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May news & updates
Circles is here to help you navigate the new normal. Contact us for resources and unique ways to assist you in managing your new day-to-day life, such as:

  • Virtual team building ideas
  • Virtual celebrations - birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.
  • Prepared food services
  • At home stress relievers
  • Wellness & relaxation tools
  • Meditation apps
  • Online yoga classes
Mother's Day is Just Around the Corner
One thing is for sure. Mother’s Day will be memorable this year. While you may need to be a bit more creative due to social distancing, Circles will make sure that you make this day memorable in more ways than one!
Do you have a student whose graduation is canceled? Circles can help you make the most of this "extra" special, special day. Contact your concierge for ideas such as:

  • How to host a virtual graduation party
  • Creating a video scrapbook
  • Find the perfect graduation gift

Contact us for more information.

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This is one of the top benefits my employer provides, especially during this time of crisis.
Reducing Stress
Managing Stress
There is plenty to stress you out these days - uncertainties, working from home, having your family around you 24/7, or just trying to fight off boredom. Check out our Managing Stress guide to learn how to reduce your stress, tips for working from home, supporting others, and more.
How members have asked us to help
Conducted research for member who wanted to buy a treadmill
Helped client facilitate refund for canceled hotel stay
Arranged transportation to rescue a dog from a kill shelter (meet Vulcan)
How can we assist you?
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