Summer Greetings !
Although we closed Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen in July, you can get a sampling of "CBK's Greatest Hits" every Friday in August for Pair-Off Pour-Off at Mustards Grill. Campfire Pie, Oysters Bingo, Rabbit Tostada, Avocado & Papaya Salad, Curried Chicken Salad - just to name a few! Check out the Pair-Off Pour-Off calendar HERE and come on in!
Mustards' Garden 
The Mustards' garden is in full harvest mode. Stop by for a stroll;the sunflowers are 10 feet tall but watch out because Jeremy may put several large zucchinis in your trunk.
Fly with Mustards
I have had such fun training Shawn and Joseph on menu items at the new Mustards SFO that opens this month. After tasting through the whole menu twice, my diet better begin NOW. Look for Mustards next to Napa Farms in the International Terminal G. If not flying internationally you can still get to Mustards from Terminal 3 into the International Terminal once you pass through security.
You will be able to order many of our signature wood-fire dishes and we will also serve breakfast! I have always wanted to have a breakfast joint after the Yountville Diner closed many years ago. Mustards SFO will serve the Mongolian Pork Chop, Baby Back Ribs, the great burger, and our famous lemon-lime tart, in addition to a delicious selection of breakfast choices. Eat it there or order take-out and have your seatmates swooning as you dine on-board your flight, while they contemplate their airline snack.
Newsletter News
Cindy's Kitchen newsletter is about to change. Each month I will continue to send out the Mustards Friday Pair-Off Pour-Off menu and other timely news, but the expanded edition with stories, recipes and anecdotes will be published quarterly. Look for it beginning this September.
Happy August!

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  Cindy Pawlcyn Napa Valley
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