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Tucker's earn "LEN"S FRIENDS" Golf Tournament Exemptions
Two Exemptions left at the "Open at the Hills"

It’s almost as if NFJG has a secret phone line straight to Mother Nature, because once again the NFJG TOUR had amazing weather for this past weekends event. Clear sunny skies and a gorgeous 73 degrees makes for a nice day on the golf course. However, unlike recent tournaments where players conquered the course, the "Golf Gods" at Cimarrone had other plans. The course only yielded 18 rounds out of nearly 80 in the 70s, and the average score for all 18-hole player’s raised significantly! The course was unrelenting in its onslaught against the players and it was a tough day for most competitors, with firm greens and the toughest of pin locations. While all the NFJG players are tough stars, there were only a few on this day who would shine and power though the course’s best attempts to derail the players while on their way to the awards stand.

Many thanks to General Manager Lynn Mobley and Jerry Saffell for their outstanding service and support of the North Florida Junior Golf Tour.

Now let’s see how each division finished. Click on the “Tournament Story” below to read more.

See you on the Links!

Jack Aschenbach, PGA
The "Cimarrone Open"
Let the battles begin
Tournament Report

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Boys 16-18 Division
Boys 16-18 Award Winners - Champion Peyton Billings and Runner up
Alexander Whitmore
Scotland Planning Party
Tuesday, November 21
UNF Golf Complex
6:30 PM
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GIrls 13-18 Division
Third Place Finisher
Olivia Whitten,
Champion Lacey Tucker
and Runner up Lisa Colee
Champion Lacey Tucker all smiles receiving the Gold Medal and an exception into the " LEN"s FRIEND's"
Golf Tournament
Elite Tour Boys 13-15 Division
Runner Up Andrew Riley and Champion
James Clay Tucker"
Champion James Clay Tucker receives the GOLD MEDAL and an exception to the " LEN's FRIEND's"
Golf Tournament
Let you feet doing the walking on the NFJG TOUR
Rising Tour Boys 13-15 Division
Champion John Bennett
Donor Awareness Month
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Boys 10-12 Division
Runner-up Phillip Dunham and
Champion Gavin Fleming
Stand for the Flag and be apart of a winning team!
Foundation Elite Division
Champion Chase Ricks, Third Place Finisher
Mateo Elliott and
Runner up Lucas Elliott
NFJG Staff enjoying a groupie photo
Junior Golf Exchange Program
Foundation Rising Division
Champion Trevor Challice, Runner up Lucas Gimenez and Third Place Finisher Dylan Frein