""Church as a noun" says I go to church. "Church as a verb" says I  am  the church. Are you a noun, or a verb?

"Church as a noun" says you come here and we'll show you Jesus. "Church as a verb" says we'll come to you and be Jesus. Are you a noun or a verb?
"Church as a noun" says, "Let's go to church." "Church as a verb" says, "Let's just go." Are you a noun or a verb?"
--An excerpt from, "Church is a Verb," by Rev. Carolyn Moore (A.T.S. M.Div.1998) of Asbury Theological Seminary

On September 8, we will introduce our focus for the year, "Church is a Verb." Come to worship, find out what this means for you...
and then let's  GO Act. Serve. Love. Do.