Salute to a Legend...

Cicely Tyson
It is still hard to believe the regal, elegantly poised, dignified, Black-is-Beautiful Queen of Womanhood has made her transition. We pour libations in her honor and know she has done well in embodying the brilliance of her inner light. We thank you for having the courage to be "Just as you are" without apology.

We love you... forever.
SRB Botanica
SRB Botanica products available @Afriware Books (online)

We are so happy to reconnect with Stephanie Rose Bird, author, artist, and now a Botanica owner. Bird has joined us in the past for a few book signings and we've always enjoyed her interactive approach. For example, she passed around some of the herbs mentioned in her books during the signing and took us all outside to smell the sweetgrass she burned. It was so delightful. Check out an interview we did recently to find out more about what she's been up to. Now that we're all safely social distancing, we will ask you to check out her unique offerings through the purchase of samples. I for one can attest to the wonderful fresh scents that linger on the body and hair.
New Releases
Black History Recommendations
One of the most popular questions I get as a bookseller is, "what are the best Black History Books for beginners?" After all, once the decision has been made to step beyond what was provided in the formal classroom environment, it's easy to become overwhelmed with all the choices that are available. Over the years, I've gotten plenty of feedback and have compiled a curated list for those that may want to focus on an approach that is rooted in reading books from the perspective of our own words. In this post, I will share the Best Black History Books for beginners and discuss why I group them to match the reader's focus and style.

Black History Books
´╗┐for Kids
What a difference a book can make in a child's life. Capturing a time capsule of ideas and imagery can move mountains within the mindset and cause a new world to open up. We will provide a curated list of books you can use to introduce Black History to children ages 3 -12. The age range is wide because parents can adapt the wording as needed to fit the age or use the content to address tough subjects. 

Black Poetry
Amanda Gorman, the youngest poet laureate to recite at a presidential inauguration, stunned the crowd with her meaning-filled and impactful word patterns and verse. Black poetry can be described as providing a uniquely crafted collection of words and rhythms which summarize the sentiments of the times or topics from the Black perspective.