Process Improvement Set
to Begin June 1

Casa Grande, AZA growing number of vehicle crashes and traffic congestion have occurred near the eastbound left-turning lane at Florence Boulevard and Peart Road. Upon studying the occurrences, the (City) of Casa Grande is set to adjust the traffic signal timing and cycling to help reduce accidents and increase flow at the intersection. The process starts June 1.

According to Mayor Craig McFarland, the revised pattern may take some getting used to for motorists but is expected to help.

“The turn signal will act a lot differently from what drivers normally expect,” explained McFarland. “We ask drivers to PAY CLOSER ATTENTION and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS when approaching the intersection.”

Currently when waiting to turn left, the green arrow appears after thru-traffic has progressed through the intersection. During afternoon peak hours, this leads to vehicle congestion in the eastbound left-turning lane and a spill-over of cars into the thru-traffic lane. Once adjusted, the eastbound arrow will appear green at the beginning of the signal cycle as thru-traffic flows simultaneously to the east. Once the arrow disappears, east and westbound traffic will flow parallel to each other on green until both lights turn red. Lastly, both east and westbound arrows will appear green to complete the cycle and traffic flow.

“The traffic pattern is anticipated to provide smoother and more efficient movements through the intersection,” said McFarland.

Referred to as lead-lag, according to City Traffic Engineer Duane Eitel, the new signal timing will occur only during afternoon peak traffic.

"We will give it a month to see if this improves the operation of the intersection," said Eitel. "If it doesn’t work, we will make changes."

Eventually, the left turning land will be lengthened to further aid the process. Until then, motorists are encouraged to Stay Alert and Watch Signals Closely. Drivers may also watch a video simulation of the new traffic-signal improvement to learn more. For questions, please contact Duane Eitel at or (520)280-4060.
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