Volume 58
May 5, 2021
Snapshots, For the Better
  • Tools of the Trade
  • The Golden Circles
  • Start with Why
  • Painful Pictures
  • Circle of Life
  • Listen Up
As hearing healthcare artisans practice The Art of Hearing, there is value in reflecting upon the creative journeys of aspiring painters. While “tools of the trade” like easels, blank canvases, brushes and paints are readily available, it is the requisite vision, passion and talent which are scarce. With strokes of genius, timeless masterpieces were envisioned by the likes of Vincent Van Gogh, Norman Rockwell, Georgia O’Keeffe and, name your favorites. Knowing Better Hearing is Better Healthcare, what motivates honing your craft?

To help Elevate the Profession, as Simon Sinek inspires us, we Start with Why. From our Practice Growth Insight’s archives, this early issue featured Apple comparisons and The Golden Circles.
Highlights included:

“For easy reference, here are 2 links: TED Talk and Book. And based on experience, learning from both is time well invested. As you will see, one essential point is that “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

“While deceptively simple, that phrase is constructively challenging. Why do you do what you do? After years of formal training and clinical experience, how would you, especially in a post COVID-19 operating environment, answer this meaningful question to a patient, team member, peer, loved one or aspiring hearing care professional?”

Followed by:

“If Communicating Well is one CORE ‘Why,’ then this essence should be strategically infused into all your practice branding, culture and grassroots educational marketing initiatives. Led by a genuinely patient-centric ‘Why,’ it is imperative to consistently express this central message to your team, patients and local healthcare community in professional ways which are “loud and clear.”
At the core, your hearing care practice’s Golden Circles emphasized, “may we help to improve your quality of life?”

With quality of life, lifestyles and for life common in consultative dialogue, it is worthwhile, as Elton John encourages us, to promote another recognizable phrase, Circle of Life.
Over the years, we learned many grassroots educational marketing leaders were not fond of pictures which dramatized patients’ visibly suffering. While sometimes clinically representative, they are not seen as effective calls to action. Do these types of Tinnitus awareness images look familiar or enticing?

Triggered by this contrary indicator, we Diagnosed that practices and patients would prefer more aspirational designs. After all, achieving therapeutic goals entails engagement, not fear.
Our Treatment Plan began with developing an upbeat Circle of Life design which displays patients happily succeeding in various listening situations. From family time, phone calls and dining out to workplace, watching TV and fitness activities, these relatable scenarios are positive, not painful.
Best Practices capitalize on design versatility that meets their needs. Whether it is listening situations or demographic images selected, these are easily customized. For example, depending on your locale, fitness activities might show hiking trails or walking on the beach, while workplace focus could be an office or construction site. To the point, Circles of Life which resonate with your clientele will nurture connections.
As you empower patients to experience the Joy of Hearing, they should Listen Up about how your expert care uniquely benefits them and by extension, others in their own Circle of Life. To wit, please read and contemplate this poem, Listen Up for Hearing Health Experts, in which you are so well versed. Within, a popular line is, “I care how much you know because I know how much you care.” With rhyme and reason, these emotive words will speak volumes in practice, in community and online. 
With a wealth of educational materials to share with patients and referral sources, many seek impressive methods to present essential knowledge. From our experience with progressive practices nationwide, we co-create customized presentation folders with an array of informative inserts. Next week, we will introduce this turnkey solution which delights with prominent applications that are well organized.

Bruce Essman
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