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"New Normal"
MSY is humming along to a new tune!

These past several months have been punctuated by so many changes and adjustments - so many "new normals".
That's been true for the studio, just like in our personal lives. First there was the change to a total video platform and recording classes from our living rooms. That was a really sweet time of filming classes listening to the wind chimes outside my window and watching the afternoon light trace across the wall, while I imagined you all on the other side of the camera.
Once we were allowed back into the studio in late June, we began organizing and cleaning the studio like mad to prepare for opening, and started teaching classes in the park. I remember how incredibly excited I was that first class in the park to actually see my students and teach in person again! At that point we also pivoted back to filming videos at the studio to give our students at home the feel of being at the studio again for class.
When we opened the doors for in-studio classes on July 6, it felt a bit surreal after so many months of just watering the plants in Garden studio to actually hold classes again. And there were so many changes with that re-opening - limited number of students, virtually no props, and endless cleaning protocols to follow! But people are resilient, and little by little, students started to return, we became creative with available props, and the cleaning became routine. This is our current "new normal" and it has started to feel, well, normal!
I know that you have also navigated so many stages of change in your personal lives, and your priorities have no doubt shifted. When you feel ready to return to yoga classes - either in the park or at the studio - it may feel a little strange and like another life adjustment, but it will also feel wonderful to take care of yourself again through yoga. After just a bit of time and adjustment, those in-person yoga classes will become your "new normal".

Besides yoga in the park or regularly scheduled classes at the studio, take a look at the Circle of Friends option and consider returning with your own group of friends or family to make that transition just a little more comfortable.

Looking forward to seeing you when you are ready to shift once more!
with love,
Hands of the women forming circle at Yoga class
Circle of Friends Yoga Classes
Come practice with your own circle of friends and family at the studio this August!

Join one of our teachers by yourself or in groups of 2-4 people you know (your bubble) for personalized yoga practice at the studio! We all really need connection and peace in our lives right now, so come be comfortable in our very clean and beautiful Garden Studio to practice yoga, release stress, and create greater connection with people close to you. Choose a focus for your classes such as stress relief, strength and balance, specific poses, or simply enjoy an overall yoga practice.
Personalized classes are available on your schedule (coordinated with the studio) so it really works for you! Pricing is based on the number of people attending.

Have a special occasion in August? Bring up to 6 people and celebrate with an unique yoga experience designed by you!
Contact Carla today for details and scheduling!
Active seniors doing healthy stretching in a rehabilitation fitness course in summer
Summertime! Yoga Time!
August Session - August 3 - 30 (4 weeks)
ALL Classes are 60 minutes

August marks the second month we are open for in-studio classes. Several students have returned and feel grateful to be back in the studio for practice. As soon as you are ready, please join us there so the studio can regain its sense of vibrant energy!

Don't see your usual class yet? We are offering a limited schedule to ensure that the classes are full - up to 6 students - before adding new classes. Vote with your presence in current classes so we know it's the right time to add more classes in the following weeks!
New class this August: Monday Chair Yoga - 11:30AM-12:30PM - Carla - in-studio
Registration is NOW OPEN for Week 2
Week 2 Schedule - August 10 - 14
9:30-10:30AM - Moderate - Audra - in-studio
11:30AM-12:30PM - Chair Yoga - Carla - in-studio
5:00-6:00PM - Moderate Plus! (vigorous options) - Carla - in-studio
Anytime - Chair Yoga - Audra - video

8:00-9:00AM - Gentle/Moderate - Audra - at the park
9:30-10:30AM - Moderate - Carla - in-studio
11:30-12:30PM - Chair Yoga - Carla - in-studio
Anytime - Moderate - Carla - video

9:30-10:30AM - Gentle - Audra - in-studio
5:45-6:45PM - Moderate - Carla - in-studio
Anytime - Gentle - Audra- video

8:00-9:00AM - Gentle/Moderate - Carla - at the park
Anytime - Strength & Balance - Mary - video

Please Note: If you have just returned from traveling out of state, please wait a week before returning to yoga classes for everyone's safety. Thank you! We are all in this together!
Practice Your Way!
In the Studio
See the schedule above to join us for classes.
All classes are held in the Garden Studio, which comfortably holds 6 students.
  • bring a mat and any other props you need

At the Park - Come practice in morning's cool
Wednesday and Friday mornings Only 10 spots! $10 per class
Held at Memorial Park in Middletown - just a few blocks from the studio.
  • bring a mat, beach towel, water, hat, and sunglasses

Online - Videos still coming your way for home practice
  • gentle, moderate, chair yoga, and strength & balance
Fees and Registration Nuts & Bolts

Visit our website for all the details you need to register each week for videos and park classes, or up to a month for in-studio classes.
Show your Love of Yoga and MSY!

T-shirts have been delivered - either to your home or to the studio. Contact Carla to collect your new t-shirt or hoodie if you had it sent to the studio.

Show your MSY pride and wear your t-shirts and hoodies today!
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