Rewind to my childhood, circa 1977-1989..."You look like Cicely Tyson," they teased me in school." At the time, I only knew this Hollywood superstar and iconic black actress as the slave on the TV series "Roots." I was ashamed and embarrassed that she and I had aligning features of out of Africa dark skin, wide mouth and equally wide nose, that spread with a smile. So, I didn't smile much in childhood. I didn't want classmates to recognize Cicely in me. Fast-forward, I'm now 49 year old. My smile renders the kindest compliments, it's one of my best assets. My wide nose fits my face perfectly and my dark skin, well, yawl already know - started a movement behind it, like to join it here you go. What a difference thousands of days made on my self-esteem journey. Today when people say, "Mama Doll you look like Cicely Tyson." My wide nose spreads, I lift my chin, smile my Cicely grin and I say simply, thank you. Cicely, thank you for being a mirror reflection of my black bhuety.
Xo, Mama Doll
Cicely Tyson was an American actress and fashion model. In a career spanning more than seven decades, she became known for her portrayal of strong African-American women.
Born: December 19, 1924, Harlem, New York, NY
Died: January 28, 2021.
The Black Doll Affair Doll News!
Hey Dolls, Doll Brothas and Porcelain Pals! Here's news hue can use from me, Ellen, your "Black Mail" AmBossadoll!
It's Okay to Be Different!
Talking to Your Baby Doll About Her Body Type
Talk to your baby doll about her body type the way Mama Doll talks to Chloe Doll about her hair type!
In celebration of being different!
I too was teased for my skinny frame. Butt (spelled wrong on purpose) once Jordache, Levi, Sasson, Wrangler, Guess, Gitano, Bonjour framed my figure, I was like bump all yawl Curvy Calvin Klein Jean gals and your opinions on my frame. My figure is cuuuuuuute and I'm gon' rock my skinny frame. Been doing er since! - Mama Doll
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What a Presidential Inauguration!
As Joe Biden was sworn in as our 46th President and Kamala Harris as the first woman and woman of color Vice President, 22 year old Amanda Gorman became the youngest Poet Laureate to perform at a presidential inauguration. Amanda delivered her inspiring poem The Hill to Climb with poise and grace. Many shed tears and expressed praise for this young lady who took the inauguration by surprise. Next, Amanda will recite her poem at the Super Bowl, her two upcoming books - the poetry collection The Hill We Climb and a project for youth, Change Sings: A Children's Anthem - are at the top of Amazon's bestseller list with scheduled releases September 2021 and she recently signed with IMG Models. Whew! xpect to see much more of her! Oh, and by the way, in 2017 Amanda stated that she intends to run for president in 2036.
Hank Aaron
Baseball G.O.A.T. and Legend
Gone But Will Never be Forgotten
The world lost a legend on Friday, January 22, 2020, when Henry 'Hank' Louis Aaron transitioned. Mr. Aaron was a professional baseball right fielder who overcame many obstacles - segregation, racism, poverty -
to reach success.
He broke Babe Ruth's home run record, although he received death threats, hate mail and racist taunting while in pursuit of the record.
Regarded as one of the greatest baseball players of all time, he was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility.
3rd Annual "Yo Barbie Style!"
Fashion Show & Barbie Party!
Black Barbie will turn 41 on March 9, 2021.
Soon, we'll reveal how we'll celebrate!
Congratulations to Julie Hopkins
Please give a standing ovation to Julie Hopkins, our 2020 Doll of the Year, for seeing us, defending our rights, protesting in our honor and shining her privileged light on Black Lives...because they matter.
Here's to a Dolling 2021!
Love Hue, Mama Doll
“Failure is a part of success. There is no such thing as a bed of roses all your life. But failure will never stand in the way of success if you learn from it.”
- Henry "Hank" Louis Aaron