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Autumn Tidings

"Ho! for the leaves that eddy down, Crumpled yellow and withered brown, Hither and yonder and up the street And trampled under the passing feet; Swirling, billowing, drifting by, With a whisper soft and a rustling sigh, Starting aloft to windy ways, Telling the coming of bonfire days."
--Grace Strickler Dawson

The light shifts, and the shadows grow long. A subtle scent on the air gathers in late afternoons. Autumn is upon us, with it's coats of bright leaves and dark nights. The mother begins to breathe out, letting go of this year. Breathe with her. The trees, her lungs, let go their leaves. As so shall we let go that which this year has offered, let it be swept away like the leaves in the wind.
We stand, looking back on our triumph of the year, victorious in our harvest season. We now look towards the waning light as a time to go within. As the veil shifts, find friends, find family, and find yourself a warm happy fire.

30th Annual Long Dance Success!
Thanks to everyone who helped make this year's Long Dance a success! And thanks to everyone who followed the COVID-19 guidelines! We had no reported cases and everyone remained healthy!
The water project connected the water right when we needed it! Thank you to the amazing effort by all that facilitated this project! All the generosity that was given to manifest this year's ceremony has been extraordinary to witness, may you all be blessed for it.


A Message From Quiet Thunder
Dear Sisters and Brothers: Our new land, Suma Sil, is very inspiring. Walking the land reveals a generous variety of plant life. Ancient oaks and manzanita populate the Grey Pine Belt. The pioneer species of the now-rusty shrub Deerweed, that has come in after fire, fixes nitrogen in the soil for other plants to come in time.
Suma Sil means Health and Abundance. Let's commit to bringing Wellness to the Long Dance, our Lodges and our life. Here is a chart that presents herbal medicine in the context of our Lodges for you to incorporate. Page two gives a peek into the use of the herbs. I'd like to call your attention to Suma, a plant from the Amazon rainforest that qualifies as an adaptogen. This means that it is balancing in both over-active and under-functioning states. Food is Medicine! With love and light, from Quiet Thunder
Click here for the full PDF with the second page: Sow Herbs Of Empowerment

Vision Quest 2021
The Vision Quest is for those seeking profound depths of healing and awakening, discovery of personal truth, sovereignty, and empowerment at a soul level. This is a rite of passage, an "ordeal" experience that helps the small self to die away unto the emergence of one's authentic being that is encoded with your original Knowing and heart's Vision.
We will be holding Vision Quest on May 26th-30th 2021
There are 10 slots available, if more are interested than we will open a second date.
All that will quest must take Hua's Empowerment through Ritual and Ceremony class first. The next class is October 25th & 26th
If you are called to this, please contact Hua at 805-481-0892

Brother's Dance it's time! Let's do this!
After the resounding success of our 30th Long Dance, and the purchase of our homeland, we are looking to develop our new ceremony for the Brothers! After years of contemplation, we are now in a time that we can. Our community wants to support the Brothers in a Summer Solstice Ceremony.
All that are interested, contact Raven Star at

Novel Coronavirus / COVID-19
Stay tuned about our upcoming ceremonies. We still do not know exactly when/if or how these ceremonies will occur. As of now we are trying our best to keep everyone safe and still offer ceremonies. This might be through Zoom calls, or very reduced in person ceremonies. Stay tuned.
Now is the time to be safe, and be in prayerful solitude. Pay attention to what the
CDC says about it. Protect each other through following the guidelines to stop it's transmission. Ground yourself, and do not give into the fear. Let us all pray for our community, and the global community. Be well!

October 24th & 25th 10am to 5pm: Empowerment Through Ritual and Ceremony
This class will be on Zoom. This is one of the ways to qualify for Thunder Lodge and Vision Quest.
Contact Hua for more information at (805) 481-0892

October 31st Zoom Full Moon Ceremony (There will be an email invite sent out) This could go back to physical ceremony if COVID allows.

November 30th Zoom Full Moon Ceremony (There will be an email invite sent out) This could go back to physical ceremony if COVID allows.

December 29th Zoom Full Moon Ceremony (There will be an email invite sent out) 
This could go back to physical ceremony if COVID allows.

Stay Tuned community, this schedule may be added to. We need to cover up the water line before the freeze. And other events, ceremonies, fundraisers, and work are all in the pipeline! How blessed are we to have this beautiful land and all these smiling faces!

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