Next Sunday Scripture Reflection     John 17:20-25

Next Sunday's gospel reading is first and foremost a prayer. It is Jesus' prayer, and we are given the privilege of listening in as he prays on behalf of his disciples and people of all times and places. Listeners are given a glimpse of Jesus' mission for the world-that all may be drawn into the life of the triune God. On the eve of his death, Jesus entrusts this particular community of disciples-but also our communities, our lives, and our world-into the care of God.

What is it Jesus is doing when he prays? What is it the church does when it prays on behalf of the world and other people? To be prayed for by another is to know one's life is cared for and has value to the one praying on your behalf. It is to know that much of the future is out of one's own control but rests instead in the care of the Triune God. To be prayed for is to be vulnerable, dependent, and deeply loved.

Here is the astoundingly good news: Jesus prays for you, and for the communities in which we find ourselves. Whether your cup is empty or full, whether your community is in crisis or experiencing joy, whether your future is foggy or clear, Jesus loves you deeply and your life is bound to the God who loved you before the foundations of the world. On the eve of his death, Jesus entrusted your life and the church's life and its entire future to the Father. What glorious good news that the future rests in the care of the Triune God, and that we, the church, are set free to make God known to the world.
Violin/Piano Recital at St. Mark this Sunday, 
June 2 at 3PM

Marco Escobar will play the violin accompanied on piano by Arnold Popkin at the Saint Mark sanctuary. 

Sonata No.9 in A major, Opus 47 "Kreutzer Sonata" L.V. Beethoven (1780-1827)
I. Adagio sostenuto - Presto
II. Andante con variazioni
III. Finale - Presto
Liebeslied (Love Song) Op.7 No.1 Josef Suk (1874-1935)
arr. Jar Kocian
Suite Populaire Espagnole Manuel de Falla (1876-1946)
(transcription by Paul Kochanski)
Only This Sunday!!

Would you like to be able to match names and faces in our congregation? Would you like to help some of our youth with a book project? 

You can do both at once! We are combining the collection of new photos with our middle-grades book group project. This group is reading The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly. Drawing from a theme of inter-generational friendship and an event involving a studio portrait in the year 1899, as a class project we are assisting Roy Van Doorn take photos of people in our church.
Come to the Student Room 

9:30 and 10:00.
If you  haven't had the chance to be included, send a picture you like of you and your family to
Confirmation at St. Mark grades 6 and older

We are in the process of planning a confirmation program to begin September 2019 If you would like to participate in a confirmation group please reach out to our pastor. Pastor will call a meeting to answer any questions, explore time for the class and spend time with parents who would like to be part of confirmation starting in September.  You don't have to be member of St. Mark to attend classes. We will gather Sunday afternoons for 2 hours. 

Pastor: 540-840-5426 

Confirmation is an important step in our faith journey. Through confirmation we become full members of a congregation, a body of faith with responsibilities of serving and decision making. Confirmation is an affirmation of our baptismal promises. It is a way to fulfill the congregation, parent's and godparent's promise to help children become faithful and loving Christian disciples. St. Mark follows a two years long curriculum. The class us lead by pastor and lay leaders. We use different teaching resources combined and some of these resources are: 

* Martin Luther's Small Catechism 
* Bible (each student receives a Bible at the start of the program) 
* Movie nights with thought provoking discussions 
* Workshops Filed visits to diverse faith communities 
* Prayer workshop on different forms of prayer 
* Cooking together 
* Discipleship: How to talk about Faith with others 

Martin Luther's "Small Catechism" includes explanations and scripture references of the basics of Christian faith: Ten Commandments, the Lord's Prayer, the Apostle's Creed, the sacraments of Baptism and Communion, and Confession and Absolution. "Hear We Stand" is a Lutheran based confirmation curriculum that includes a year of Old Testament, a year of New Testament and a year of the Small Catechism. "Collaborate" is a Lutheran "hands-on investigative learning that leads to deep engagement, a curriculum that offers Lutheran doctrine combined with thought-provoking questions, surprising insights, and punchy graphics thanks to the theologians, practitioners, and artists who developed it." 

The confirmation program not only includes participation in confirmation classes but also engagement in Sunday worship services. We invite members as mentors to guide young people on their faith formation. Parents, godparents and all family members are all important part of faith formation. They will be the first source for our children and youth to learn about faith and discipleship. We ask that they would commit to support their child by studying with them, praying with and for them and engaging in activities.
Preschool 50th Anniversary and School History

You are Invited to Worship and Celebrate: June 9 at 10:15AM

In the late 1950's, Evelyn Byerly, the wife of the first pastor at St. Mark, spent several years leading a private kindergarten at the church. In 1968, the congregation of St. Mark decided to once again offer an early childhood program at the church and founded St. Mark's Kindergarten and Nursery School. In 1974 that program became St. Mark Preschool. For 45 years St. Mark Preschool offered a high-quality, play-based, child-centered preschool program for children ages 2 1/2- kindergarten. Now a full-day, year-round program, St. Mark Lutheran Preschool continues this rich tradition of developmentally appropriate, high-quality care, serving children from all over Charlottesville.... Click for more

Anna Bon-Harper - Anna will be graduating on June 6, 2019, from Charlottesville High School. While there, she has been active in the marching band, wind ensemble, musical theater, and the National Honor Society. She has been a chemistry tutor for the past two years. In addition, she has performed with the Youth Orchestras of Central Virginia (YOCVA) since sixth grade. 

At church she has been an acolyte, played French horn in the St. Mark Brass and has been a member of the St. Mark Youth Group. Anna has been selected for the All District band every year since sixth grade, and has played in the All Virginia Band for the past two years. She attended the Virginia Governor's School for Visual and Performing Arts the summer before her junior year and won the John Philip Sousa Award for outstanding dedication and superior musicianship in her junior year. 

Anna will attend Virginia Commonwealth University in the fall, where she has been accepted to the Honors College and VCU Arts as Music Performance major. She also plans to study chemistry. 

 Anna's current address is 1434 Grove Road, Charlottesville, VA 22901. Blessings and Best 

Wishes, Anna!

Power in the Spirit 2019 Registration Open!

Power in the Spirit is an inspirational conference for everyone who wishes to explore God's call to service through joyous worship, Bible study, keynote addresses, workshops, and fellowship.

To view this year's event packet with information on everything happening at this year's Power in the Spirit, click here.

Join us July 11-13 at Roanoke College for a conference with Lutherans for all across the state. Register for Power in the Spirit online today!
Virginia Synod Summer Youth Events

Sign up today! Registration is open for all Virginia Synod summer youth events!

Youth Assembly June 7-8, 2019 at Roanoke College
The Virginia Synod Youth Assembly is the annual meeting of the Virginia Synod Lutheran Youth Organization, to which all Lutheran Youth in Virginia automatically belong. The Virginia Synod LYO is also the group in Virginia that relates to the ELCA Youth Organization.

To register for this event, click here.

Kairos June 23-28, 2019 at Roanoke College
Kairos is our annual week-long faith formation event for youth who will be in 9th-12th grades in the coming fall. It is a chance for youth who are already committed to a life of faith to be part of a unique Christian community for an entire week, to have a fresh experience of the grace and presence of God in that community, and to develop habits for discipleship that can be taken home as they live out their baptismal call to follow Jesus. Kairos is different from our weekend events in that congregations do not send advisors with youth; the event staff serves as small group leaders and dorm advisors for the week. "Kairos" is the New Testament Greek word for "special time." It is used whenever God's people want to talk about a time of change, of renewal, of God's special work in the believer and the community.

To register for this event, click here.

Launch July 7-11, 2019 at Roanoke College
LAUNCH is an event for youth who have just graduated from high school. Its purpose is to give them a chance to take stock of where their faith life has led them so far and also to provide an opportunity to engage in discussion on matters of faith and life that are likely to face them as they move on to the next stage of their lives, whether it be the workforce, military or other public service, college, or something else. If participants are veterans of our Virginia Synod ELCA Youth Events (Lost and Found, Winter Celebration, Kairos, etc.), they will find that this event is structured differently. We will spend our three full days together in a rhythm of worship, informal presentations to the whole group, small group discussions, and individual reflections that engage the mind as well as the spirit. Of course, there will be time for fellowship and relaxation and enjoyable meal times together.

To register for this event, click here. The registration deadline is June 14, 2019.

Junior High Servant Event
Junior High Servant Event is a week-long servant event for Youth who have completed the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade, and their adult advisors and focuses on learning about the needs of others, serving and growing in faith. We spend the week together experiencing the Christian life through worship, fellowship, and service. Of course, being in Virginia Beach, we will also spend some time having fun at the water's edge. The cost for the event is $110 per participant. To register, click here. If you have any questions, reach out to Pastor Cathy Mims of the Junior High Servant Event Leadership Team at

To register for this event, click here. The registration deadline is July 7.

Theology for Teens July 28-August 3, 2019 at Roanoke College
Our fourth annual summer camp introducing teens to biblical and theological scholarship, exploring contemporary challenges & how their faith tradition can meet those challenges. We will focus on the life & thought of Dietrich Bonhoeffer-a church leader who met the challenges before him-we will explore today's social issues & encounter other faiths by engaging the students with leaders from those various communities. Come and discover a sense of mission, be equipped with theological tools to enable you to meet the challenges facing the church today.

Saint Mark Social Ministry In Action

Please join us and help provide snack bags for refugees (sponsored by the IRC) traveling through the Charlottesville area on their way to re-settlement in the U.S.

It is urgently needed because the local volunteers are regularly meeting up to 4 buses of immigrants/day and are running out of supplies.

When is this happening?
This is our social ministry focus right now
From May - July 

How can you help?
* Donate bulk items mentioned (look for a donation box in the narthex), 
* Join others who would like to make a social activity in assembling the bags at St. Mark (children welcome); 
* Make a monetary donation on VENMO, at @Cville4Asylum.

Snack bag items to donate:
  • Bottled-water 
  • Gatorade/juices 
  • protein snacks (nuts, jerky, protein bars/granola bars w/protein)
  • cereal bars/ fig bars/ Nutrigrain
  • granola bars 
  • applesauce (squeezable packs)
  • raisins
Jennifer Giacalone :, 434-409-2397.


Your gift today DOUBLES to protect lives!

STORY: There's no other way to describe her. Benedicte is truly a "miracle baby." Her mother contracted Ebola while pregnant and, just days after giving birth to her, died. Young Benedicte was immediately rushed to an Ebola treatment facility in the affected region where our partner, IMA World Health, has been responding to the outbreak. She received a full course of an experimental antiviral treatment.

And she survived!

Thanks to generous people like you, Benedicte, the "miracle baby," now has a chance at a healthy future.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is facing one of the worst Ebola outbreaks ever. In order to stem the growth of this epidemic, we need you to take action now, while you have the opportunity to DOUBLE your gifts.

Thanks to a group of generous supporters, your gifts between now and July 24 will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $167,667!

 We need to hear from you by July 24!

Disease, hunger, extreme poverty and disasters still ruin families around the world. They still face obstacles in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but your generosity helps provide hope - and "young miracles" like Benedicte.
LIRS - Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service 

Take Action Today to #ProtectMigrantChildren

The death of one migrant child is too many, but so far this year, we know of six children who have died in U.S. custody.

It's become clear that the system designed to protect these children is failing them, and it's time that we hold our leaders accountable and bring an end to these tragic, preventable deaths.

It only takes a minute to hear make your voice count. Click on the link below.

ELCA presiding bishop addresses well-being of children in detention centers

Children coming to our nation for safety and protection are still dying at our southern border while in U.S. detention.

Carlos, a 16-year-old youth from Guatemala, died May 20 in the custody of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Wilmer, a 2-year-old, died May 14, also in the custody of CBP. They were preceded in death by Jackelin, Felipe, Juan and a 10-year-old girl from El Salvador who died in September 2018 but whose death has just been disclosed. One year ago, Claudia Patricia Gómez González, a 20-year-old woman from Guatemala, was shot in the head and killed by a Border Patrol agent while seeking safety in the United States.

I am deeply dismayed by the deaths of these children, made in the image of God, who came to our southern border as refugees and asylum seekers to ask us for protection. As a nation we denied them that safety, instead placing them in detention facilities, sometimes for months.

Our nation and its leaders have moral and legal obligations on behalf of those who seek safety in our land. As Congress considers federal funding for DHS, we advocate against further funds for immigration detention, deportation, and border militarization, and oppose intentional policy choices that harm children and families.

We follow a Lord who instructed, "Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs" (Matthew 19:14). As we continue to serve and love our neighbor, we pray for the well-being of children and families in detention, and we urge the presidential administration to seek alternatives to the detention of children.

In Christ,
The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton
Presiding Bishop, ELCA
Upcoming May events highlighting history: Monacan History, Sally on Main Street, Monticello to Main St. tour, Jewish History, Irish and Enslaved People History, African American Men in the Union Army, Eugenics and Segregation at UVA. Please visit the city's official Unity Days calendar for dates and times.

"Beginning with ME: Creating Just and Thriving Organizations" Workshop.  Saturday, June 15, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at the CitySpace on the Downtown Mall. This is a free 6-hour experiential workshop--facilitated by The Sum. Participants will have the opportunity to self-reflect and interact with one another, within a variety of structures and models, to develop greater internal clarity, empowerment, and better alignment between intention and impact...across our differences of race, culture, religion, socio-economic class, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation for just and joyful lives and organizations. Light lunch will be served.
Confederate Statues Walking Tour
Sunday, June 9 at 2 pm. Meet at Court Square on East Jefferson Street in front of the Johnny Reb statue. Jalane Schmidt, UVA Religious Studies professor, and Andrea Douglas, Director of the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center, will give an historical and art historical walking tour of Charlottesville's downtown Confederate monuments. Wear comfortable shoes, as the tour takes a little over an hour.

Webinar with Angela Davis on the fight for collective liberation - sponsored by Showing Up for Racial Justice
Tuesday, July 9, 2019 at 8 pm - 10 pm EDT, via Zoom. Register here or Facebook event to join the call. Across the country, SURJ members are working hard to bring new people into fights for justice - this conversation will provide inspiration and wisdom for the struggles we are engaged in across the country.

Hello volunteers! Do you know a rising 5th - 8th grader interested in helping out their community? Then our second annual Summer Service Camp is for them!

Held July 15th - 19th from 9:00 - 12:30, kids will help pack and deliver meals, make crafts for clients, have lunch with friends and learn about our neighbors in need! Children and grandchildren of volunteers get a $25 discount!

Go to our website for sign up or contact Robin at
Peace Lutheran Church is currently seeking an experienced child care giver to provide safe, secure, nurturing, clean and efficient care to our nursery children, ages 0-4 yrs.   Hours:  Sundays 8:15am - 11:30am and special services   Pay:  Up to $15/hour dependent on experience.   If interested, please send resume to  Priority given to applications received by June 1.  

Sunday June 2                 
Greeter:                               Dick Rabe    
Ushers:                                Dick Sundberg & Marco Escobar
Crucifer/Acolyte/Chalice:       Mia Martin   
Assisting Minister:                 Yvonne Osheim  
Children Moment:                  Tony Marbury      
Lector:                                Lauren Nelson  
Cantor:                                Duane Osheim
Altar Guild:                           Linda Imhoff     
Nursery:                               Anna Bon-Harper
Snack:                                 Margy Roache & David Zentmeyer
Coffee/Clean up:                   Kara McClurken
Counters:                             Greg Wichelns & Mark Giesecke

Sunday June 9
Greeter:                               Carolyn Rader
Ushers:                  Marcy Wisbauer & Will and Leo Abrahamson
Crucifer/Acolyte/Chalice:       Zoe Martin/Lewis Horton
Assisting Minister:                 Helen Ida Moyer
Children Moment:                  Christa Escobar
Lector:                                Foreign Language Speakers
Cantor:                                Helen Ida Moyer
Altar Guild:                           Heidi Jones
Nursery:                               Kara McCurken
Snack:           Patty Marbury & Heidi and Madeleine Ernst-Jones
Coffee/Clean up:                    Amanda Nelsen
Counters:                              Elain Oakey & Lois Shepherd


To access the church calendar, please click on the calendar button on the left.
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