Established in 2008 The Original Grassroots Environmental Action Group
Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes Executive Board:
Lisa J. Riggiola
Executive Director
Joseph Intintola, Jr.
Technical Consultant
Vapor Pathways Certified
Ruth Paez
Recording Secretary
Cheryl Rubino
Corresponding Secretary
Darcy Kamp
Event Manager
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Pompton Lakes Borough Council Video Meeting Minutes - Sept. 22, 2010
Environmental Community Advisory Group Meeting Confirmed!
When: Wednesday, October 6, 2010 - 7:00 Pm - 9:30 Pm

Where: Pompton Lakes Carnevale Center, 10 Lenox Ave.

The Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Congressman Bill Pascrell for his continued support and assistance to the residents of Pompton Lakes residing in the DuPont contaminated neighborhoods.
Recent action by the Congressman:
Congressman Pascrell contacted EPA Region 2 Administrator Judith Enck. The Congressman requested that Ms. Enck resolve the issues at-hand involving the delay the residents are experiencing in obtaining approval of their private contractor applications for chemical pre-testing/vapor mitigation. The issues we are living with in the DuPont contaminated area are of the utmost importance to the Congressman. We will keep you posted on the progress of the Congressman's request to Ms. Enck.

Many residents know it is important to move forward with their contractor-of-choice. Unfortunately, a recent advertisement in the Suburban Trends by the Pompton Lakes Mayor and Council neglected to mention that residents can select a qualified private contractor for chemical pre-testing and vapor mitigation as an alternative to DuPont's contractor O'Brien and Gere!

If you are feeling pressured to use O'Brien and Gere, remember there are alternatives! You do not have to select DuPont's contractor for testing and mitigation!

Ms. Darcy Kamp, our treasurer, was the first resident to submit her paperwork to move forward with her contractor. She has been going through this process since April 2010. Other applications have been submitted since that date.

Issues that still need to be addressed:

1. It is NOT OK that the lifetime warranty that is being offered by DuPont, if you use their contractor O'Brien and Gere, is not offered when you use a reputable-knowledgeable private contractor. The same lifetime warranty should be available no matter what contractor installs the mitigation system. We did not pollute our neighborhood DuPont did!

2. Pricing guidelines are still too low to perform the work to safely test and mitigate your homes! Since every home is different in size, design, basement types, some have French drains etc, it is unfair to expect contractors to install every system for virtually the same price.

3. Chemical pre-testing issues - Two types of tests are being performed. Air sampling and the crucial test - soil sub-slab testing. DuPont's contractor is testing for 61 chemicals in their air sample testing and ONLY 10 chemicals in soil-slab testing. That's 51 additional chemicals being tested for in the Air Sampling that are not being tested for in the Soil Sub-Slab test. If you receive high readings with any of the additional 51 chemicals it will be IMPOSSIBLE to determine exactly where they came from if they were not part of the Soil Sub-Slab test.

Household items/cleaners can come into play when air sampling is done and it is much easier to blame a high reading on items that could be in your household. Therefore, it extremely important that the 61 chemical-test be performed also in soil sub-slab testing! This need to be immediately resolved!

Our local officials are aware of these concerns so that's why it's puzzling that they would omit the "private contractor/third party option" from their Suburban Trends advertisement. After all, they are responsible for the content of the advertisement which bares their names.

(Please see the left hand column to read this advertisement, under LBG Letter 9-10-2010).

Private contractors are hard-at-work trying to obtain all that is needed so we can receive the proper chemical pre-testing, system design, installation and monitoring for our homes/properties. With their hard work, the support and efforts of Congressman Bill Pascrell Jr., Senators Lautenberg and Menendez, along with your support and efforts, we must get these issues resolved.

The Citizens For A Clean Pompton Lakes