Xanadu Pup SALE!
Cinco de Mayo, 2018
Not just United, but other airlines as well have had pup-shipping issues, as well as problems with human passenger seating, as we've all seen on TV. Big Public Relations debacle. BIG PROBLEM FOR DOG BREEDERS AND NEW PUP OWNERS.

Of course, I've been in continuous contact with United. Reservations representatives report that pup shipments will begin in 9 July (or possibly September). That won't do.

Here are some REAL OPTIONS for Pup Transport that I CAN recommend:
1. It is possible to fly to pick up your new pup and bring that pup home with you in the cabin of the aircraft. Because of Airlines insecurities for pets at this time, flying with your puppy is a VERY SMART OPTION. If you choose this option to bring your puppy safely home, please contact the airline carrier you intend to use for rules &regulations; each airlines' rules are different.(Suggestion: Use your accumulated flight-miles to purchase your ticket.)

2. You may know someone who can make this trip in your behalf (friend or relative) if your work schedule will not permit you to take a day off to pick up your puppy. ALSO, XANADU can help you find a pup-transporter who can make the trip for you. Each of these persons are independent contractors whom you would call directly. If you prefer this option, please contact xanadupack@gmail.com for a list of helpers.
3. Delta Airlines accepts puppies that are 10-weeks old. XANADU can help with the arrangement of those flights. Delta will be a bit more expensive, because Delta tickets are more expensive and a 10-week-old puppy is heavier. If you select this option, total XANADU shipping charges are $535 and include requisite vet-check- up, crate & furnishings, trip to airport, etc.

XANADU realizes that the Airlines' Pup-Shipping issues impact your bottom line and ours, and this is an important consideration for ALL of us. In order to make your purchase of a XANADU easier for you, we will DISCOUNT ALL PUPPIES until options for flying puppies improve. This PUPPY SALE should help you apply savings to shipping costs, getting your new puppy-family-member quickly and safely. XANADU HOPES THIS HELPS YOU! Please do not ask that XANADU (or Guardians) board a puppy for you beyond his/her pick-up dates. 
1. New Pricing for Guardian Male, OM: $650
For information, please contact me 970 708-8030. Om-Mani-Padme-Puppy is a caramel & white, playful, sweet, and very SMART fella. He is our Guardian selection for this litter and has a limited Breeding Agreement. OM was bred for personality characteristics (and general cuteness, of course!). Momma-Ivory is a cream-colored mini-Labradoodle who favors the retriever-look. Daddy-Quanah is a mini-multigenerational Doodle, primarily mini-Poodle, Maltese, and Retriever. Both parents are between 25-30 lb. -- OM's anticipated adult weight. OM's Coat is expected to be low-shed, but not necessarily no-shed. Eyes are brown. See attached photo of little OM. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s25ZTPo7WiU)

DOB: March 26, 2018
GUARDIAN, OM, WILL BE AVAILABLE for pick-up / delivery May 21, 2018.
(Please see attached Guardian Information.)

OM's sister, Princess, is also available. Please contact Diona for information at
dionamarie@gmail.com See attached photo of Princess.
2. (We expect XANADU's Cinnamon's two mini-Goberian pups to be delivered to
CO, however...) Cinnamon's AVAILABLE Guardian pup, Prana's price will be reduced to $750. If you are interested in Guardian Prana, please call me at 970 708-8030 (No emails or text messages, please). Prana-Puppy-Breath is perfect: sweet, active, lovely, blue-eyed, and tri-colored.
Prana's Guardian Price is $750 with a two-litter Breeding Agreement. (We want more small, sweet, tri-colored, blue-eyed Pranas in XANADU'S future!) I don't text, but please call me (Sheron) at 970 708-8030 and see our Guardian Information Attachment & PRANA'S photo.

DOB: March 7, 2018
Pups are Ready for New Homes at this time. 
3. AVAILABLE Adult Standard-sized Guardian Goberian, Muse, is free with a one-litter Breeding Agreement. If you are interested in Guardian Muse, who is a very good girl -- good with children, other dogs, other animals, too, please call me at 970 708-8030 (No emails or text messages, please). Muse's photo attached.

MUSE IS AVAILABLE for immediate pick up in the Colorado Springs area. 
4. AVAILABLE LOW/NO-SHED MINI-DOODLES out of MERRY & Sired by SNOW. Please contact me at 970 708-8030 for information about our Guardian selection for this litter. For inquiries about Litter Pick & Pet Home puppies in Merry's litter, contact xanadupack@gmail.com. There are four males; three females. One male is a blue merle who has blue eyes. The other pups are apricot
& white parti-colors, all expected to be no-shed pups. Photos of these 7 puppies are attached:
(BlueMerleMale / Male, Smallest / Male, Light Coat w/Black Nose / Female / Female, "Supergirl" / Female, Socks / Male)

These are such pretty babies--fuzzy, playful, & good-dog new family members.
Guardian, Litter Pick, & Pet Home Pups are AVAILABLE.
DOB: APRIL 13, 2018
PUPPIES GO to NEW HOMES on: June 4-8, 2018 
5. AVAILABLE --BROUHAHA'S Standard-Sized GOBERIAN LITTER of 7 (!) by RIO COCO (contact xanadupack@gmail.com for information). PUPPIES ARE AVAILABLE from GUARDIAN to PET HOME MALES & FEMALES. There are FOUR Females & THREE Males. TWO puppies in this litter
are expected to be low(er) shed. Brouhaha is a wonderful, active family dog; Rio Coco has a very calm (and thoughtful) demeanor. Brouhaha has beautiful hazel & blue eyes, we expect more hazel-eyed puppies than brown or blue-eyed pups in this litter. Hazel-eyed pups are the same price as brown-eyed puppies. Except for one puppy, all are tri-colored with nice Husky eyebrows/markings. See Baby Photo of this Litter showing all 7 pups.

DOB: 4/25/18
Pup Selection & Bal. Due: 6/6/18
Puppy Pick-Up on 6/20/18 

6. GIDGET'S Mini NO-SHED Litter by CEDAR ONLY AT XANADU of the ROCKIES at this time, and not available anywhere else on Planet Earth. LITTER PICKS, GUARDIAN, & PET HOME Mini Low/No-Shed Puppies AVAILABLE.

This litter is by special request: Pups should be low-to-no-shed, and this RARE, hard- to-find multi-cross is sometimes called a "SiberPoo." We call these pups "Mini No-to- Low-Shed Goberians." The designation is more accurate for XANADU pups and includes the genetic inclusion of the Golden Retriever / multigenerational Mini- Doodles, too. This breeding is by demand for YOU WHO WANT GOBERIAN Qualities, BUT HAVE ALLERGIES or JUST PREFER THE LOW-TO-NO-SHED Characteristics of the No/Low-Shed Goberian. GIDGET'S pups are sired by small, perfectly-marked Goberian stud, CEDAR. Gidget is a beautiful apricot multigenerational mini-Doodle. She is small at 17 lb. and has the good-natured, friendly disposition expected in XANADU Golden Retriever crosses. Gidget has warm, expressive light brown eyes, is no-shed, and very friendly to other dogs as well as their human friends. She was very easy to train and is a natural heeler off leash. CEDAR is a fabulously beautiful, active smaller Goberian who has one blue eye and one brown eye. Gidget's photo is attached; Cedar's photo follows. Puppies are expected to be around 25-to-30 lb. as adults; sizes will vary, because parent and grandparent sizes vary. XANADU offers very FEW NO-SHED GOBERIAN
puppies; please reserve early. LITTER PICKS, GUARDIAN, & PET HOME Puppies AVAILABLE.

Bred: 3/2/18
Pups Expected: May 20
Puppies 8-Weeks Old & can Fly to New Homes on July 19 ff
These puppies are also available at sale prices:
Guardians, w/ Breeding Agreement - $650 (down from $1250)
Litter Pick Male and Female of Any Eye Color $2350 (down from $2885)
Blue-eyed& Bi-eyed Pups $2150 (down from $2600)
Brown-eyed pups $1877 (down from $2250) 
This will be a favorite litter of mine; might have to keep the Guardian for myself! Goberian Rio Vida is just so sweet; that's all! And Mr. Moose is a gorgeous tri- color AKC Siberian Husky with blue eyes -- calm and obedient; I like that! Photos of the parent dogs are attached.

Puppies are Expected: 6/2/18
Pick-up Date: 7/28/18
At this time, do not know if sale prices will continue because of United Airlines
Pup-Flight difficulties. 
8. CADENCE'S Mini-Bernedoodle X with The DURANGO KID Please note that Bernedoodle X Pups are multigenerational crosses to calm both the Bernese & Poodle influence (but Cadence is a fine female Bernedoodle and family dog). Multigenerational Bernedoodle crosses of this kind are more expensive than our other litters, depending on color patterns and no-shed qualities. That is because the Bernese Mountain Dog and Bernedoodles are so expensive to work with. Add "mini" to that mix, and prices go even higher. XANADU will have very few Bernedoodle crosses in the future, because characteristics will be absorbed into our multigenerational XANADU Dog.Puppies from this hoped-for litter should be between 30-38 lb. as adults. While they will be active puppies, they should also be sweet, friendly pups. Please see document regarding Bernedoodle puppies in upcoming Pup Alert newsletters, but note that Cadence & Durango's pup family will not have extreme characteristics.

Expected DOB: 5/24/18
Puppy Pick-Up: About 7/19/18
At this time, do not know if puppy prices will continue to be discounted because
of United Airlines Pup-Flight difficulties. See Attached Photos of Parents. 
This pregnancy was just confirmed; puppy-count is five (possibly six). Sometimes we are surprised by gene stew, but we expect tri-color puppies -- some blue-eyed and some brown-eyed. Adult sizes should be between 45 & 50 lb. Magpie is a great family dog -- not bouncy or overactive, good with the children and obedient, as well; sweet, sensitive to others, not barky either. Uber Khan is a gorgeous, calmer and loving boy. He is a "wooly"; that is, has a longer coat that is quite soft. Khan is blue- eyed.

Expected DOB: 5/31/18
Puppy Pick-Up: About 7/27/18
At this time, do not know if sale prices will continue because of United Airlines
Pup-Flight difficulties. See Attached Photos of Parent Dogs. 
Goldilocks is big and beautiful, a standard-sized parti-colored gold & white no-shed female, and a wonderful family dog. Ben is amazing, unusual in color and unexpected: He's a tri-color, is smaller (35 lb., or so) and has such a sweet, calm demeanor. Characteristics where carefully chosen from Poodle, Golden Retriever, & Labradoodle, ancestry. Expect all good things, acc. to XANADU'S Breeding Goals. Our most primary considerations are temperament, genetic soundness, and great vet- checked health. Personally, I'm hoping for a big variety of color combos from tri- colors to parti-colors. Photos Attached of Parent Dogs.

Est. DOB: 6/1/18
Puppies Go Home: Around 7/27 
11. LASTLY, MALE GUARDIAN POMSKY CROSS, CHANSON, MAY BE AVAILABLE TO A NEW GUARDIAN HOME , because his current Guardian has a HOA too-many-dogs problem at her residence. Chanson's photo is attached.

Please call me at 970 708-8030 for information and referral to current, very sweet and big-hearted Guardian for heart-to-heart information. Chanson is little, mostly blue-eyed, and mostly perfect! 
HOW to Reserve Your XANADU Puppy:

A client can purchase an unborn puppy after the momma-dog's pregnancy
confirmation. If a puppy is purchased before birth, that puppy has to be paid in
full (and you are still guaranteed to love your puppy!). If a client wants to wait to see pup photos before purchasing, deposits are accepted after pups are born. At that time, we know the general coat color and gender of each puppy. Pup Alert subscribers are the first to see baby pictures. Photos are also posted on our website: www.xanadoodle.com

ALL pups' unpaid balances are paid in full by the time babies are six weeks old. Any puppies that need to be flown to new homes should have their airfare, required vet- check, crate w/ furnishings, etc. paid at this time, as well. That total cost is $535. Please do not submit this payment until reliable airline pup- shipments are discovered.

Thank you for considering a XANADU puppy. Remember that you are always welcome to contact us with any questions -- for the life of your dog. I may not always know the answers to your questions, but often can refer you to someone who is knowledgeable in that area.

Puppies are mortal, like we are, but we hope to eliminate all of the testable problems we can through our breeding program. I don't know how to do a better job in the development of a new breed -- The XANADU Dog. AS WE DO LEARN MORE, that knowledge is immediately implemented. Your excellent care of your new family member is expected: Love, exercise, training, a great diet, excellent vet care...It is required, of course, that you LOVE your new puppy when you receive him/her. Puppy is guaranteed to love you back.

A copy of XANADU Breeding Goals is attached at top. Begin your search for a new puppy by reading our Goals to see if the XANADU Dog is the BFF you have been searching for. We do not breed guard dogs or couch potatoes; our main goal is to provide you with the World's Best Family Dog. Each XANADU litter is described by the characteristics of parents & grandparents and by phenotype (what they look like), genetic percentages, etc., because we are working toward a NEW BREED: The XANADU Dog, the World's Best Family Dog.

Thank you all, each and every one, for considering a XANADU furry family member!
My very best,
Sheron Steele & Xanadu Pack o' Pups
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Home Phone: 970-626-9747
Cell Phone (no texts):  970-708-8030