City of Rosenberg News Release

City Adds Features to Citizen Self Service Online Permit and Plan Management System

In 2020, the City launched its EnerGov Citizen Self Service (CSS) online permit and plan management system. At that time, CSS included the ability to submit plans and apply for certain permits online, search records and other items. The program has now been expanded to include the ability to now schedule inspections, apply for additional types of permits, accept plat submittals and customers can now seamlessly make payments online. CSS is aimed at improving the customer experience and convenience and reflects the City’s commitment to using technology to deliver services to meet the needs of our community and businesses.

The CSS program has continued to improve the permitting process by streamlining items such as applying for permits, uploading required documents for review, and tracking the permit approval and plan review process, making it easier for citizens and contractors to work with the City. The City also began offering certain virtual inspections to add to customer convenience as well. These new features have increased process efficiency, improved interdepartmental communication, and improved accuracy in several City operational areas that process permits, licenses, and various types of plan reviews and approval actions.

“All the technology advances we are making, such as with the CSS and online payments, are centered on the customer. We are being mindful of the way people now want to do things remotely and this technology makes the permit and inspection process more like that while upholding the quality of plan reviews and inspections,” said Executive Director of Community Development Travis Tanner. 

Citizens, contractors, and other parties interested in learning more about the City’s CSS program are encouraged to visit the EnerGov portal via the City’s website at or call Code Enforcement at 832-595-3500.

Need more information? Citizens Relations: 832-595-33 or

Media Contact: Tanya Kveton, Director of Communications | office: 832-595-3526 | cell: 832-535-0142