Citizen Police Complaint Commission (CPCC)
Evaluation Listening Sessions
The Racial Equity & Reconciliation Initiative: Initial Report includes direction to "Redesign police oversight and accountability through improved complaint and discipline practices" by "Engaging in a formal outside expert study of the Citizen’s Police Complaint Commission (CPCC), to identify necessary changes to its structure and explore creation of a new civilian police oversight body based on models from other California municipalities. Conduct further community outreach to ensure reforms and/or a new oversight body meet community needs."
As part of this process, the outside evaluation team, Polis-Change Integration, will be conducting public listening sessions as a part of this evaluation. The first listening session will be held virtually via Zoom on September 16, 2021 with an in-person listening session on September 23, 2021 at Browning High School. Both sessions will begin at 6:30 pm and end by 8:00 pm.

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