October 8, 2020
If you haven't already taken the Phase Forward Survey please do so this week.

Survey Results
1.  I/We will attend the live service starting on Sunday Nov 8th, 2020?  
Number of Response(s) Response Ratio Yes 15 71.4% No 5 23.8%

2. How many in your church party including yourself? #_____.
17 Response(s) Average attendee number 2 persons
3. I/We prefer on-line services at this time.   
Number of Response(s) Response Ratio Yes 10 52.6% No 9 47.3%

4. I/We would like on-line activities for our children.   
Number of Response(s) Response Ratio Yes 5 23.8% No 8 38.0%

5. I have access to a computer/mobile phone.  
 Number of Response(s) Response Ratio Yes 19 100.0% No 0 0.0%
6. I need help using my computer/mobile phone to access church services.       
 Number of Response(s) Response Ratio Yes 0 0.0% No 17 80.9%
No Responses 4 19.0%
7. Other questions or concerns? 2 Response(s)
#3 above, need to have both options available.
I'm not feeling comfortable until the vaccine.
Youth Group will meet every other Sunday at 5:00 PM via Zoom for the time being. The next meetings will be
October 11th and 25th.

If you can’t make it or have some alternative ideas, let CC know. If you need service project hours contact her for ideas. We are still trying to solve a riddle from a game last week (we did not have the answers): “I begged the Pope to let me enter the convent when I was young, all 4 of my sisters were nuns, my parents are saints, and I am a doctor of the church. Who am I?” Any ideas??

 Job Opening

Looking for one or two members to serve on the Board of Trustees who view care and upkeep of the FCCB facilities a special ministry. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the care and custody of all church properties and provides advice to the Church Cabinet and Congregation on proposed additions, improvements or modifications of church facilities and grounds. The Board reviews and negotiates utilities, building
and personnel contracts, leases, equipment, contractors, etc. 
The Board monitors all church facility use. The Board meets on
a monthly basis at days and times agreed by the members. 
If interested, please contact Bill Beckman or Wade Anderson.

Apart We Are Together

Church Family-

Happy Fall! Kids are going back to school, some are home working other are taking on a new world! We are all still adapting our lives and adjusting to doing thing a bit differently.

We would love to see what you and your family have changed in your lives. Send us your pictures, tell what unexpected blessing has come out of this transition.

We are in this together and we hope to come together in person soon!

Stewardship Message

Thank you to all of you who are keeping up with your pledges and donations by mailing in your Sunday offerings or using the
online giving process with the link below. God's work, especially during this difficult time in the history of the human race, will test us all and will need our financial support. Those of you who are having financial difficulty during this time, keep the Faith, God will provide.

Be Safe!
Board of Stewardship

The Church office is currently closed but the Church Secretary will be working remotely.If you are you in need of assistance or know someone that is please email our church secretary and we will be happy to assist.