Our next Open Barn Visiting Day is April 6, 2019
The Latest From The Barn
“A horse is poetry in motion."  ~Unknown
Congratulations to Cindy!
Cindy is adopted!

Cindy has move to Maine where she has another aged Belgian mare for company..

She will be doing some light farm work and maybe some riding.

Thank you Dalton for taking a chance on Cindy! She is very sweet horse.

We will share updates on her when we get them.

Update on Ellie!
Ellie is coming out of her shell!

She is very talkative about feeding time. She loves to have head rubbed below her ears. I'm so grateful that we have been able to help her.

Her infected foot seems to be improving. She is able to carry her weight on it now which gives her left leg a much needed rest.

Ellie is still on antibiotics, and we are still soaking her foot. She is slowly gaining some weight as well.

Thank you for supporting her care along the way.
Thanks To You!
Thank you to Hess McWiliams Veterinary Service for providing great care to all of our big guys and gals!

Thank you to Janet Sears for helping Red be comfortable in last days. Your kindness and willingness to help was amazing.

Thank you to Greenfield Farmers Cooperative for delivering our weekly grain order like clockwork. This is such a huge help.
Keep An Eye Out!
Our next online auction is in the works!

We are busy collecting & organizing items along with taking photos and writing descriptions.

The auction dates will be announced very soon!

Don't miss out on this fun event!

Thank you!!
Provide Care For A Day!
We are looking for 100 people to commit to giving $12 monthly! This represents one day of care per month for one horse.

Right now our monthly donors provide about half of the days of care. We want to increase that so we never have to worry about providing hay, grain, or routine veterinary care for the horses that depend on us.

Thank you!
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