A Message from Circle Center's New CEO

I wish I was writing my first newsletter as the new CEO
of Circle Center Adult Day Services under better circumstances. But I am sure many of you are uttering
that same sentiment in your own corner of the world:
I wish”.  These past days and weeks have been filled with our collective wishes and hopes. I have wished and hoped not to have to close our Center during this crisis. I wished not to have to tell staff, caregivers, and participants they can no longer gather here as of March 19th. It was a heartbreaking decision but given the current climate and the fact that this virus is hitting our elders the hardest, it was the right decision at the right time.  

I am sure, like me, you’ve hoped for things to go differently, or to take a turn, or for a quick solution to appear. Like us you’ve made sacrifices and are thinking heavily about sacrifices yet to come. As I walk these empty halls this Monday morning, I am reminded that nothing on earth can take the place of the sounds of people and hearts connecting. Nothing makes you miss the sound of music and laughter so much as when it is this quiet. The care that happens in these walls is nothing short of remarkable. Our staff and participants make it so.  

We are doing everything in our power to hold on, hang in and weather this unprecedented series of events. As friends of the Center, we hope you are too. This week we will start twice weekly calls to our participants and caregivers. Those calls are meant to check in on them and provide any resources we can until we can reopen the Center safely. But honestly, those calls are just as important to those of us on staff who are making them. We miss our folks deeply. They are our friends. We are a family here. And just like families who are located far away from one another, we are treating our weekly calls as check ins until one day soon...we can all meet again!  

Until then, stay connected. Stay well. And remember to look for the helpers.  
Sending each of you virtual love.

P.S. Our lights might be off but we are keeping busy. Keep reading to learn more ways we are adapting to meet the needs of our participants and caregivers at home.