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Happy New Year!

We just finished the 2017 fall semester and we're amazed at the growth our students have made. The circus students are:
  • improving their balance by mastering the tightwire,
  • developing their strength while moving with grace through the air on the aerial silks,,
  • developing their coordination with their acrobatics and object manipulation skills,
  • making us laugh with their clowning abilities.
More importantly, however, they are growing as performers, team members, leaders, and people. See the Circ-A-Thon video embedded in the image above for an example of their current work and support for each other.

Our students see this progress in themselves too. One of our graduating students recently explained how she's come to understand community and trust through My Nose Turns Red.

Trust in each other means that we all succeed when any one of us succeeds. We are individuals who like being together---challenging each other to jump higher, stay upright, stretch a bit further and ham it up. . . In circus, I know that people have my back, both emotionally and physically.
My Nose Turns Red continues to serve our mission of community engagement and youth development through circus arts. In 2017, enrollment surpassed 450. 30% were at-risk youth that participated for free. As a member of the National Social Circus Network, we inspire youth across all sectors of the community, through long-standing programs like our partnership with the Diocesan Catholic Children's Home, initiatives like our partnership with the Woodford Paideia School, and activities like our participation in the first ever BLINK Cincinnati kick-off parade. In 2018, we are raising funds to add a new social circus site at Roberts Elementary in Price Hill.

With your generous support, My Nose Turns Red will continue to challenge and inspire youth. Your support will allow us to continue our work with at-risk youth and support our policy of not turning any child away because of money. As a friend of My Nose Turns Red, I hope you will consider making a year-end donation to help us achieve this mission.

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Steve Roenker and Jean St. John

Through the art of the theatrical clown and the one-ring circus, My Nose Turns Red cultivates a supportive environment that inspires youth to challenge themselves, develop essential life skills and engage audiences.

Save the Dates! 

  • Open House, January 13, 2018, 10 - 2- p.m at the Evendale Cultural Arts Center. 
  • Classes begin January 14, 2018  
  • Youth Circus Extravaganza will be held April 21-22, 2018 at the Jarson-Kaplan Theater in the Aronoff Center for the Arts.

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