City Administrator's Monthly Report
Published December 7, 2018
Current Updates to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen from the Office of the City Administrator
The following City Administrator's Report is respectively submitted to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen as a tool to report highlights from the Office of the City Administrator as well as other department's activities from the month prior as well as looking ahead to the next month. This report is provided and made available to the Management Team, media, general public, and other interested parties to provide information as well.

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City Offices will be Closed for the Holidays...
Christmas Eve - Monday, December 24
Christmas Day - Tuesday, December 25
New Year's Day - Monday, January 1
Financial Update
Financial Statements/Budget Reconciliation November 30, 2018 Financial Statements show we have expended 80.0% of our $28.5 million FY2018 Operating Budget and collected 91.6% of budgeted revenues for all funds. To view the November Financial Statements click HERE .

The First Reading of Draft #2 FY2019 Operating Budget was approved at the December 6, 2018 Board of Aldermen meeting. FY2019 Operating Budget includes total expenditures, all funds, $35,409,182.

Sales Tax Revenue represents a majority of the City's revenue source, 57% projected in the FY2018 overall budget, with Fees & Service Charges coming in second, 35% projected in the FY2018 overall budget.

The year-to-date Sales Tax receipts through December 2018 are $93,189 (1.9%) less than 2017 receipts for the same period and $134,107 (2.7%) less that projected in the FY2018 Budget. Our fiscal year is a calendar year; January - December. View the latest Sales Tax Report HERE .
FY2019 Operating Budget
The following is a timeline of our process in preparing the FY2019 Operating Budget. The Mayor and Board can expect their draft budget within the week of October 15.
  • Internal pre-budget planning - COMPLETED
  • Pre-Budget Discussion - BOA Meeting August 16, 2018:
  • Several items were submitted by individual Board members to be considered in the FY2019 Operating Budget. Download the discussion summary sheet and list HERE. - COMPLETED
  • Internal Budget Draft Preparation by Staff - COMPLETED
  • Internal Budget Draft Completion - COMPLETED
  • Budget Workshops (BOA Special Meetings): - COMPLETED
  • Monday, October 29, 2018, 6 PM
  • Tuesday, October 30, 2018, 6 PM
  • Budget Workshops (BOA Special Meetings): - COMPLETED
  • Tuesday, November 6, 2018, 6 PM
  • Thursday, November 8, 2018, 6 PM
  • Final Budget Draft Preparation - COMPLETED
  • Public Hearing & 1st Reading - Thursday, December 6, 2018 (regularly scheduled BOA Meeting) - COMPLETED
  • 2nd & Final Reading - Thursday, December 20, 2018 (regularly scheduled BOA Meeting)
Strategic Planning

The Board of Aldermen discussed further visioning and strategic planning at the August 16, 2018 Board of Aldermen meeting. Download the discussion summary sheet HERE . Results of the meeting were a draft 2 of the Board of Aldermen 2018 Initiatives; view HERE .

The Advanced Session was held June 20 and included a review of Results of Advanced Session from August 2017 (Click to view), Recap on Form of Government and Roles & Responsibilities also discussed August 2017, Strategic Planning and the Budget Process, Goal Setting/Strategic Planning and the Issues to be resolved by June 2019. In addition to continuing items that still remain in motion from the previous session, the following is the summary of topics and priorities put forward by the Board.

Goal-setting Topics*:
Economic Development & a Market Assessment
Taxing Options
Reporting out on the session & the monthly CA report
Citizen’s Input 
*Also Continuation of previous year’s Advanced Session Items
Priorities: Near term; short term; long term
Near term:
·          Taxing Options-USE Tax Research & Information
·          Metrics – Department Performance Measurements – Pilot two departments (45 days); development plan
Short term:
·          Market Assessment – Presentation by September
Long term (end of 2 nd Quarter):
·          Annexation for Dollars
·          Citizen’s Input Strategies 

USE TAX: Information was presented to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen at the August 2 Board of Aldermen meeting at which time no action was taken on the issue.
OTHER TAX OPTIONS: In addition, an analysis of other taxing options will be presented to the Board of Aldermen during the upcoming budget workshops (this was a request by the Board of Aldermen to be discussed at a budget workshop).
Metrics: It was requested that two departments be piloted before moving into all departments. Staff has begun working with the Ambulance Department and the 911 Communication Department to development performance measures and a plan to use said measurements.
Market Assessment: Buxton presented to the Board a proposal at the August 16, 2018 Board of Aldermen. This is an option for the retail piece relating to the Market Assessment issue.
Citizen's Input Strategies: Strategies will be presented to the Board with discussion in an upcoming meeting. Original timeline was for staff to begin work on this in 2019; however, discussion with the Board is planned prior to year-end.
What's on the horizon...
Mark Your Calendars...
The 2019 MML Legislative Conference will be held in Jefferson City, MO, February 12 & 13. More details will be sent out soon to the Mayor and Board regarding registration.
Waste Collection Services
On March 22, 2018, the Board approved Resolution 2018-03 to issue notice, pursuant to RSMo 260.247, to all entities providing commercial and residential waste collection service within the City of the City's intent to provide contracted waste collection service on behalf of the community within the City limits. Upon completion of appropriate research by staff, the Board will be presented with information to formally decide on the issue.

The following are the main tasks and the estimated timeline of the project.

  • Notices to Commercial and Residential Waste Collection Services - COMPLETED MARCH 2018 *Two-year timeline begins before contracting with third party can take place, per RSMo 260.247.
  • Create Task-force for Research - COMPLETED APRIL 2018
  • Research - Create profile of customer base; determine service needs/expectations; research best practices; evaluate our uniqueness and consider viable solutions, i.e. seasonality, private roads, recycling, density, etc. - IN PROGRESS
  • Meet with current providers and gather current customer data - COMPLETED MAY 2018-SEPTEMBER 2018
  • Gather and Assess Data/Findings - IN PROGRESS
  • Public Forum to Gather Community Input - Estimated Time: Early/Mid-2019
  • Draft Proposal of Recommendation(s) to Board of Aldermen and/or RFP Draft - Estimated Time: Mid-/Late 2019 *If the decision of the Board of Aldermen is to contract out for Waste Collection Services, said contracting cannot take place until APRIL 2020 or after per our timeline as stated in RSMo 260.247.

Economic Development
Our efforts in economic development are diverse. These include assisting developers with project planning, efforts to attract and retain business, incentive program design and maintenance to promote private investment, infrastructure development, community event support, and enhancements to quality of life through investments to our parks, public safety, marketing, and promotion of tourism; along with our activities that embrace a regional approach through our partnerships with our other community groups including the active involvement with LOREDC (Lake of the Ozarks Regional Economic Development Council) and the LOCLG (Lake of the Ozarks Council of Local Governments). The City has many initiatives that make Osage Beach a great place to visit and live.
LOREDC represents a three-county region - Miller, Morgan, and Camden County. Members include many community and business organizations who share the same goal of promoting and participating in our economic growth of our region! The City of Osage Beach is a member organization. I currently serve as President of the LOREDC Board and Mayor Olivarri is active on many levels. Feel free to attend as members of the Osage Beach Board of Aldermen!

Don't miss out!

December Social - LOREDC will not hold a regular business meeting in December, but will have a holiday social lunch.

RSVP not required, but encouraged. Let me know if you will be joining us.
When: Thursday, December 20 - Noon
Where: Wobbly Boots, Osage Beach

Annual Meeting - LOREDC's Annual Meeting will be held...
~Thursday, January 17, 2019, 8 AM - 10 AM
~The Lodge at Port Arrowhead in Lake Ozark.

Register now below!
Nominate Persons or Businesses for the LOREDC Annual Business Awards...

Download the application HERE .
LOREDC has announced our annual opportunity to honor persons or businesses in the tri-county area for the following award categories:

  • Small Business of the Year
  • Large Business of the Year
  • Emerging Venture of the Year
  • Business Person of the Year
  • Employee of the Year

Nominations are accepted until December 31, 2018. Awards will be announced at the LOREDC Annual Meeting, January 17, 2019.
Department Highlights
Employees Kwabena Asante and Trey Leig h
  • New PHONE SYSTEM project is has been delayed. Updated go-live date mid January.

  • For a summary of Public Works View the Project Status Report HERE.
  • MACE ROAD - Work on Mace Road continues for Phase I road construction. Weather dependent, asphalt should be laid by second week of December, otherwise alternative plans will be made for winter. This is a FY2018 budgeted project (see page 61 of the FY2018 Operating Budget).
  • Leaf Pickup - Weather dependent, leaf pickup continues. A schedule for the public will be published on the website and on social media.

  • Holiday Light Park will open November 24 - December 31; Wednesdays - Sundays, 5 PM - 9 PM; Free to the public!
  • Total value of construction permitted in FY2018 through October 31, 2018 was $18.0m. This is down $8.1m from this time last year; however, this is due to one FY2017 development that represented a large valuation. That project was one phase of Arrowhead. (November's report was not available at the time of the CA's report.)
  • View the Valuation of Construction Permitted Report HERE.

  • View the Project Overview Report HERE. This report shows current financial status of projects approved by the Board.

  • Employee Appreciation Dinner - February 1; Location - Tan Tar A. Details to be out soon!
Employee Service Awards
We recognize 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 year service awards. Congratulations to all those committed to serve!

December Service Awards - Congratulations to ...
  • Ron White - Bldg Dept, 15 Years
  • Mitch Phillips - PW, 5 Years