want everyone to know there is NO PRESSURE to attend or volunteer at this time if you want to minimize any risk. We want each believer to follow their conscience. Be praying in the mean time for the Lord to bring us all back together soon!

Available Online Content  
The worship service will be live streamed on Facebook as usual. We have been experiencing some audio glitches lately and we're in the process of figuring out the cause of those and resolving the problem. Pray for the diligent volunteers that are working on that issue so our body can continue to be edifying by streaming the preaching and worship. 

In addition, I (Pastor Cory) will continue to hop on Facebook Live on Fridays at noon for a quick devotion and "hang out" time. This just provides one more way to reach out with encouragement through online technology. 

Bible Studies
Here are the Bible studies currently available through our church:
  • Monday Morning Men's Group (Contact the office for time and place details)
  • Men's Thursday Noon Bible Study (In-person at Discovery Church)
  • Women's Bible Study at 9:00AM on Thursdays (Now meeting in person-in Gathering Grounds area-and on ZOOM)
  • Women's Bible Study at 5:30PM on Thursdays (on ZOOM only)
  • Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study at 6:30PM (In person at Discovery and on ZOOM)

Plans for Video Testimonies
We have greatly enjoyed hearing the testimonies we recorded over the last several weeks and we are ramping up for more. A special thanks goes out to Tony Maibum for helping us present and record each of those testimonies so well. Thank you to all of you that shared! 
If you want to share the story of how you came to Christ, or what Christ is doing in your life right now, please reach out to us! We'd like to see more testimonies in the weeks ahead!

Camp Update
In the most recent update from Glad Tidings we were informed that due to coronavirus concerns they will not be holding normal camps as they have in the past years. However, they are in the process of developing some ideas on what they can do safely within the context of federal and local regulations. They will be working toward providing alternative events like day camps and weekend retreats for children and youth to continue to accomplish their ministry goals. More information will be shared once plans are finalized. 

  • Pray for Nate Fuchs (son of Bud and Lois) who just underwent two heart surgeries. He is recovering but still needs our prayers.
  • Pray for the family of Mary Williams as they continue to grieve their loss. And pray for us as a church as we also grieve the loss of our dear sister in Christ.
  • Pray for Paula Hendrickson's dad who was taken by ambulance from home yesterday(Thursday). They started out for Yankton but went to Tyndall when his condition got worse. After he was stabilized they continued on to Sioux Falls. At first he presented like he was having a stroke but that was ruled out. They are treating him as if he is having seizures. His medical history doesn't support that but it does look a lot like seizures. Last night they were doing a lot of testing for the possibility of atypical presentation of covid 19. Of course we can't be with him and that's so hard for always prayer avails much....  
  • Pray for unity and joy as a church in this strange season of distance from one another.
May the peace of God be with you all. Amen (Romans 15:33).

Grace and peace, 
Pastor Cory

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