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"There are having flowers in Spring, breezes in Summer, moon in Autumn, snows in Winter. If there is nothing worrying over you, it will be the best seasons at all times."
--Gautama Buddha

Summer comes blazing in with the hot winds of what has been sown. Now is the time to witness the growing of deeds, the welling up of your prayers, both those meant and those unheard. The world sings with you, the moon and stars shine with you, the sun blazes with you. This connection shapes who we all are and in it we are all connected. We are never apart, there is no isolation when our hearts pump as one. There is no division when we are all our mothers children. We are born of her words, and our lives flow like streams of sentences upon her face. Some of us gather in lakes, some in oceans, but when we meet we merge as one, as if there were no difference. Steadfast your heart with love, and remind the others.

We are SO excited to announce that we have purchased 161 acres in Santa Margarita area! An angel of a donor answered 30+ years of prayer and is donating $150k to us and financing a mortgage of $200K for the remaining cost of the land. Finally we have a home for all our ceremonies. Our prayers will resonate all year long from the new land. As the sole owners we will be able to offer ceremonies within our own scope and rules! Let us flourish and thrive!
When it's available we will be inviting everyone out to see the land, come home! We will need donations for certain amenities, think bathrooms, showers, camping, etc. Help us put down our roots! Aho!

Homelodge Meetings
The Homelodge lead meetings that happen every first Wednesday of the month have been changed to every first Thursday as it seemed to work better for everyone. They August 6th, September 3rd.
The in person all Homelodge meeting that happens in July will only be happening on Zoom this year. We will send out an email with zoom invite soon. It will be on July 18th at 1:00 PM
If you are in Homelodge, please attend! Get a hold of your lead, leads get a hold of your lodge. If you are interested in being in Homelodge you are welcome to attend.

30th Annual Long Dance 2020
We are excited to announce that Long Dance 2020, will continue! On our own land even! We will be adhering to a physical distancing and full mask policy. We will be trying our best to enforce these policies, but please help each other out. Now is the time to come together by being 6 feet apart. Come see the new home! Expect the registration emails to be sent out soon.

Novel Coronavirus / COVID-19
Stay tuned about our upcoming ceremonies. We still do not know exactly when/if or how these ceremonies will occur. As of now we are trying our best to keep everyone safe and still offer ceremonies. This might be through Zoom calls, or very reduced in person ceremonies. Stay tuned.
Now is the time to be safe, and be in prayerful solitude. Pay attention to what the CDC says about it. Protect each other through following the guidelines to stop it's transmission. Ground yourself, and do not give into the fear. Let us all pray for our community, and the global community. Be well!

July 2nd 7PM Long Dance Homelodge Lead Zoom Meeting

July 5th Zoom Full Moon Ceremony (There will be an email invite sent out)

July 18th Homelodge Zoom Meeting (There will be an email invite sent out) Read about this in the above news section. 

August 6th 7PM Long Dance Homelodge Lead Zoom Meeting

August Full Moon and Sweatlodge Stay tuned

September 1st Full Moon Ceremony (potentially limited due to Covid)

September 3rd 7PM Long Dance Homelodge Lead Zoom Meeting

September 17th-20th LONG DANCE!!!
Expect the registration emails to be sent out soon.

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