March 23, 2020
New information from Barrington Congregational Church, UCC
Keeping you up-to date
If you missed any previous emails, they are being posted to our website at this link for easy access.
The office is closed but you can still reach us
Following recent recommendations, the church office will be closed for the foreseeable future. However you can still be in touch with the ministers and staff. You can either send an email or leave a message on the answering machine at the person's extension. Both emails and voice mail messages will be checked regularly. Our contact information is:

Dale (401) 246-0111 x 103

Linda (401) 246-0111 x 104

Christine (401) 246-0111 x 101 (or just stay on the line)

Pat (401) 246-0111 x 102

Andrea (401) 246-0111 x 107

As Dale says in his most recent blog " if you need support, strength, or help in these days, please don't wait for Linda, me, or someone else from the church to call you. Reach out to us. We're still here and we'll be there for you in the ways that we can! "
Church Office is CLOSED due to the COVID19 restrictions

All in-person meetings and activities at church are suspended or postponed until further notice. However, some things are happening virtually - see below.

Tues, Mar 24
10 am Facebook Live with Andrea or on our website at this link
11 am Staff meeting, Room 6

Wed, Mar 25
Noon Deadline for eBridge

Thurs, Mar 26
Time TBD - Facebook Live with Andrea or on our website at this link
7 pm VIRTUAL 'Spiritual Gifts' class - via Zoom

Fri, Mar 27
Linda on call for pastoral emergencies

Sun, Mar 29 Lent 5 - What a Covenant! Jesus
10 am Online live Worship Service ONLY at or on our website at this link
(No in-person worship)

For the complete church calendar visit
Please note that cancellations and suspensions of meetings beyond Mar 29th may not yet be noted in the on-line calendar as we work out which meetings may still be possible via Zoom.
Send calendar information to
Online offerings
Live-stream worship service on Sundays - and downloadable resources ahead of time!
We are live-streaming a worship service on Sunday mornings at 10 am until further notice and are making available a bulletin and hymn sheet that can be downloaded ahead of time, or viewed on a second screen. Watch for an email on Fridays with those resources. See below for how to watch the live-stream.
Watch a recording of the March 22nd Worship Service.
'Facebook Live with Andrea'
Andrea will be live streaming on Tuesdays & Thursdays over the next several weeks as a way to stay in touch with the children and families of the church. In her first live-stream she read a wonderful story, shared a Psalm, and showed the first of many images of God (there will be a new image each time). Join her again tomorrow, Tuesday, at 10 am*. All ages are welcome!
*Due to virtual school happening for many of the children, the 10 am time will probably be changing - so stay tuned for the time of future sessions'.
See below for how to watch the live-stream.
Ways to watch our live-streams
We are doing our live-streams using 'Facebook Live' and there are two places to watch it online:
  1. On the church’s Facebook page
  2. On the church's webpage at the 'BCCUCC live-stream' link from the home page, where the Facebook feed will be embedded.

For Facebook live, simply go to just before 10 am to watch. You don't need a Facebook account to see it. If you do have an account, search for the church's Facebook Page which is 'Barrington Congregational Church UCC'. If you 'Like' our page should then get our news feeds, and also be able to comment on our posts and the live feeds.
Prayers of the People
Dale and Linda will be including Prayers of the People during each Sunday's worship service. They invite you to email or text them prayers (to  or ), or leave a message on the church's answering machine (246-0111) a ny time prior to 9:00 AM on Sunday morning so they can include them in the live stream. Please be sure if you are mentioning people, to confirm that they would be comfortable with being lifted up in public AND that you don’t include full names. Perhaps just mention first names. We want to be respectful of peoples’ privacy as we hold them in our prayers.

Church Offering - please continue to give if you are able
Thank you to those of you who have already begun to mail your contributions to the church. If you are financially able to do so at this time, we encourage you to mail in your regular contributions or use online banking if that is available to you. This will allow our cash flow to remain stable and for the church to be able to pay its bills and meet payroll. We appreciate your efforts! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Financial Secretary, Pat Stoddard, at or 246-0111 x 102. Thank you.