Cities Deserve Great Design
Local government can be boring. Indeed, often when agencies do best, the community never even notices. I don’t really know too many public agency staff who want “excitement” in their agencies. Similarly, I don’t want excitement with the plumbing in my house. I just want it to work.

The problem with boring is that in our glitzy, pop culture-driven society, boring gets ignored. Worse yet, boredom creates disengagement, disinterest, and sometimes, distrust. One way to counter boring is with great visual design.

Tripepi Smith takes design seriously. We have seven members of our team with access to the full Adobe Creative Suite, each of whom crank out creative content designed to deliver a message that might otherwise be mundane. Our work has shared Climate Action Plans, budget summaries, downtown visions, newsletters and event celebrations.

Recently we doubled down our design commitment with the addition of Kevin Bostwick as Art Director for Tripepi Smith. Kevin brings over 25 years of design experience for major brands like Marriott, Chevron and Johnson and Johnson. He also has a particular passion for infographic design, with the goal of turning data into visual storytelling. Tripepi Smith is combining Madison Avenue design with local government expertise. It is powerful stuff.

Public agencies and the communities they serve deserve great design. It aids in both transparency and engagement. It elevates the impact of content. It helps make stories memorable. Our team is here to give you that option.

I wish you all a happy holiday season and a quiet period before we have the opportunity to start 2020 off with a bang and make it the best year ever.

Patrick Atwater Joins
Team Tripepi Smith
We're pleased to introduce you to our newest senior business analyst, Patrick Atwater!

Patrick offers more than a decade of experience working in and around California local government.

TS Delivers Video Series
for the California JPIA
"These videos are an important asset to showcase our services and explain how our work benefits members.”

- Jon Shull, the California Joint Powers Insurance's Authority chief executive officer, on the video series TS produced about its history and brand new website.

Client Highlight: City of Santa Ana
Home to over 300,000 people, the City of Santa Ana is located in north Orange County. The City runs on its dedication to transparency, accountability and participation in the name of building trust with and engaging its community members.

The City enlists Tripepi Smith for services spanning social media management, graphic design, strategic communications, video production and photography.

Spring/Summer Conference Plans
Winter Conference Plans
Find  #TeamTS on the local government conference circuit in early 2020.

  • CCCA Sacramento Legislative Tour (Sacramento, CA)
  • LoCC City Managers Department Meeting (Napa, CA)
Service Spotlight: Media Relations
In a world where newspapers remain a core influence, a city's ability to craft compelling story pitches and form relationships with reporters is vital to the success of its outreach efforts.

Tripepi Smith can assist with media relations, creating content that the media will bite on and cast to the public, facilitating relationships between agencies and key personalities, issuing corrections
and more.
Talent On Tap
Nicole Smith
Nicole is the 'Tripepi' in Tripepi Smith and serves as our Chief Financial Officer and Human Resources Manager.

Prior to launching Tripepi Smith, Nicole worked in PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ Business Assurance group, where she focused primarily on the real estate market. She later served as the Assistant Corporate Controller and Financial Analyst for a publicly-traded homebuilder located in Orange County, and then worked for multiple clients in the real estate and services industries as an independent accountant.

Click/tap here or the video to the right to hear what #TeamTS and our #TripepiSmithVIPs mean to Nicole.

Meet the entire Tripepi Smith team in our 'Meet Tripepi
Tripepi Smith provides marketing, technology and public affairs solutions for private companies and public agencies. Whether you're redoing your website, driving an email campaign, shooting a video or launching on Facebook,
Tripepi Smith can help.
Meet Tripepi Smith
Watch our company culture and #TeamTS interview series called, 'Meet Tripepi Smith,' to learn about the people, culture and values that drive our firm.

Our 'Meet Tripepi Smith' video series shows you what goes on behind the screen at one of California's leading marketing-technology-public affairs firms.

Meet Tripepi Smith.
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