Citations make you want to just lay down and forget all about it? Don't despair!

We'll be down-to-earth and practical

just not as down-to-earth as in the picture.

Join Michael John Neill

for a Citation Webinar

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Citations: Why, How, and What Am I Even Looking at?

This is not a webinar that will run through 100 citations and how to create them (but we will look at some).

We will start with an overview of why genealogists create citations (it’s not just so you can “go back and get it again”), distinguishing between different documents and records so they can be cited accurately, determining what that image is of that popped up on a search, and seeing  the difference between original and derivative (and why it matters some times more than others).

We will look through some sample citations—including ones for home sources and family ephemera. We will see how to get the crucial elements needed for a citation and realize that it’s not the end of the world if yours are not perfect.

Live attendance on 28 January 2024 at 8 pm eastern time save your spot by registering now--handout included

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