Joyful Noise Hymns Today

I f you like music and singing hymns, please come and help out picking hymns on  May 8 at 10AM in the church library. 

Learn about church seasons and how to choose a hymn that best reflects on the scripture readings and parts of the service liturgy.

Pastoral Care

While pastor Viktoria is on vacation, until May 10, please contact Doug Price, retired rostered minister at Peace Lutheran church for pastoral emergencies. His number to call in case of emergency: 717-262-8725

Power in the Spirit 2019 Registration Open!

Power in the Spirit is an inspirational conference for everyone who wishes to explore God's call to service through joyous worship, Bible study, keynote addresses, workshops, and fellowship.

To view this year's event packet with information on everything happening at this year's Power in the Spirit, click here.

Join us July 11-13 at Roanoke College for a conference with Lutherans for all across the state. Register for Power in the Spirit online today!

Saint Mark Picture Day!

Would you like to be able to match names and faces in our congregation? Would you like to help some of our youth with a book project? 

You can do both at once! We are combining the collection of new photos with our middle-grades book group project. This group is reading The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly. Drawing from a theme of inter-generational friendship and an event involving a studio portrait in the year 1899, as a class project we are assisting Roy Van Doorn take photos of people in our church.

Sign up for photo appointments on:

May 12, 19, and 26 - 9:30 and 10:00.
June 2 between - 9:30 and 10:00.
A sign up sheet in the Narthex or please e-mail:

It is for all who loves St. Mark: members, friends, family members, and all who see this invitation. 

As a part of our book project, we would like to invite you to bring an item that reflects something about you or your interests. For example, your favorite thing is reading-bring a stack of books! Any item having to do with a hobby or a passion would work. 

 Examples: gardener brings a flower or a trowel; traveler brings a passport or a map. Sign up in family groups if you can-we'll take individual photos as well.

Feel free to read along in The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate with us. It's a great book.  Thanks!
French Horn Recital Saint Mark

St. Mark's own Anna Bon-Harper will perform her senior recital in the sanctuary at St. Mark at 11:00 AM on Saturday, May 25. Selections include a Beethoven horn sonata, and a Mozart horn concerto. Please come for this brief performance-and invite other music lovers that you know.

Saint Mark Social Ministry In Action

Please join us and help provide snack bags for refugees (sponsored by the IRC) traveling through the Charlottesville area on their way to re-settlement in the U.S.

It is urgently needed because the local volunteers are regularly meeting up to 4 buses of immigrants/day and are running out of supplies.

When is this happening?
This is our social ministry focus right now
From May - July 

How can you help?
* Donate bulk items mentioned (look for a donation box in the narthex), 
* Join others who would like to make a social activity in assembling the bags at St. Mark (children welcome); 
* Make a monetary donation on VENMO, at @Cville4Asylum.

Snack bag items to donate:
  • Bottled-water 
  • Gatorade/juices 
  • protein snacks (nuts, jerky, protein bars/granola bars w/protein)
  • cereal bars/ fig bars/ Nutrigrain
  • granola bars 
  • applesauce (squeezable packs)
  • raisins
Jennifer Giacalone :, 434-409-2397.

CPP - May 21 at 6PM
St. Mark Child Protection Policy Training

To ensure that St. Mark remains a safe and nourishing environment for children, the Mission Council developed and supports a Child Protection Policy (CPP). This policy requires all staff and volunteers who work with children to receive periodic training on the CPP and on child sexual abuse. 

The next session is scheduled at St. Mark on 21 May at 6:00pm in the library. 

The members of the Mission Counsel will be participating in this training and welcome company from the rest of the congregation. 

If you want to teach Sunday school, work in the nursery, or work with youth of the congregation, now would be a great time to get this required training. 

Members of the congregation who have never received this training as well as those whose training is more than two years old are encouraged to par-ticipate. If you are interested in attending, please call or email:

Carolyn Brumbaugh 
email at


Free and Open to the Public

Saturday, May 11, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, 
at Booker T. Washington Park, 1001 Preston Ave.

Hello volunteers! Do you know a rising 5th - 8th grader interested in helping out their community? Then our second annual Summer Service Camp is for them!

Held July 15th - 19th from 9:00 - 12:30, kids will help pack and deliver meals, make crafts for clients, have lunch with friends and learn about our neighbors in need! Children and grandchildren of volunteers get a $25 discount!

Go to our website for sign up or contact Robin at
Understanding why a life of faith matters

It's possible the central challenge for organized religion in North America today is relevance. At its core, relevancy has to do with people understanding why something matters to them or what problem is solved by that something. If people don't know what problem the church and a life of faith solve in their lives, then neither will be relevant. A church that is perceived as irrelevant will be limited in influence when it comes to growing stewards and disciples.

Why are we doing all this church stuff and paying attention to Jesus in the first place? How do we more clearly articulate why a life of faith matters and what benefits might come from participating in a congregation? Jesus was pretty clear when he said that a person could live life in a way that is merely going through the motions or could live life abundantly and know the life that truly is life. Jesus invites everyone to participate in a salvation that is about more meaningful, holistic, connected, love-filled, wisdom-driven lives that in turn make the world a better place.


If you like to read and subscribe to on-line devotions, please click on the button.

Did you know that 89% of young adults involved in Lutheran Campus Ministry student faith communities indicated that they plan to remain active in a religious community as adults? See this and other research findings in this latest slide deck from Lutheran Campus Ministry.
A Local Alternative to Predatory Lending

The "Coalition for Economic Opportunity" (CEO) is a local nonprofit that offers short-term, low-interest loans of up to $650 to help people in times of crisis, keeping them from having to use payday or auto title loans. 

Over $50,000 has been loaned out in the last few years, enabling people to pay for car repairs, medical bills, and other unexpected expenses without entering into a cycle of debt. With additional funds, more loans can be provided in our community. Please help us spread the word, as one tangible way to enact our faith commitments and deal a blow to exploitative economic practices. For more information, contact Will Brown at University Baptist Church (434-293-5106), or visit the CEO's website: 
Disability Ministries

"A couple of years ago, while trying to get the worship book for my denomination printed in Braille, I started thinking about blind people in Scripture. What was their struggle like? Were blind people shunned and marginalized the way blind people are marginalized today? This led me to consider some of the passages from the Pentateuch. In Leviticus we read that not only are the blind to be led faithfully, but that the deaf are to be revered as well. From Deuteronomy we hear that those who put a stumbling block before the blind are to be cursed." continue reading click on the button

Sunday May 12
Welcome:                           Duane Osheim
Ushers:                              Marcy Wisbauer & Will and Leo Abraham
Crucifer/Acolyte/Chalice:     Anna Bon-Harper
Assisting Minister:                Pat Dwiggins
Children Moment:                Christa Escobar
Lector:                              Patty Marbury
Cantor:                              Pat Dwiggins
Altar Guild:                         Sandy Werner
Nursery:                             Mia Martin
Coffee/Clean up:                 Yvonne Osheim & Marcy Wisbauer
Counters:                            Pat Dwiggins & Lois Shepherd

Sunday May 19                  
Welcome:                               Linda Roberts
Ushers:                                   Ali Griffith & Lewis Horton
Crucifer/Acolyte/Chalice:          Izzie Hecmanczuk
Assisting Minister:                    Paul Huffman
Children Moment:                     Youth
Lector:                                   Kara McClurken
Cantor:                                   Paul Huffman
Altar Guild:                              Marcy Wisbauer
Nursery:                                  Zoe Martin
Snack:                                     Kathryn Stephenson & Amy Robbins
Coffee/Clean up:  
Counters:                      Constance Johnson & Christa Escobar


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