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September news & updates
Top requests last month
  • Accommodations: Cabin, beach, rental homes and hotel requests

  • Destination info: Day trips, outdoor activities, activities for kids

  • Household: Gutters, movers and storage units, cleaners

  • Research: Home school, child care, tutors, nannies, shopping lists

  • Dining: Birthday dinners, options while traveling, local reservations
Need help picking fall activities?
With so much going on nowadays, it's nice to have someone to help you sort through all the updates and changes. Circles can do all the leg work for you to find all the fun (and not as much fun) resources to make your fall fabulous, such as:

  • Fall festival locations and activities
  • Best trails for hiking
  • Household service providers for fall cleaning
  • Landscapers
  • Best places to find fall treats
  • Activities for all ages
Apple picking
What people are saying about us

Concierge did an amazing job!!! She found and scheduled an HVAC technician within hours and they came that day. They were a replacement for a company that cancelled last minute and did an amazing job for even less than the original company I had found. Exceeded expectations and saved us from being without A/C in 100 degree weather!
In case you missed it - Equality

We all have many identities, characteristics, and traits that affect our lives. They also influence how we perceive the world around us, how we perceive others, and how others perceive us. Our gender, race, and ethnicity, and experiences converge to shape the opportunities and challenges we face. Acknowledging and addressing this truth is the key to creating inclusive communities.
We'd love to know ...
What did you do this summer?
Staycation/day trips
Rented a cabin/cottage
Rented an RV and traveled across the state/country
Worked on projects around the house
Nothing - stayed home
Spent time with family
Dog eating ice-cream
Answers to last month's question - What does your favorite ice cream flavor say about your personality?

  • Vanilla - Risk takers but great at relationships - 16%

  • Strawberry - Fiercely loyal and energetic - 13.9%

  • Chocolate - You lead a life of joy & are always open to explore new ideas - 17.6%

  • Mint chocolate chip - Ambitious & confident - 25.1%

  • Pistachio - You ache for travel that feeds your mind & soul - 8.6%

  • Rocky road - Engaging speakers and good listeners - 3.7%

  • Chocolate chip cookie dough - You're content rolling with the punches - 7.5%

  • Black cherry - Amazing sense of self, honest, waste no time judging - 7.5%
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