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9AM to 1PM


Please come and help, serve and enjoy fellowship together. we will have food, drinks and good spirit. Your church needs YOU.

Before service I come in and make sure the hymnals are gathered and straight under our pews. I see others who come in and start to set up coffee, clean the tables, gather the chairs and work in the kitchen.

Why do we do this? Why do we clean and garden, organize and keep our church tidy?

We do this because we expect precious guests to arrive each week in God's house. We will welcome people on Sunday who are weary of the many stresses and struggles they face, study groups learning about being a Christ like person, children who want to feel safe and loved, outside groups who seek shelter and support as they struggle with addiction, loneliness.

Our church building is God's house. We know that Christ is present here to those who come to meet Him. As stewards of God's house, we treat this church space and make it the space of worship and prayer. We make it welcoming and accessible to all. It is a ministry and a call for every one of us. We do this with the spirit of joy expecting a loving friend to enter the door any minute.

One guest said when he saw someone cutting the grass outside on Saturday, "It looks like these people really love their church." Yes, we do. Our church is not just a building but a worship and ministry space where everything reflects on Christ' loving presence.

May you be blessed when you wash coffee cups after church, thereby caring for God's creation overflowing with plastic.
May you be blessed making and setting up for coffee, thereby expressing welcome to all.
May you be blessed bringing treats to children and adults after service thereby showing hospitality.
May you be blessed cutting grass and watering flowers thereby caring for creation.
May you be blessed as you pick up toys, children books, straighten worship bags.
May you be blessed as you straighten up hymnals under the pews or wash linens used for worship and in our kitchen.
May you be blessed when you do love this church and prepare it for a precious guest arrival.

You do a very important ministry as it benefits our entire faith community.

Thank you.

It is this time of the year again. We have a nominating committee who are in prayer, discussion and search for new mission council members. Please pray for their ministry.

This year we will say good bye and thank you for the service of Amanda, Duane and Louis. They completed their terms on the council. We are thankful for their leadership.

This year nominating committee members are: Sarah, Amanda, Duanne, Louis, Howard, Caroline, and Heidi. Thank you for their ministry.
As we are looking forward to 2020, and what God is calling us to do in Charlottesville, we remember that our faith requires that each of us give of our time, talents, and resources to make our mission a reality. 

Stewardship is a spiritual discipline that draws from our thankfulness for what we receive from God and focuses on our responsibility towards God’s mission.
We ask you to prayerfully consider making a commitment toward our mission and ministry in 2020. If you made a pledge in 2019, please consider increasing your pledge.

If you couldn’t make a pledge before, we encourage you to make a commitment with the knowledge that we understand if life circumstances and abilities change. We believe that each of us has the ability to be generous. 

In order to work on our budget presented at our annual meeting, the deadline for pledges will be November 10. We are thankful for your generosity and promise to be good stewards of all of our resources. 

Every Sunday evening before Pastor Viktoria feeds the faith of our Confirmation class, she feeds them dinner.

Would you like to help by providing their meal? If so, please go to  this Signup Genius link .

Dinner is for 9 people and needs to be delivered by 5:00 p.m. to the church kitchen. (Note that one kid is a vegetarian). Contact Heidi Jones with questions (  or 434 979 1777).

To come together to learn and grow in prayer, individually and collectively. We will meet from 1PM to 2:30PM each Monday for the next 8 weeks. (Sept 23-Nov 11). Come Join us.

We are reading: Henry Nouwen: The Only Necessary Thing.

We will begin with a short prayer and a sharing of highs and lows. Then we will spend about an hour in a discussion of the readings. Please read the designated chapters prior to the meeting. As you read we suggest you look for/ note your thoughts about the readings.

During the last 15 minutes we will close in shared prayer.

9/23 Chapters 1 and 2.      Desire;    What is prayer?
9/30 Chapters 3 and 4      Solitude;  The Holy Spirit
10/7  Chapters 5 and 6       Belovedness;  Listening
10/14 Chapters 7 and 8      Discipline ;   Unceasing Prayer
10/21 Chapters 9 and 10.     Community;  Action and Intercession
10/28 Chapters 11 and 12     Forgiveness; Hinderances
11/4  Chapters 13 and 14     Eucharist;  Death and Eternal Life
11/11  Summary

(If you were not able to come on 9/14 please read pages 9-22 on your own for background.)
We hope you are able to join us. Please come as you are able.

For more information contact:
Laurel McClurken
Linda Roberts

(A Hispanic Festival)
SUNDAY , October 13 right after church
JOIN US  FOR LUNCH in the school yard

Enjoy a fun afternoon of   FELLOWSHIP
Celebrating some of the wonderful diversity in our land
By having some tacos or taco salad, making Venezuelan arepas,

Singing the folk song “De colores”, Dancing a bit of salsa and merengue
Playing games and Breaking a piñata filled with candies!
Free Will Donation will be given to 
Lutheran International Refugee Services
Please   SIGN UP as to what you would like to bring
 for the tacos, taco salad or piñata 
Please also bring a  Lawn Chair and possibly your own cup, plate 
and silverware, 
Though some will be provided as needed.


You are invited!
Our Beer and Hymns

Trinity Pub on the Corner, 7pm to 8 pm.

All ages are welcome. We meet the second Monday of each month, same time and place. Bring your friends to experience this Lutheran tradition. We will have a great time!
The adult Sunday School class is an informal discussion group, open to all. We usually have a topic planned, but current events, concerns on the minds of attendees, studies requested by the ELCA, and books or articles on a range of topics have been known to stimulate conversations.

We meet at 9 am on Sundays in the Student Room. Some come late; some need to leave early. Some read topics in advance of class; some come if and when they can. Some contribute liberally to conversations; some choose to listen.

Our first planned topic will be an introduction to and discussion of Dear Church, a book by ELCA pastor Lenny Duncan. We may dedicate our time in September and October to this interesting book. An article by Pastor Duncan was published in the July 2019 issue of Living Lutheran magazine:

We grieve together with Bob and Laurene Nelson

A Celebration of Life
Service will be held at St. Mark

OCTOBER 5 at 11 a.m.

Sadie Bender Mikels
Oct. 7, 1914-Sept. 8, 2019

There will be dedicated time to share your favorite memories and say good bye until we meet her again in Heaven.

After the service you are invited to share light refreshments.
You are welcome to bring cookies, nuts or fruit to share.

Synod and ELCA News
683 Thomas Jefferson Parkway
Palmyra, VA
September 28, 2018
4:00 p.m. in the afternoon

By the grace of God, The Rev. Meredith Williams will be installed to the offie of pastor of Grace and Glory Lutheran Church in Palmyra, VA with reception following the service.
“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”
(Psalm 46:1).

Hurricane Dorian has hit with devastating force, causing major damage and a growing number of reported deaths in the Bahamas, and inundating the Carolinas with flooding and storm surge. 

Lutheran Disaster Response is communicating with the Florida-Bahamas Synod, the South Carolina Synod, the North Carolina Synod, Lutheran Services Carolinas and other partners, who are assessing the immediate needs and initiating a response. While the extent of the damage is not yet known, we will accompany impacted communities from immediate relief through long-term recovery. This is our commitment as a church. 

Stay connected to the latest events and our response to this and other disasters through our  Facebook   page.
Called to be a Prophet
Sept 27 and 28th.
2-day conference at Christ the King, Cary, on Friday-Saturday, to help you wrestle with the question: what is God calling you to do? Our world faces issues we can solve--or at least improve--in areas of climate change, racial inequality, and acceptance of all genders and sexualities as the Image of God. 

Join theologians, activists, pastors, and advocates as we answer the call to be modern-day prophets. Presented by the NC Synod; Christ the King, Cary; and Homebrewed Christianity; and featuring speaker Brian McLaren. The first 100 people signing up will receive copies of Brian's and Robyn's new books.
North Carolina is beautiful in September! Link to the event is .
Community News
I nterfaith March for Peace & Justice at the Downtown Mall
Sunday, September 22, starting at 4:00 pm at Thomas Jefferson Freedom of Expression Wall.
The  Interfaith March for Peace & Justice  in cooperation with the  Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice  will be conducting a march on the downtown Mall to publicly reassert the basic principles of equal justice for all and religious liberty for all in a peaceful way. Read this  press release  for more information about the march. 
60th Anniversary of the Desegregation of Charlottesville City Schools
Saturday, September 28 at 11am, Buford Middle School, 1000 Cherry Ave.
Members of the “Charlottesville 12,” who integrated Charlottesville City Schools in 1959, will host a free public event. The event will mark the  60th anniversary of the “Charlottesville 12”  desegregating Venable Elementary and Lane High School.
Domestic Violence Awareness
Thursday, October 10, 6:30-8:30pm at Northside Library
For Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, Cville NOW hosts Jonathan Yglesias, Policy Director for the  Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance , who will share information on state and federal action priorities.
“A Conversation on Race and Democracy” with Dr. Ibram X. Kendi
Thursday, September 26, 6:30 to 8 pm, Historic Academy of Music Theatre, 600 Main Street, Lynchburg, VA.
Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, Dr. David Blight, Dr. Martha S. Jones, Dr. Peter Onuf and moderator Dr. Edward L. Ayers will discuss Thomas Jefferson and how has the legacy of racial slavery shaped our democracy.   Purchase your tickets ($10-26) here .
Pastor Viktoria will hold office hours any time by appointment. 

Please leave a message at 434-293-3311  
Sunday September 29
Welcome:  Tom Hecmanczuk
Greeter:  Jennifer Dwiggins
Ushers:  Lewis & Crosby Horton
Crucifer/Acolyte/Chalice:  Crosby Horton
Assisting Minister:  Nano Masters
Children Moment:  Christa Escobar
Lector:  Tim Hess
Cantor:  Susan Horton
Altar Guild:  Heidi Jones
Nursery:  Nora Giesecke
Snack:  Margi Roache & David & Will Zentmyer
Coffee/Clean up:  Gail Milligan & Amanda Nelsen
Counters:  Pat Dwiggins & Mark Giesecke
Sunday October 5
Welcome: Marco Escobar                   
Greeter:  David Brumbaugh
Ushers:  Tom & Caroline Hecmanczuk
Crucifer/Acolyte/Chalice: Mia Martin/Alice McKenna
Assisting Minister:  Jack Milligan
Children Moment:  Tom Hecmanczuk
Lector:  Lewis Horton
Cantor:  Tony Marbury
Altar Guild: Patty Marbury
Nursery: Mia Martin
Snack:  Carolyn Rader & Kristen Wray  
Coffee/Clean up:   Lisa Veale & Caroline Hecmanczuk
Counters:  Greg Wichelns & Mark Giesecke
St. Mark Lutheran Church (ELCA) of Charlottesville, VA
(434) 293-3311 |