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Matthew Johnson Ministers To The Nation Through Song, 
God Bless This Christian Millennial!

Matthew Johnson Gets Four Chair Turns with Stellar
Matthew Johnson Gets Four Chair Turns. Check Out This Video, It will bless your life! 
There are no words to describe how proud I am of this amazing young man. He is one of the song leaders at my congregation, Northside Church of Christ in Jacksonville Florida, where he actually grew up.

When he leads praise and worship service on Sundays, his spirit filled voice ministers to the souls of everyone in the sanctuary.

God has blessed Northside, as well as, the entire Brotherhood with this gifted young man of God. 

Matthew spreads his ministry of music to congregations across the country. Hat's off to this young man who grew up in the Church of Christ and still uses his talents in service to the Kingdom!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to lift up this Christian Millennial and the powerful things he is doing. Tears flowed from my eyes as I watched him on "The Voice." He has such an amazing spirit and the essence of him jumped off the screen and touched everyone across the country who was watching him, including the judges who gave him 
4 CHAIR TURNS! You could feel his "Smile" as he ministered to the nation through song. 

Roxy Hall
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Millennials REACH Conference

VSC invites you to join us in supporting The 2019 Reach Conference that will be held in Miami, Florida, at the Marriott Miami Airport Hotel from March 21 - 24, 2019. 

Vanguard Solutions Consulting is providing over $5,000 of in-kind sponsorship to this event. Our Christian young adults need our help in attending and execiting this conference. 

We all know how much our young adults need positive Christian outlets!  Please click here to sponsor a Millennial! I am looking for at least 100 Sponsors Today! I know we can do this, it is so important! 

Featured Women's Retreat
SHEnergize Yourself! 2019

The SHEnergize Yourself Personal & Professional Development Weekend Retreat is designed to engage the whole woman: mind, body and spirit, the luxurious accommodations of the Hammock Beach Resort will serve as an ideal setting to accomplish this mission.   SHEnergize Yourself 2019! will be a is a high energy, motivational, inspirational, and self reflective empowerment experience designed for all women to help them take their lives to a higher level of excellence!!

Bro. John Tillman & The Garden Oaks Church of Christ Invites You To...
Southside Church of Christ in Los Angeles, CA Is Looking For
A Full Time Associate Pastor
Northside Church of Christ & 
The Jacksonville Area Congegations
Hosts The 2019 Florida State Lectureship

The Theme of the 2019 Lectureship is "Bridging The Gap". Through our work with this lectureship, it is our desire to Bridge The Gap between congregations of the Lord's church in Florida and the various generations that make up our memberships, in order to grow the presence, power, and impact of the Church of Christ in the Jacksonville area.

The lessons, workshops, sessions, activities, and town halls will all be focused around the scriptual thematic thrust...  
T3 - Life Lessons from I Timothy, II Timothy & Titus!
North Hills & The Area Congregations Hosts
The 2019 Midwest Lectureship

The 2019 Midwest Lectureship will be held in St. Louis, Missouri, October 17-19, 2019. 

This conference will focus onThe Much-Ness of God, "Profiting from the Power of Prayer." There will be powerful preaching, spirit- filled singing, practical workshops, fellowship, and exciting fun. The conference is guaranteed to be a blessing to men and women of every generation.

Please register early and reserve your rooms. You will leave encouraged, edified, and equipped to do greater work in your local congregation and the kingdom of Christ at large. 

Upcoming Events

I personally invite anyone in the area to join me tomorrow night at the Total Praise Concert! Your soul will be blessed by the experience. You will also have the opportunity to see Matthew Johnson live and in action.

I also invite you to join me on Sunday, as we kick off our Spring Revival. This Revival is designed for Christian Millennials. 

This revival will bless the lives of our Christian Millennials. Please join us next week!
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