Ride with CLTP to Austin
 this Tuesday for a
Citizen Lobbyist Trip! 
Tuesday, April 2nd
Clear Lake Tea Party will be taking a passenger van to Austin to lobby for some really good bills and to voice our opposition on some REALLY bad ones.
We will be leaving from Seabrook First Baptist Church, located on Hwy 146, early that morning. If you would like to reserve a space, please click the link below, and be ready to work but have some fun too.
See here to reserve your space, for more information, & more details!
*Special "Thank You" to Seabrook First Baptist Church for sponsoring the vans we will use on this trip!  
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If you would like to sponsor a future Citizen Lobbyist trip or have any questions concerning this event, please contact Tanya at txpatriotmama@yahoo.com .