Please join us for the opening of the 
new  Church of Mary Magdalene  
 an experimental home/internet/radio blog church, 
Sunday, September 13, 2015, 5 pm
an auspicious time with a new moon and  partial  lunar eclipse as well as the 
night beginning the  Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah.  
Join us in person in San Diego or on Skype, bonnie.tarwater
followed by a vegetarian potluck party after worship!
 Jesus and Mary Magdalene's love for one another is the the heart of the transformational spiritual path of Christianity. Their love is being resurrected now  2,000 years after Mary Magdalene was written out of  the Christian story. The newly discovered gnostic gospels, including the Gospel of Mary Magdalene teach us about the divine feminine that has been left out of patriarchal and often misogynistic religion and culture. She is   the Jewish Shekinah the Gnostic Sophia of mystical traditions as well as the  co-minister and intimate partner with Jesus. Like the fairy tale  Sleeping Beauty, Mary Magdalene has been awakened 
after thousands of years of our unconsciousness. 
Anne Barring writes, " From a Jungian perspective....Mary Magdalene reflects the power of a returning archetype and the unconscious longing for the union of the masculine and the feminine principles at the highest levels--related in the close and loving relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The 'child' born of their relationship signifies, in the archetypal sense, not the fruit of the blood-line of Jesus 
but the birth of a new level of consciousnesses 
in the whole of humanity."
(my emphasis) 
(The Dream of the Cosmos: a Quest for the Soul 

The child born of their relationship according to legend was a daughter named Sarah and she and her Mother Mary Magdalene brought Christianity to southern France. It is not an accident that there are more Black Madonna's in France than anywhere else. 
Mary Magdalene is the 
lost bride of Christ, the blood royal or Holy Grail. 
'The Lady Sarah' copyrighted 2009 Cheryl Yambrach Rose-Hall
Rev. Bonnie and Rachel Goodwin from Denmark will begin  the Mary Magdalene Radio Blog on September 20, 2015 at 9 am Pacific Standard Time. Go to and look under "Spirituality" and you will find The Mary Magdalene Radio Blog. 
Rachel channels Sarah. Her website,

The Church of Mary Magdalene  explores  Jesus as  a wisdom teacher and   as an inner path to spiritual transformation.  Our hearts are breaking open as we wake up and witness the 6th extinction of life on earth that we  humans are inflicting on our Mother earth and all life forms on our common home.  We must go inward to heal ourselves and develop spiritual practices as well as develop welcoming and vital church communities to be able to respond effectively to our current ecological crisis. The rational mind  is obviously not enough for us  to mature as a human family. The Church of Mary Magdalene  celebrates  studying gnostic texts alongside the Christian canon, dreams, Centering Prayer, spirit filled worship music and chanting, intuition, ESP, the arts, RELATIONSHIP as spiritual path, 
beauty and the  creation of images, symbols, ritual and story, 
dance and  celebration, as we interact and care for the natural world and
care for our children and "the least of these."
The Mary Magdalene Church embraces the   science and quantum physics with religion, for ecology and quantum physics are teaching us what the mystics like Jesus and Mary Magdalene have always known; we are interconnected, not separate. All life is sacred, all life dreams, all life is God/dess, soul and spirit filled. The Magdalene is the Tower  that will guide us with a higher perspective so we can become  bridges, connecting the head and heart, male and female, science and religion, east and west etc. 
Jesus taught about the kingdom of God that is within and at hand. know Vast divinity is within us as well as in the  cosmos.   We are dedicated to exploring a new kind of church that honors the sacred within, and in psyche, spirit, soul  and the divine feminine.
 Upcoming offerings: 

Weekly Dream Group every Thursday 7-9 pm Pacific Standard Time on Skype or in person. We seek to create a global internet as well as local San Diego dream community. See new weekly dreams, dream art work and commitments to honoring  dreams as sacred gifts and guidance from God/dess the bringer of dreams on Rev. Bonnie's website created by dream group members. Sharing dreams is a daily and nightly spiritual practice that creates intimate community and self transformation. I give you my blessings for having the courage to begin the hero/heroines journey of the soul by dream honoring.  

Mary Magdalene Radio Blog 
Please join Rev. Bonnie and her friend Rachel Goodwin from Denmark, who channels Sarah the daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene beginning this month, time to be announced. Her website out,

Weekly Centering Prayer, time to be announced.

Regular worship, scripture study, potlucks, dances, social actions.

Animal Blessing, Saturday,  October 3, 10 am

Book Group  Margaret Starbird's, The Woman with the  Alabaster  Jar,  or  The Meaning of Mary Magdalene, Discovering the Woman at the Heart of Christianity by Cynthia Bourgeault. TBA Join us in person or on Skype.
Day of the Dead Sunday Nov. 1, 1 pm 2015 ritual, (bring photos of loved ones who have died and food they loved to share during ritual.) We will serve a Mexican dinner, invite moon and star gazing and have dancing by moon and star light.

Upcoming workshop that is panning to offer CEU's (Clinical Education Units for MFT's nurses etc.) 

 "Exploring your Seven Levels of Consciousness, Chakras and Colors as well as Animal Guides; Creating artwork  from guided meditations and dreams"

In December we will have an Advent Our Lady the Black Madonna workshop, time to be announced.

Bonnie is co-chairing  the new San Diego Regional International Association of the Study of Dreams and we are delighted to be planning our first conference in Spring of 2016. Mystery key note speaker extraordinaire will be announced soon. 
      Please visit our website for more updated details
Jesus and Mary Magdalene pregnant at Kilmore Church in Dervaig Scotland. 
Worship 5 pm, Sunday, September 13th
followed by  vegetarian potluck dinner. 

We will have a ritual to take off the blue robes of Mother Mary that have too often hidden the red robes of Mary Magdalene in the  church. 

All are welcome at God/dess's table!

13014 Calle De Las Rosas, SD CA 92129
Rancho Penasquitos area, or Skype in
bonnie.tarwater.  Call with questions or for directions   (858) 248-5123
Animal Blessing 
Saturday, October 3, 10 am 
Humans, dogs, birds and rabbits,   all creatures are welcome for blessings! 
We will honor the new GREEN Pope Francis and his name sake, 
St. Francis of Assisi.

Day of the Dead 
Sunday November 1, 2015, 1 pm, ritual and celebration! We live in a death denying culture and are starved to interact with death as the spiritual event that it is. This beautiful and meaningful Mexican tradition combines honoring the dead of All Saints Day tradition with a healthy dose of whimsy and Latin color, spice, music, dancing and party celebration. 
Bring a photo of loved ones who has died for the altar and 
food they enjoyed to share. 
Come walk the Snake Labyrinth! 
and drink coffee and tea at the Magdalene Cafe to participate in the Mary Magdalene Radio Blog in person in our "Back Yard Church"  every other Sunday at 9 am, PST or listen in from your own home.

  Every other week come for worship Sunday's at 5 pm 
and a vegetarian salad bar potluck to follow. 

The Snake Labyrinth was created  at the Black Madonna Workshop last December 2014 and it has been continuously changing, shedding its skin and transforming before our eyes. The snake is an ancient symbol of the goddess, spiritual initiation and   transformation. Rocky the snake is speaking to us from under the earth and in our dreams and calls for us to create a new kind of church and community center.  

  Rev. Bonnie Tarwater  and Buddy  (858) 248-5123
 Skype, bonnie.tarwater,
 Bonnie is a a Christian contemplative, a visual and theater    artist, dream worker, and eco-feminist. She was ordained a  Unitarian Universalist and has  served both UU and United  Church of Christ churches and is privileged to be the  new  minister of the Church of Mary Magdalene, and director of the  soon to become non-profit organization, AWE, Art, Wisdom,  and the Earth, dedicated to encouraging awe for the sacredness  of  life  and the interconnectedness of creation. Bonnie  received a B.A. from U.C.S.D. in Visual Art, M.F.A. from the American Conservatory Th eater in theater and  a M. Div. from Claremont School of Theology.

Please see website from the "Seizing an Alternative Conference" an ecology conference last June put on by the Center for Process Studies at Claremont School of Theology,

Anne Baring, 
Cynthia Bourgeult, 
International Assocaiton for the Study of Dreams
Rachel Goodwin and Mary Magdalene Radio,
Margaret Starbird,  

Dr. Walt Rutherford is Bonnie's husband and is her partner in all things as well as in the Church of Mary Magdalene, m