Spring 2017 
Spring Blessings!

It is always good to spend a few minutes reflecting on the perfect balance between the light and dark hours, feeling ourselves poised, still and peaceful, between those two states. It reminds us, that no matter what, we can reach for this place of equilibrium within us at any point. From this moment of brief suspension - as the wheel turns onward once more - may we all move forward with a greater sense of the strength of our own resilience; may we honor our ability to adapt to, and embrace, the changes.
~ Philip Carr-Gomm

We move now from winter into spring. The days grow longer and brighter. The bear, now awake, wanders through budding fields searching for sweet spring berries. During these times we find ourselves blooming anew, with possibilities of healing and growth. As the snows and ice melt, the forests and fields flourish, so too do we shake off the rigid patterns of our winter and flow like new streams into warmer days.

New Long Dance Site
Spring is upon us, and with it come many changes of renewal. This is the perfect time to announce we have a new home for Long Dance! It is located on a beautiful, pristine property in Cambria, CA. The land owner is a community member, and welcomes ceremony amongst the trees, creeks, meadows, and hill tops. Our first way of joining with this land is to have Vision Quest. Throughout the year we will be building infrastructure, laying down what is needed to host Long Dance. Homelodge leads please join us for our monthly Long Dance calls every first Wednesday of the month, Starting this April. Call the conference line:  218-895-3987 and use code: 8888#

Vision Quest May 3-7 2017
Since the beginning of this cycle of time, humanity has returned to nature to connect with spirit and to seek clarity of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritu al realms. Especially in these days when the veil is thinning and messages of spirit reveal themselves to the seeker. In its own way, the vision quest is an initiation of ones self, and to the mysteries of our true reflection. It is a time of internal transformation and renewal.

The quest can reveal our life's purpose, but it is an arduous journey into the core of our being that we should only em bark up on with sincerity. William Walk Sacred cautions, "It's very important for people to realize that this is no t fun and games. Going into the spiritual world is very serious. If the intent isn't clear, the spirits will not give the vision. The most important  thing is being clear in your heart as to
what you are seeking for yourself and the people of the world."  

This is a fundraiser event. If you wish to donate to a specific quester, or to all questers, please donate here:
If you are donating to a specific quester, please specify the person's name to allow your contribution to go directly to that individual. 

April 5th 7:00PM to 8:00PM
Long Dance call-in meeting, 1st Wednesday of the month. Attention all Long Dance lodge leads or those who wish to join a lodge. Come and hear about our new land! Call the conference line: 218-895-3987 and use code: 8888#

April 10th
Full Moon Ceremony

April 15th 10:00am
We will be going out to Santa Margarita to gather supplies and bring them to the Vision Quest site. If you feel called to help it would be greatly appreciated. Show up at 10am please. Don't forget your gloves, lunch, and water!

April  22nd at 11:00am
Community Sweat Lodge event. Join us at our new Long Dance site in Cambria. We will be building a sweat lodge in preparation for vision quest, and Long Dance. This will be the permanent Thunder Lodge sweat. Brothers, come help build your lodge. 
This will be a teaching of how to build the lodge and the sacred aspects of ceremonial creation. We will be posting a Facebook event, at the Sisters of the Long Dance page, and the Circles of Empowerment page. We are also looking for donated supplies to support this lodge, such as:
  • 2 Extra large painters cloth tarps
  • 30 Moving blankets
  • Bamboo mats for the floor
Please let Hua know what you can contribute!
If you would like to participate in the willow harvest, please contact Heath, you can also email info@circlesofempowerment.org to have your message forwarded to him.

May 3-7
Vision Quest, contact Hua for more information. During this time, please pray for our relatives as they sit up on their quest. They do this to pray for us, to pray for the mother earth, to pray for humanity, and all our relations. We can support them energetically by praying for them, eating for them, drinking for them during this time.

May 10th
Full Moon Ceremony

May 20th-21st
Advanced Class from Hua. Empowerment through ritual and ceremony 102.

June 7th 7:00PM to 8:00PM
Long Dance call-in meeting, 1st Wednesday of the month. Attention all Long Dance lodge leads or those who wish to join a lodge.  Call the conference line:  218-895-3987  and use code:  8888#

June 9th
Full Moon Ceremony

June 24th
Community Sweat Lodge with Hua.

July 2nd
Pancake breakfast fundraiser for Circles of Empowerment! This is a Long Dance scholarship and elder support fundraiser. $7 a plate. Have fun with the silent auction and raffle.  Our community was approached to have this fundraiser at the Guild in SLO. We need donations for the silent auction and raffle! Contact Heather for more information regarding donations and volunteer positions, you can also email info@circlesofempowerment.org to have your message forwarded to her.

July 5th 7:00PM to 8:00PM
Long Dance call-in meeting, 1st Wednesday of the month. Attention all Long Dance lodge leads or those who wish to join a lodge. Call the conference line: 218-895-3987 and use code: 8888#

July 8th
Full Moon Ceremony

July 15th
Homelodge meeting and Sweat Lodge.
We will continue to offer Fullmoon Ceremony, Sweatlodge Ceremony, Long Dance Ceremony, Pipe Ceremony, and Vision Quest.
Opportunities to interact with us more closely are always available, just give us a call.

As a non-profit we are asking for monetary donations in a couple of areas.
1. General monthly contributions. We use this source to pay for our monthly operations. We could really use a boost on this one.
2. Long Dance scholarship fund.
3. Long Dance General fund. For materials and equipment upgrades.

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